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Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich

( historian and publicist)

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Biography Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich
photo Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich
Born in 1832
Educated at Moscow University. He received a master's degree in the History of the Ryazan principality "(M., 1858, reprinted in" Collected Works ", 1884), Doctor - for" Grodno Sejm in 1793 " (Moscow, 1870). Not for long was an associate in the department of General History at Moscow University. Hand in summary of the general course of Russian history, . Ilovajskij made a determined opponent of the Norman theory and extremely skeptical chronicle the news of earlier period of Russian history, . proving, . that in the annals partly reflected the mood and interests of the Kievan princes,
. Distinguishing and Varangian Rus, Rus Ilovajskij is not in the north, as the Normans, and in the south, where he is, not in Kiev, advanced Tmutarakan. Before unification of Russia under the rule of the native house in Kiev (mid X century) Ilovajskij denied the possibility of free movement on it in general and in particular, for the Normans and, consequently, participation in trade, military and political life. Conclusions Ilovaisky gradually included in the canon of Russian historical science, particularly as many of them must be pereissledovany and, perhaps, rejected. Much weaker attempts Ilovaisky otozhestvit Russia with Roxolans and prove Slavic Bulgarians, Huns, Yatvingians - attempts, based in part on extremely risky encounters onomastic. Articles by Ilovaisky Varangian-Russian issue joined in the researches of the early Rus' (Moscow, 1876 and 1882), then in two, so-called additional polemics (Moscow, 1886 and 1892). Extensive "History of Russia" Ilovaisky began publication in 1876, Mr.. and stopped at the accession of Peter (5 volumes, 1876 - 1905). Refusing to aging of its continuation, Ilovajskij essay by Peter the Great and Prince Alexei "started in the Kremlin" (? 45 - 47) printing a series of occasional essays from the history of the Petrine and post-Petrine eras. In the "History", . as in special work, . Ilovajskij few stops on the internal socio-economic relations and people's life, he does so fairly clear pictures and a full explanation of events, his arguments about the historical laws, . historical analogies and t,
. n. sometimes even contribute to some obscuring of the dispute. By bringing in the notes to the "History", a rich literature, Ilovajskij not always use it in the text. Skeptical attitude toward the record he does not always true, so, . the baptism of Vladimir, he tells all on record, . without attracting the well-known works of Basil he and Rosen, noting the proximity of Vladimir Monomakh and the Kievan princes in general to the case chronicles, . not take this into account when characterizing, . example, . same Monomakh,
. The scientific spirit in general weakening in the "History". It is, however, figured prominently in the literature, especially because it was the first attempt to reach all parts of the Russian people, the history of south-western branch is described in detail as well as the north-eastern. Textbooks Ilovaisky general and Russian history withstood dozens of publications, they are written in a living language, . but often suffer from vagueness and inconsistency of judgments, . direct, . sometimes, . errors, . lack of leadership thought and (especially textbooks on Russian history) bias,
. As a publicist, Ilovajskij set very conservative and very nationalistic. In 1897. he began to publish his own body "Kremlin", exclusively fills his works (published until now, considering the double and triple, 52?). He condemned the German influence and the German marriages Russian rulers, vigorously opposed the scientific committee of the Ministry of Education. The extremes of the controversy, excessive boldness in addressing the complex issues of history and politics led to the unpopularity of Ilovaisky in academics and social circles and to the neglect of his considerable achievements in the field of Russian history. Awakened in recent years, interest in early Russian history has caused a number of works that converge in some points with Ilovajskij. - Wed. "Historical Journal" (1884, 1 and 3), C. Vengerov "Sources for the dictionary of Russian writers" (II, St. Petersburg., 1910); M. Grushevskii "Iя¦я-п+я-iя¦ Ukraini Russia" (I, Lviv, 1904); D. Bagaley "Russian historiography" (Kharkov, 1911); G. Varats "Origin of the chronicle tales of early Rus' (Kiev, 1913), K. Foreigners Hun-well and the Huns "(" Living Antiquity ", 1900, age 3 - 4);" Russian Wealth "(1897,? 7; Article. S. Yuzhakova); A. Chess "Researches on ancient Russian chronicles; L. Panteleev "From the memories of the past" (St. Petersburg, 1905). S. Ch

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  • akiram for Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich
  • dispute arose: Who was DI Ilovajskij nationality? opponent clearly considered him a Jew, and on that basis refused to hear his views on the ancient history of Russia. If you know, help!
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    Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography
    Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography Ilovaisk Dmitri Ivanovich  historian and publicist, photo, biography
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