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Malakhov Andrey

( Anchorman)

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Biography Malakhov Andrey
photo Malakhov Andrey
Andrei Malakhov was born January 11, 1972 in the town of Apatity (Murmansk region). He received his musical education.

"Yes, I immediately realized that I not be Oistrakh - servitor slipshod. At parents' meetings in the School of Music concerts are always held demonstrations children. So, I was always the first to put me to somewhere in the middle of the impression did not spoil his game. I also then just put the leading concerts - just so as not to play! But the writing on the poster in large letters - a concert is Andrei Malakhov. I was in seventh heaven. "- Says Andrew.

After graduating from school with a silver medal, he went to the capital, knowing that a man of public profession should be in the epicenter of social life. He joined the Stanford faculty of journalism and left the alma mater with highest honors in 1995.

. Since 1992, prepared a report for the "Sunday with Sergei Alexeyev (channel Ostankino), written and voiced author's texts for the column" Weather on the planet. "

. While studying at MSU Malakhov went to training in the States
. Students are awarded two hundred dollars, provided a dormitory for a year and sent to overseas journalism at Michigan State University.

In the summer holidays there was no place to live: the hostel had either free or pay for it by American standards. Two hundred dollars, of course, not enough. The room is a small town worth to withdraw 150 dollars and get even more expensive dormitory.

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism learning that Andrew receives so little compassion and let him live in his own cottage - he still went on vacation to rest with his wife in Miami. The responsibilities of the student was to only feed the cat and water the flowers. Time he was full, and Andц?ya settled in a local hotel - three times a week for seven o'clock sold newspapers. Was paid five dollars per hour.

In July, Andrew was sent to local television in Detroit, which was a division of the famous 'Paramount Pictures'. This enabled him to rent an apartment in Detroit, and finally feel not the poor student, but quite successful foreigner who came to improve their skills.

After a half years in the U.S. Andrew was the practice in the department of culture of the newspaper Moscow News, was the author and presenter of "Style" on radio "Maximum". In those years, the audience heard only the voice of Andrew, who talked about fashion trends.

From the memoirs of Andrew: "Introduction to TV began with a disappointment ... Once the department has come a lady, and gained the most gifted children. In practice. I particularly did not want to take, but when she offered to go to the night in Ostankino and translate from English News, CNN, wishing markedly diminished. That night, I still remember with a shudder - this is the "box" it seems that everything is simple and wonderful. Sit all night with a dictionary and then handle the news - not a pleasant occupation. Of course, then return to the Ostankino did not. A month later I was summoned to the dean's office and rebuked. It turned out, the chief editors of my job very much, and they called on me himself Dean. What could I do? Gradually addicted. "

After this has been a correspondent, then a special correspondent of information programs of Channel. But one day, when all were in the leading vacation guide 'Good morning' has decided to put Malakhov replacement. And not mistaken. Since 1996, Andrew became a leading TV channel "Good Morning". Despite this, in 1998, he joined the Faculty of Russia's State Humanitarian University (RGGU).

In 2001 began a new period in the life of Andrew. At this time, the air appeared a hot talk-show 'Big Wash ". Malakhov managed to attract a huge audience and show off your sparkling professionalism. In an instant, he became the most successful showman Russia's television and, according to spectators, the most stylish leading.

Since February 2004 - the leading weekly hit parade "Golden Gramophone".
Since September 2004 - Leading a new talk show host of Channel Five Evenings.

'Big Wash', 'Five Evenings', 'Let them say' ... Projects of this kind become a feature of Andrew. His trademark style to imitate, it is - merciless criticism. But the main thing - noticed. And soon the press began to call Malakhov's no other way than a person of the First Channel.

Now first channel offers a Saturday night watching the show 'Major League'. Venue - Bohemian Club FIRST. Guests Andrei Malakhov - secular lions and lionesses, but are actively involved and the audience - it is sufficient to send an email. The project also interesting and competitions, the winners of which may personally attend to the 'top league'. Transmission goes live, experienced Malakhov can afford it.

Of course, style Malakhov as the lead - a pro-American. It creates intrigue sets the temperature of the passions, following the order. Professional eye picks out the spectators who can give a suitable comment. At the show, which is not Malakhov cozy atmosphere. In the studio reigns supreme power. For many of those raises Andrew - this is quite suitable background. Sensation or a topical problem is in its natural environment.

'I made a bad mood, if I understand it, they can switch the program. Imagine yourself to be the audience and think: that's when I would be bored. You see, I happen to two entries per day, installation, I do not have time to track, so that the utmost should be done in the studio. Therefore, naughty questions to ask, and to count the characters, and just have to shock people '- he explained in an interview.

Often it provides a high ratings. For example, such as at the 'Big laundry', especially the first time - almost every second viewer, including TV on weekdays at five in the evening watching Channel. Someone thinks Malakhov virtuoso, someone he frankly annoying, but the fact remains - on our television, he is unique. Certainly, the new generation will lead those who copy and perhaps correct the corporate identity Andrew. But Malakhov's advantage that he had the courage to become the first, without fear of criticism and labels.


Andrei Malakhov sacrificed a lot of money for the construction of a church temple in his hometown. Church of New Martyrs and Confessors Russian consecrated in Apatity December 21, 2008.


In 2006 Andrew moved once three misfortunes. The black band in the family Malakhovs began even before the death of his father.

- Andrew's mother's sister had lost her son in an accident, but very seriously injured, - says Larissa Gladina, old good friend Malakhovs. - After the death of his father, the death of grandparents.

Lyudmila, Andrey's mother, barely survived the death of her husband and close relatives. Was treated for a long time - and at home, in the city of Apatity, Murmansk region, and in Moscow, visiting his son.

Andrew - the only child, the meaning of life Lyudmila. But the move from the Arctic to the capital, where her son calls, refuses. Not want to leave her husband's grave.

- I asked her why she was not going to Andrew, - says Lyudmila Ivanova, a head of Malakhov. - She said she wants to live his life in Apatity, to be buried next to Nikolai D. ...

When Malakhov flew to suddenly fall ill father in Moscow, Nikolai was already in a coma. He never regained consciousness after stroke. The doctors said that he will recover. But to save, alas, could not. Andrew found his father still alive. However, Nikolai could not see him, could not answer.

Nikolai and Lyudmila met in Apatity. Young geophysicist was sent to study the distribution of Apatity on the Kola Peninsula Minerals. Lyudmila worked all his life in a kindergarten (it is now in charge of them), which is still considered the best in town. Ludmila Malakhov was awarded the Medal.

Andrew - a late child, my mother was over 30 when he was born. He was a welcome and beloved.

Outwardly, Andrew did not take the mother almost nothing. The same dark-haired and curly-haired and handsome, like his father. Stately. But the father was less impulsive.

The image of the mother Andrew moved all its п?пЇп?я€п°пҐпҐп?я? - blonde and refined Lyudmila became his ideal woman.

Politeness and manners Malakhov imbibed from his father - at a meeting Nikolay always bowed. But the powerful internal energy Andrei took from my mother. Lyudmila always staged theatrical performances in the garden and the school. And put on them, just as he was on his TV show.

Andrew's mother is very religious woman. It strictly observes the positions of the weekend goes to church. That faith gives her strength to bear the blows of fate.

March 22, 2006 Nikolai Malakhov died from severe heart disease, he was 59 years old. At the funeral of Nicholas Dmitrievich came a lot of relatives. When his funeral in a small church, it's more than two hundred. The funeral was held on March 24.


Collecting stamps. Here's how he speaks about his hobby: collecting stamps Christmas theme. Passion came when he was still at the fourth grade. Now my collection of nearly 300 brands, including - all Soviet and U.S. in 1972. But the fan in this area I can not be called. As a special club does not run, do not rush to head in search of a copy. If you see Philatelic shop, then I go and buy something. But this - from case to case. "

Grows flowers. "This is my home joy. It all began with studies at the University of Michigan. In America, almost all of the balconies of flowers grow. Insanely beautiful! I've seen enough and decided to make a house too small floral paradise. In any case, turn the balcony in the greenhouse is better than a warehouse for junk. "- Says Andrew.

Collects records singer Nina Simone, goes to the gym. Not married.

Interesting facts

Andrei Malakhov - Editor in Chief, 'StarHit'. Adores Internet.


1. Dogs.
2. Realistic painting 30 x.
3. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, and opera.
4. Sushi and dumplings.
5. Zemfira and girls without a bra.
6. A neighbor on the landing Larissa.
7. 'Christian Dior', SPA, D & G, 'Gucci'.
8. Robbie Williams.
9. May in Cologne.
10. Jeans without underwear.
11. Films directed by Woody Allen.
12. 'Wellness Club Petrovka Sports'.
13. Strawberries.


1. Cat.
2. Telephone bills.
3. Demi Moore and Arnold, Cher and Eminem.
4. Mean and gray people.
5. Silicone busts.
6. Dirty entrances.
7. Prada and 'Tom Klaym'.
8. Akunin and Marinin.
9. January in Birobidzhan.
10. Strings.
11. Last Movies E. Ryazanov.
12. 'Planet Fitness' in Kislovsky Lane.
13. Blackcurrant.


2007 - Kilometer Zero
2007 - Indigo


My Favorite Blonde (2006, a novel about modern television and customs, prevailing in the 'Ostankino').

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  • Malakhov Andrey
  • Malakhov Andrey
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  • Malakhov Andrey

Photos of Malakhov Andrey
Malakhov AndreyMalakhov AndreyMalakhov AndreyMalakhov Andrey

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  • Artist Natasha Boucher for Malakhov Andrey
  • but I like Malakhov. I think irresistible in any form. because INTO feels INTO people. I would have him in business partners took. customers, especially the ladies in the queue to be built. Well, it certainly would have drawn in his thin tight T-shirt.
  • POSITIVE for Malakhov Andrey
  • What are the social roles played by a journalist today?
  • Angel for Malakhov Andrey
  • I love to watch the transfer of "Let them talk." Always raises important topic! I want to transfer your continued success! Andrew, you health, a lot of patience in your case is not easy! TAK HOLD IT! Dasha.
  • Flower for Malakhov Andrey
  • Zdravstvuyte.Otvette me, . please, . a patronymic Andrei Malakhov and who his parents and is it true that Andrew has a sister? "If there, . how her name? "And the truth, . Andrei Malakhov that his father worked as a laundress on a ship, . Andrei Malakhov, and therefore such chistyulya! I really want to know the answers to their questions.,
  • Ungrateful viewer for Malakhov Andrey
  • In my opinion Malakhov absolutely talentless presenter, . who is unable to bind couples slov.Ego infinite "a-ha" after every word especially annoying as the actual and nasty voice. In general, at best TV channels to do it nechego.Pust in dirty linen continues to rummage like "Big Wash", . or "Let them talk." It seemed his lot in life.,
  • Nick for Malakhov Andrey
  • Recently watched TV program "Stars of the circus." Very disappointed in Andrei Malakhov after low-evaluation of performances of "Tea for Two" and Jeanne Friske. I think he behaved like the last goon, who is just jealous of athletic power guys from "Tea for Two" knowing that in this sense it before them far. Moreover, they were not sports professionals, and simply entertaining shou.I his statement that "they should be sent to the doping test is" comparable only to the position of the petty, envious wench
  • Nick for Malakhov Andrey
  • Recently watched TV program "Stars of the circus." Very disappointed in Andrei Malakhov after low-evaluation of performances of "Tea for Two" and Jeanne Friske. I think he behaved like the last goon, who is just jealous of athletic power guys from "Tea for Two" knowing that in this sense it before them far. Moreover, they were not sports professionals, and simply entertaining shou.I his statement that "they should be sent to the doping test is" comparable only to the position of the petty, envious wench
  • Viola for Malakhov Andrey
  • Recently watched TV program "Stars of the circus." Very disappointed in Andrei Malakhov after low-evaluation of performances of "Tea for Two" and Jeanne Friske. I think he behaved like the last goon, who is just jealous of athletic power guys from "Tea for Two" knowing that in this sense it before them far. Moreover, they were not sports professionals, and simply entertaining shou.I his statement that "they should be sent to the doping test is" comparable only to the position of the petty, envious wench
  • Nick for Malakhov Andrey
  • Recently watched TV program "Stars of the circus." Very disappointed in Andrei Malakhov after low-evaluation of performances of "Tea for Two" and Jeanne Friske. I think he behaved like the last goon, who is just jealous of athletic power guys from "Tea for Two" knowing that in this sense it before them far. Moreover, they were not sports professionals, and simply entertaining shou.I his statement that "they should be sent to the doping test is" comparable only to the position of the petty, envious wench
  • Fan-Ta-ZeR for Malakhov Andrey
  • TV anchor Andrey Malakhov remarkable interest and is able to shock the audience! His clear and rapid pronunciation of surprises! And the appearance and demeanor capture and intrigue! We Malakhov emerged miraculously presenter on Russia's television! He believed, . Love it, . Admire him ...,
  • Nika for Malakhov Andrey
  • RIM for Malakhov Andrey
  • I was irritated by his endless and-a-while before any word and after. It is strange that not taught in school and to speak at MSU connected. Most of his programs are very cruel, and immoral, . when, . example, . sits next to my mother, . tried to stop sobbing, . and, . in relation to participation ask: - Tell, . why your son has hanged himself? - Or: - Who is to blame, . that your daughter jumped off the roof? Then these same questions to ask people in the audience,
    . And some kind of aunt, dangling from his chest tier starts screaming to express their views. Or about life begin to express the profound view "stars" serials and "show", the glorious fact that "lit up" on the screen in a 10-graded series, or a bare belly with a "neck" to the navel, under plywood. Truly, "Let it be said, that someone comes into my head. Main - scandal
  • egoryh for Malakhov Andrey
  • Today in your program accusations addressed to the women stone crushing her baby after giving birth! And YOU accuse her! And Russia's not our state probyvali? The mother who gave birth and did not know, . What will happen to her tomorrow? Down from heaven Moscow ..., . Look at last, . than live BREADWINNERS your, . even Hitler, . not to mention the fucking Chinese, . cares about buduyuschem nation, . And you think Moscow, . that all of us OK, . or you t.Malahov or (GA), . believe the contrary? Russia's rescue and those who still can and wants to give birth and give them ALL! And do not try to podbnye transfer, . today,
  • Larissa for Malakhov Andrey
  • Good, Andrei. Climbed into our filthy show - business. It w as strength and resourcefulness necessary that there be. Now wash their dirty linen. Just do not forget sometimes rinse.
  • Tatiana for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hi Andrew! Recently I read an article in the magazine "Caravan of stories" about you and about your life. She made a great impression on me. I liked your views on life, attitudes towards women. You, as the prince from a fairy tale-a noble, handsome, clever! I will not hide the fact that many dream of such a man as you! And I am no exception:). Do not think I'm crazy fan, I'm just the one Cinderella, of which you dream
  • Anuta for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew is a very attractive man. Especially, me personally, seduces his mind. Rarely in modern times can be found really decent man. Of course this view from what he saw on television, and very interesting what he had in his life, as if he had spoken with people a little below her social circle. This much can be said about the man.
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • I was told that, supposedly, you had a channel with BF Popov. Is this true? If yes, if you can of course and the time is, please contact: doro_doro@hotmail.co.jp Thanks
  • sweet for Malakhov Andrey
  • I never watched the transfer of "Let Them Talk" and so for me, Andrei Malakhov just insanely handsome man with no negative connotation nature. I am very glad that he is so active, without him on the screen would be boring. I wish the eego invited to some sort of film is shot, or at least in a musical on the first channel. Would look like a boa constrictor, without interrupting
  • Theophanes for Malakhov Andrey
  • Carefully read the fact that the top, in order to refute at least some of the epithets that have accumulated during the emergence of this man in my TV. Awkward goes over the head, squirt, tarator and then: a couple of words can not bind. Live in such a place not. It may even be as a filter for the discussion topic "Everyone says". Sometimes, frankly is a pity some of the characters and invited her. Attacks lead, . tactless question, . statements and there is scarcely concealed "proPiarivanie", . inciting confrontation with the discussion topic for the sake of ratings. I understand, . do not want to watch-switching, . difficult to fend off a favorite weapon "Plevalyanatebya" makers.,
  • Sergey for Malakhov Andrey
  • Shit, it is in Africa - shit! Pidorenok - it is null and @ op. Let sucks.
  • Raisa for Malakhov Andrey
  • Yesterday, December 10 looking transfer Let them talk and I did not like how he behaved Malakhov why you believe that his opinion was the most correct and very insulting invited to the studio, for example, I would never have soglasilps like to participate in the transfer because he did not want to once again encounter rudeness,
  • Natasha for Malakhov Andrey
  • You look and wonder how the transfer from Malakhov's contempt for ordinary people! Transfer where they showed a woman who for 1 USD 20 was sorting out the bricks, he generally looked zazhravshimsya goon! But Volochkova brought complain but we do not care for her divorce cornered popiaritsya correct Sobchak discard it!,
  • Julia for Malakhov Andrey
  • no
  • c vetlana for Malakhov Andrey
  • not think that takoezhe Number of fools on the Internet as a transfer from Malakhov. all perturbed transfer and leading takiezhe freaks like preglashennye in most cases. admire a simple people.
  • Lesya for Malakhov Andrey
  • And I do not пҐя€п°п?п?я?я?п° Malakhov .... because it is like a gay .......... but it's not a bad kid but I like to look like like
  • Katia for Malakhov Andrey
  • Is not it's not like he was gay sipotny paran.Andryusha pazvani me ...... you are my pomnish number? If not then I'll write Chiba 345-78-96budu wait impatiently
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andryukha you cool man you are a combination of wit and beauty. DAShUNYa.Kursk
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • I really like Andrew and his behavior on the gears like it
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew I really like all your transfer as you like them vedesh
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • I love all the transfers want to meet my height is 180 cm
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew I like demeanor on the programs I want to get acquainted with you closer my problem is the growth of 180 and friends below
  • Diana for Malakhov Andrey
  • After the last program Let it be said (13.01.09) I lost respect for etomts man! ZAZHRALSYA it too! and dulled (((
  • Anastasia for Malakhov Andrey
  • Not veritsya me that this constituted a biography of Andrew's mouth. That's all nonsense journalists or the creators of this site. Yes to draw viewers. I do not believe that Andrew really comes here and reads these comments.. him what to do no more of what? Short bullshit. If I am wrong, write everything as it is in fact. Enough people cheat
  • Alena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hello! But I think Andrei Malakhov's very talented, considerate, intelligent person. He has long led a talk show, "cooked" in this work and is simply doomed to such polar Comments. As they say, the whole world is not ispechesh pancake. As to his manner of speaking ... Many would not hurt for her Gramont last, from some of the comments just shock. If we say that onkak something wrong with the invited talks in the transfer of persons, it altogether separate song. As I see it, he always carefully vyslushivat stories and tries anything from them to understand. But on the show everyone wants to put themselves in the rosy light. As they say - the best way vozysit themselves - obgadit friend. And from piglashennyh stars too everyone is trying to himself, but the transmission is not a rubber. We do not know what we would of themselves represented in his place. I recently saw a parody of Andrew in "Big difference". I was surprised that he almost did not even smile. Although it was funny. Maybe in life it has little reason to smile, despite the success. And can we trust the articles in the "Caravan of stories ... I think Andrew is very ambiguous, but a bright, clever, and certainly not what it teaches us the press and TV. I wish him good luck. What do you want such a man!
  • Christine for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, you've always been my ideal in all .... I admire you as a creative and professional .. sorry that the other side, I don `t know .. you all the very good
  • Katia for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, I would like to talk with you and perepisyvatsya.Ya no ordinary girl. Write me an email please.
  • Natalia for Malakhov Andrey
  • I do not know why and for what people write their commentary about the activities of Andrew, . about the fact how he behaves, . suggesting, . as odevaetsya, . one word - than breathing? Believe, . none of the comments would not zatrunulo it does, . simply because there are millions, . and he alone, and consider the views of each of us was physically impossible,
    . Personally, I enjoy in the meantime - see it broadcasts Andryukha always makes me laugh, and even his п°п°п°п°п° makes me only positive emotions, in contrast to the emotions in the above comments. Living in Estonia Estonian try to watch more TV and news, to keep abreast of events, but to cheer up watching talk shows Andrew.
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • EUGENIE for Malakhov Andrey
  • ANDREW A YOU ever been in Krasnodar?
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • hi Andrusha, I came from far away to Moscow to participate in one of your programmes and to have a look at you with my very own eyes ... you are superb!
  • NATALIA for Malakhov Andrey
  • Good evening, Andrew. I very much want to send to your program, "May said" e-mail, but do not know the address of the program. Could you tell?
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • MRAZ, Alphonse, you see nits skollko times in their ponds clean! Again uviizhu))) Your mysatsy to point you zapehnu! ANIMAL ! !
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Sergey Malakhov Andrey for All Females VOLIT !
  • gennady for Malakhov Andrey
  • I think Malakhov simple provincial cattle, respecting the history of his people, respecting the older generation, it is not appropriate to his rank of leading television. Enough to see the transfer of two stars, where he serves as a judge [in the idiot jacket], and you will understand. The man who, after almost every word says: AAAAAA is a TV presenter? Shame for our television. Who do you show? Char counter
  • Paul for Malakhov Andrey
  • Think Malakhov too chatty, . I would like to use for the strength of Russian obscenities, . but the profession does not allow, . and how he leads the program or what can not be criticized, and what topics he chooses ...! In particular the program's system of education and teachers, . how he humiliates them, . with zealous is, . venit bedat them all and in all situations that happen in our schools, . it would appear that in his school years he was severely Delete as a man, . times he did not Navidi teachers! Since he was a specialist, . psychologist, . let them come to school and try to at least 1 week to work out a bazaar in the studio anyone can ...,
  • Lena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Adore Malakhov!
  • Lena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Tell me about his uncle and how you turned out to be abroad. Why lie? Can it be so bad it was there, abroad? Tell the truth.
  • Irina for Malakhov Andrey
  • He is a disgrace to 1 channel, who only lets him on TV. Cattle in all, it feels plebeian origins.
  • Julia for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, those dirty tricks that you write, do not pay attention, it pishum petty and dishonest people who are just jealous. You and you know that your admirers much more than the haters. I would like to see in more of your photos, you have such a body, why are you hiding it?
  • Kk for Malakhov Andrey
  • but in my very pleasant and ostoumny young man, . at least he found himself precisely in the area where he had obtained, and where he is one of the best .. weak and highly motivated people can not get everyone's attention and interest, even with someone who is "pushing" .. in order, . to be interesting viewers should be able to attract his attention, . this is what he gets is not very bad .., . and in what ways is not important .. if it were perdachi were monotone and did not cause differences of opinion, . they simply were not interested .. he's a great showman .. Bravo!,
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Sleazebag, no intillekta, but what it really, I do molchu.Gnat this shit should be, but evidently the old aunt Rich Girl disburse its esters.
  • Hope for Malakhov Andrey
  • Repulsive character. Alphonse and half-wit. From one faces sick. And what this clown get up, spit splashes, bazaar satisfied. What makes this transfer? Gathering bazaar.
  • Lena for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, if you are reading these comments tell me in an email, if that is not difficult. I would like to chat with you.
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • pidaras
  • david for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, if you are reading these comments tell me in an email, if that is not difficult. I would like to chat with you. you fagot
  • Elena for Malakhov Andrey
  • The most remarkable and wonderful man! And all those otzyvaetsya bad about it, just envy him!
  • Evgenia for Malakhov Andrey
  • Recently noticed that Andrew gives me a feeling of respect. Previously, I had been to him, to put it mildly, indifferent. In the program "Let Them Talk", which I watch regularly, you might say, by chance, he likes me more and more. For mask impartial moderator, showman, is increasingly seen its true face, the human face indifferent to others' pain, the man with the heart.
  • Alexander for Malakhov Andrey
  • Normal, adequate.
  • Nazim! for Malakhov Andrey
  • Great man!
  • Cachan for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrew, why, riding a bicycle a few years ago, in support of children's project you have been adequate, as a man. And on TV You Like Shit behaving. Image image, but with a conscience?
  • Julianna for Malakhov Andrey
  • Malakhov Andrey, you are super! You are the best presenter in the world! I look forward to your predach ... And I wish you continued prosperity on the career ladder!
  • Marina for Malakhov Andrey
  • Your show is becoming increasingly similar to the Bordak.
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • I nahzhu funny show and I expect him every night. Even my husband likes the truth I need to translate
  • Tamara for Malakhov Andrey
  • Victoria Yurievna for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hello, Andrew! As you already understand the general opinion of you had the rather ambiguous. Perhaps it is good. Since I am a future journalist, I completely understand how hard you punched his way into television. In this regard, I want to say you many thanks. You really - an example. This is, frankly, a very stimulating. But ... Your last theme of "Let them talk" a little rough, and your behavior as a moderator, no tact and not rude. You lose its image in the eyes of the viewer, so hard-earned. And sometimes it annoys you too much "aa-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah," although in this I understand you perfectly. Nevertheless, that you have not lost their status in the eyes of the audience, I think it is worth considering. Good luck and success in work.
  • Gulsara for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hi! I like everything that would not do Malakhov.
  • Alexander for Malakhov Andrey
  • Your transfer from 16.07.09g. the sale of the soul shook my family. All the speakers showed a heartless soul of human beings. Some empty talk, but yavlyas advantaged people, no one suggested that women who need at least some financial assistance and practical advice that she not found its soul. At a minister of the church were nothing but empty words learned and words of children - can not feed!
  • Marina for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hello, Andrew! Once again, I saw "Let Them Talk". I would like to advise you in preparing for the transfer of children to communicate with the lawyers, who hold a family law. Too many incompetent expressions. H p adoptions, foster family, guardianship, different types of arrangements for children in the family, often on your transfer these expressions are used for other purposes. On the issue of family Beaver (a home) if the mother is in jail, without deprivation of her parental rights to adopt children is not possible. Best regards.
  • Katerina for Malakhov Andrey
  • and I want to say, . that is one of the best broadcasters in our country, . It is these people move society to a new stage of development, . and all the other silent envy, . sitting on their couches dryavyh, . themselves as losers., . Andrei, . professional journalist. Happiness, . creative success, . love! Maybe someday, . I undergrowth and'll interview you have, . as in the legend of national television,
  • Katerina for Malakhov Andrey
  • I am also a student at the School of Journalism, . and I want to say, . that is one of the best broadcasters in our country and it is these people are raising a society to a new uroven.Andrey Malakhov, a professional journalist, . and you all are jealous of him sitting on the sofas dryavyh, . themselves as losers,
    . Happiness, health, love it! Maybe someday I'll take an interview with this remarkable man !
  • Olga for Malakhov Andrey
  • I really like your channel, "May said." And remember, you were taken in the transfer of "Child-robot? Then I could not understand: what Sobchak in you found? :) Now, it seems, understood. :):):) I wish you and your loved ones!
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • I learned about the death of Nikolai Dmitrievich. I express my condolences to work together in trust Asma Apatitstroy 1980 1986 YOU ANDREW, I wish you happiness, health, success, success. Sincerely TSUKRUK Sergei Antonovich. (Vinnitsa, Ukraine)
  • Oksana for Malakhov Andrey
  • Good evening, Andrew. Today, your transmission was the theme of beating a teenager who became disabled. Fights staged at the request of the girl he liked. We had almost the same situation, my daughter was also beaten by girls, it was all filmed on the phone, she lay in hospital and can say that fear escaped, thank God!. But the worst thing in this whole situation, the behavior of the inspector who conducted the case. Tsibizova Olga. She stated that the case is closed, because a fight was mutual. My daughter was not even questioned, and not all witnesses were brought. These girls were two of them were left without punishment, and their parents piled all the blame on my daughter. I like all parents who find themselves in this situation is very unfortunate that our law enforcement agencies by their behavior pooscheryayut these children and their parents. We now await the decision of the Inspector to dismiss the case and will continue to seek justice, we will write to the prosecutor's office. Thank you in its transfer includes such topics. Who will grow out of these children who now go unpunished, for their frightening behavior
  • Marina for Malakhov Andrey
  • handsome man, take me to friends
  • Ludmila Gelvih for Malakhov Andrey
  • I adore you Andrew, you are an excellent presenter!
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Martin for Malakhov Andrey
  • very repugnant person , tactless and flatterer
  • Irina for Malakhov Andrey
  • Dearest Andrey, we enjoyed your show and watch it every day. We watched your show with JUNA. Could you e-mail her phone number/information. We need it asap Just in case my e-mail ishlionsky@yahoo.com 310/927-1157.(Los Angeles,California,USA). We love you and G-d Bless You.
  • Lucy for Malakhov Andrey
  • Андрюша. Я сейчас работаю в Канаде, но смотрю твои программы( не все)...последняя была с Сергеем Трофимовым... я такого позитива не ощущала давно. Ты умница, талантлив и неповторим. Сергей очень позитивный человек- у меня были слезы радости при просмотре твоей передачи...Дай тебе, Бог, счастья( мне уже 64 года и ты сделал меня счастливой- спасибо тебе)... Будь счастлив. Lucy
  • Peter for Malakhov Andrey
  • I am sorry but Andrey Malakhov is complete idiot. I always wondered how someone as stupid as he is can have his own show on Russian television.....I just finished watching one his program about 13 year old girl who was raped and had sex with different man since age of 12 in one of the Russian villages. Andrey Malakhow is so dumb that he could not even realize that regardless of how little girl might have behaved, all man who had sex with her, were guilty of having sex with a child. And to add insult to injury he decided to bring this child into the studio in front of everyone allowing accused rapists and paedophiles to argue and scream at her. Unfortunately this highlights not only his stupidity but show us low morals of Russian society as a whole
  • Elena Gorbaliouk for Malakhov Andrey
  • I live in New York for 22 years and I discovered Mr. Andrey Malakhow just recently (unfortunately) but, if I may say- his show- "Let Them Talk" is truly fantastic ! He's got a great sense of humor, each show has a healthy balance of reality and hope, full of optimism. Now I google his show quiet often and every time I watch the show I enjoy more and more . I'm very proud that yang man like Andrey (we are the same age) is working so hard to making a positive change on Russian TV. One day I would love to meet him in person, because he seems like a very intelligent man and you can learn from him a lot. My very best regards, Elena
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • Anonymous for Malakhov Andrey
  • elena Gorbaliouk for Malakhov Andrey
  • ooppss...a little misprint..I meant a " young man" ..lol
  • Elena Gorbaliouk for Malakhov Andrey
  • ooppss...a little misprint..I meant a " young man" ..lol
  • Marina Mendes for Malakhov Andrey
  • I 've been living in Canada for 15 years..and I've just got introduced with Andrew Malakhov through his show ,,Let them talk''..maybe an year ago. Andrey is just an AMAZING person in all respects, both inside and out. I personally am astonished by his ability to FEEL people's pain..suffers, and the roots of their behavior..THANK U ANDREY for what you've already done and for what you're doing for those who are lost in this life ..you are my hero!With sincere respect.Marie.
  • oksana for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrey you are such amazing person I love your show "Let them Talk" i live in USA for 21 years and been watching your show for past year and I love it..Thank you..
  • marina for Malakhov Andrey
  • Andrey chochu naiti svoju podnuju matj ,kotoraja posle rodov otdala menja na udocherenie drugoi zenshine, ona sama bila s Armenii , a rozatj priechala v Gruziju . Posle togo kogda ona uechala v Armeniu, cherez nekotoroe vremja i vse..ona vernulasj zabratj menja ,ei skazali chto ja umerla...... i vse........,,,,, esli svjazetesj so mnoi ja vam mogu rasskazatj podrobno..... Zivu sechas s semjei v AMERIKE , v NEW YORKE ,,,, UZE PROSHLO 52 GODA........SO DNJA MORGO ROZDENIJA,,,,,
  • LESYA for Malakhov Andrey
  • Rachel Oshmiansky for Malakhov Andrey
  • Hi Andrey, I would like to get in touch and tell about my husband Alik Oshmiansky. He Past away on June 2021 . He is a musician -Legend. He is an Odessa legend but today many people around the world like his music and his songs.Maxim Kravchinskiy wrote a lot about him I would like if possible to make a show about him. I can provide a lot of interesting material He is the modern Leonid Utesov. a lot of musicians and kritika say he is the best from the las Odessa singers. If this email gets to you I will be happy to help to make a show about Alik Oshmiansky.Thank you.With respect. Rachel Oshmiansky.
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