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Foreigners Alexander

( Professor of Geology, St. Petersburg University)

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Biography Foreigners Alexander
photo Foreigners Alexander
Born in 1843. At the end of the course in 2-nd St. Petersburg High School entered the Physics and Mathematics of St. Petersburg University. The first years of students with special affection of foreigners involved in chemistry. However, the introduction of undergraduate with the geology and mineralogy, led by Professor E.I. Hoffmann and P.A. Puzyrevsky, dismissed him from the originally chosen field, and finally turned to the study called science, foreigners, still a student at 4-year, correcting the duty of the keeper of the mineralogical cabinet. After graduating in 1867, Mr.. rate of foreigners in 1868. becomes the custodian of the newly established Geological study. In 1869, Mr.. Foreigners began lecturing as a privat-docent, and in 1870. replaced the by the Department of Geology and Palaeontology, his teacher E.I. Hoffmann. In 1871, Mr.. Foreigners at 1 1 / 2 years on overseas assignments, where the museums and excursions to finally prepare for further scientific activities. In 1873, foreigners doctoral dissertation was elected extraordinary, and in 1880. - Full professor of St. Petersburg University. Geological Museum of St. Petersburg University, thanks to the work Inostrancevia, currently one of the richest collections of geological science museums in Russia. Such a development of the museum contributed significantly to the collections gathered by Inostrancevia during its annual scientific visits, which capture almost all of European Russia, the Urals and the Caucasus. Chief among them: in 1872 - 75 years. the north of Russia and in Olonets province, in 1875. - In the Crimea, in 1878. - In the Donetsk coal basin, in 1881. - In the Orel and Grodno province, in 1890, 1891 and 1893. - In the Caucasus and in 1892. - By Ural. Foreigners have read several years of lectures on geology and mineralogy at the University for Women, . Institute of Technology, . military-medical academy, . and now, . except university, . teaches geology at the General Staff Academy and Engineering,
. Taking part in the writings of St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists since its foundation, foreigners since 1877, Mr.. is chairman of the geology and mineralogy of the society in 1888. - Chairman of the Russian Anthropological Society, . participates in all international geological congress, . is an honorary member of almost all Russian Society of Naturalists, . Mineralogical Society and Corresponding Members of the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences,
. Beyond the purely scientific research foreigners helped to resolve many practical issues from the field of geology: took an active part in the committees on irrigation and drainage of St. Petersburg, . Moscow and many other cities of Russia, took part in drafting the establishment of the geological committee,
. They, or under his direct supervision, defined geological collections of our famous travelers Przewalski, Potanin, Pevtsov and other. Currently, the five Russian universities, professor of geology and mineralogy are students and former assistant Inostrancevia. Major works Inostrancevia (total number of currently more than 50, . not counting journal articles and small notes, . scattered in many Russian and foreign geological publications): "The petrographic sketch of the island Valamo" ( "Proceedings of the I Congress of Natural Scientists and Physicians", . 1867); "Geognosticheske structure of the western shores of Lake Ladoga (" Materials for Geology of Russia ", . t,
. 2, 1869), "Geological survey area between the White Sea and Lake Onega" ( "Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists", II, 1876); "Untersuchungen uber Kalksteinen und Dolomiten" ( "Tscherm. Miner. Mitteil. ", T. I, 1872), "Geological investigations in the north of Russia" ( "Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists", III, 1872), "Brachiopod in the ancient red sandstone p. Oyat "(" Notes of the Mineralogical Society, 1873), "A note on the study of opaque minerals" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Society of Naturalists, t. XVI, No.. I, 1875), "Geological sketch Povenetskogo County and its ore deposits" ( "Materials for Geology of Russia, t. VII, 1877); "Ein neues ausserste Glied in d. Reiche d. amorphen Kohlenstoffe "(" N. Jahrb. fur Mineralodie "and" Mining Journal, 1880), "Department of the Stone Age to the period" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1880)," Prehistoric man coast of Lake Ladoga (1882); "Sur la variabilite de la concentr. et de la compos. der sources minerales "(" Proceedings of the Geological Congress III "and" Proceedings of the Society of protecting the public health ", 1883);" Ueber eine Vergleischungskammer zur mikroscop. Untersuch. "(" N. Jahrbuch. fur Miner ", 1885);" primary deposits of platinum in the Urals "(" Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists ", XXII, 1893)," On the form of precipitates of platinum in the bedrock of the Urals "and" Gneiss - the foundation for St. Petersburg "( ibid, XXIII). In addition to these special works Inostrancevia belongs to a lengthy guide to geology (1 ed., 1885 - 1887., And 2-ed. 1 t. - In 1889).

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Foreigners Alexander, photo, biography
Foreigners Alexander, photo, biography Foreigners Alexander  Professor of Geology, St. Petersburg University, photo, biography
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