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Maxim Kovalevsky

( Prominent Russian scientist, lawyer and public figure)

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Biography Maxim Kovalevsky
photo Maxim Kovalevsky
Born in 1851 in a noble family in Kharkov province. Higher education in Kharkov University, where under the leadership of DI. Kachenovsky began to study the history of British institutions. Continuing scientific studies abroad in London, became close with Menom, Brice and Marx. In 1877 he was elected professor of public law and comparative legal history at Moscow University, has held this position until 1887, when the Minister Delyanov was summarily dismissed the petition. While living abroad, lectured in Stockholm, Oxford, Paris, Russian school. After returning to Russia in 1906, was elected professor of the Petrograd Polytechnic Institute and the University of Petrograd, Petrograd and then a professor of women's higher rates, neuropsychiatric institute and teaching academy. In 1906, Kovalevsky elected from the Kharkov province in the first State Duma, and in 1907 a member of the State Council on the election of the Academy of Sciences and Russian universities. Contains also the chairman of the Petrograd Law and the Free Economic Society, . Chairman of the Petrograd branch of society "Mir", . corresponding member of Academy of Sciences, . in 1914, which elected him a full member of his, . correspondent of the French Institute for the separation of moral and political sciences, . member (at one time was chairman), International Institute of Sociology, . corresponding member of the British Association of Science,
. Numerous scientific works Kovalevsky, which were printed in a part of Russia, part of the boundary indicate the breadth of scientific interests of the author, his vast erudition, independence and power of thought. He with the same knowledge of the matter is stopped at both the issues, . associated with the general theory of law and sociology, . and matters of the history of political institutions, . history of social economic life, . in connection with the history of the law of primitive peoples, . widely using the historical data of the comparative method,
. His first work on the history of law: "Experiments on the history of the jurisdiction of taxes in France since the XIV century until the death of Louis XIV" (M., . 1877), "History of the Police Authority in the English county from ancient times to the death of Edward I" (Prague, . 1877, . Master's thesis), "Police working in England in the XIV century and justices of the peace, . the proceedings as judicial disputes between employers and workers "(L., . 1876), "The social system of England in the late Middle Ages" (M., . 1880, . doctoral thesis),
. By this time include: "Essay on the history of disintegration of communal land ownership in the canton of Vaud (Leningrad, and the German edition. Zurich, 1876), "communal land tenure, causes, course and consequences of its expansion" (Moscow, 1879), as well as methodological sketch "Historical-comparative method to study the methods of jurisprudence and legal history" (p. 1880). Then follows a series of works devoted primarily matters of customary law and history, the primitive right. These include: "The modern custom and ancient law. Customary law Ossetians in historical and comparative coverage "(M., . 1886; translated into French, . 1893), "Law and custom in the Caucasus" (M., . 1887); "Tableau des origines de l'evolution de la famille et de la propriete" (Stockholm, . 1890; Russian translation, . Petersburg., . 1895), "The modern custom and ancient law in Russia" (lecture, . Reported at Oxford and published in English), "Essays on Russian customary law" (in "Nouvelle Revue historique du droit", . French),
. From 1895, beginning to recover capital Kovalevsky essay on the history of law "Origin of Modern Democracy", . now complete (five volumes, the first volume was published the third edition of a completely processed), in this study, . some of which were published separately in French ( "The Fall of the Venetian Republic," "The villages and towns on the eve of the French Revolution"), . Kovalevsky assigned the task to clarify the development of democratic theories in relation to the history of social and political order in Western Europe since the French Revolution,
. Questions of Sociology devoted to: "Contemporary Sociology", . "Sociology" (2 volumes) and a number of articles: "On Darwinism in sociology", . "Modern French sociology", . Progress, . "Genetic Sociology" (in "Itogi Nauki"), . "Sociological essay on the history of the State" (Volume XIV, . 534 - 70, . present "Encyclopedic Dictionary"),
. Other works Kovalevsky: "The origin of small peasant property in France", . "History of Britain" (an extensive article, . component of the whole monograph, . in "Encyclopedic Dictionary" of the Association Garnet), . number of works on the history of political doctrines: "From the direct narodopravstva to the mission and from the patriarchal monarchy to parliamentarism" (3 volumes, . neokonch.), . "The political doctrine of Milton" and "Spencer and Marx (two lives)" - in the Journal of Europe ",
. The most important his writing he Kowalewski says "Economic growth in Europe in the period preceding the development of capitalism" (in Russian released 3 volumes in the German edition, recently completed, went 7 volumes). In this work Kovalevsky watching history of land tenure in the West since the era of decline of the Roman Empire and the tribal Germanic tribes before the advent of modern land structure, with a predominance of private property and farming. Parallel sets out the history of industrial development as the estates, . and urban, . with the development of the guild economy until the full separation of business from simple artists, . - As well as the history of the labor problem in the West, . in connection with various attempts to regulate wages,
. When he was a professor at Moscow University, Kovalevsky took an active part in the published them, together with Professor Sun. Miller, . scientific journal: "Critical Review", . play a major role in the life of the scientist in Moscow at that time, at the same time he published "A Collection of deeds and documents, . employees to the characteristics of the British Police Administration XII, . XIII and XIV centuries "(L., . 1877),
. He also edited the Italian edition of despatches of Venetian ambassadors on events of the French Revolution. Along with the purely scientific activity Kovalevsky put forward, especially in recent years, his journalistic activities. In 1906 - 1907 years under the editorship of his and I.I. Ivanyukova emerged newspaper "Country", and since 1909 he is the publisher of The Messenger of Europe "and it manages the department of social and legal sciences. During this time he published several articles on current issues of domestic and foreign policy of Russia. They are issued in French a number of works, . devoted to the dissemination of the West with the economic life of Russia, . the history of its political institutions, . she had undergone a crisis of 1905 - 1906 period, . with the social legislation of Russia since the renewal of its political system,
. Some of these works have appeared previously in English. Kowalewski also participates in the publication of two encyclopedic dictionaries: Brockhaus - Ephron and Tob. Garnet, for whom he wrote a number of articles. The State Council Kovalevsky is one of the most prominent members and the most prominent speakers to. As part of the progressive group (the so-called group of "left"), . He annually elected a member of a number of commissions, . including such important, . both on land use planning laws, . the law on the procedure relating to the Finnish edition of the laws of national importance and the so-called western zemstvo, . two laws against drunkenness, . the laws of the time the production of trade, . hiring sales employees,
. For all these bills, as well as a number of other, Kovalevsky acted not only in the committees, but also in the General Assembly of the State Council, consistently upholding the ideals of the new constitutional and progressive Russia. D

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Maxim Kovalevsky, photo, biography
Maxim Kovalevsky, photo, biography Maxim Kovalevsky  Prominent Russian scientist, lawyer and public figure, photo, biography
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