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Andrey Matveev Artamonovich

( Statesman)

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Biography Andrey Matveev Artamonovich
(1666 - 1728), son of A. Sergeyevich Matveyev. In the eighth year complained to the room steward, in the reign of Feodor Alekseevich followed his father into exile, and narrowly avoiding, on his return, died during a riot musketeers, was again deported from Moscow at the request of musketeers. In 1691 - 93 years Matveev voevodstvoval in Dvina region, and in 1700, Mr.. receives diplomatic appointment, first as ambassador to the Dutch States, then - in Austria. In Holland, his task - to persuade States to mediate between Russia and Sweden and at the same time - "inflame anger against the British and Dutch Swede"; in Austria, he had to seek to conclude a treaty of alliance with the Court of Vienna. In 1705, Mr.. he was in Paris negotiating the return of confiscated French government Russian ships, and most importantly - the mediation of France instead of shy away from this role of the Netherlands, with the same main goal Matveev rides in 1706, Mr.. in England, and is authorized to promise the British government for the success of mediation entry of Russia into a great aliantsyyu ". Efforts Matveeva not accompanied, however, very successful. In Holland, he need not suit "first ladies and gentlemen" meeting in his home, . "Fun cards" and "other pleasures", in France he had to make sure, . that "friendship with the French, , . in the lucrative to small case seems to us ", and the British Ministry, . his recognition, . "in the intricacies and intrigue of the French themselves Subtelny", . here "from the words smooth and sterile is a waste of time",
. In England, Matveev subjected to violence and even arrested on a complaint by a creditor, and this fact has been the subject of lengthy diplomatic explanations between St. Petersburg and London. Several successful was the activity Matveeva in Austria, although there has not led to definite results. In 1716, Mr.. Matveyev was recalled to St. Petersburg with the title of Count of the Roman Empire and the rank of Privy Councilor; in St. Petersburg he was charged with first superintendence Marine Academy, and in 1719, Mr.. He was appointed a senator and president of the Justice College, in 1724, Mr.. Matveev - President of the Moscow office of the Senate. In the reign of Catherine I Matveev was not included in the composition of the Supreme Privy Council, but instead was sent to inspect the Moscow Province. Having found everywhere "incomprehensible theft and embezzlement, he subjected the perpetrators severely punished, in one case - even the death penalty, and the latter circumstance is partly the reason for his retirement in 1727. For reviews of foreigners, Matveev stood out for its education from among the Russian people at that time. In childhood educator it was an educated gentleman Belarusian Podborsky, known as H. Spafari taught him "in Latin and Greek, then he was fluent in Latin. Left of him "Notes", which describes the events in 1682 - 98 years, with particular detail - strelets riot. Devastated by the party of Sofia and the musketeers, Matveev very subjective, yet his "Notes" remain a valuable source of. They are printed in Tumansky: "Collection of notes and writings of Peter the Great" (Volumes I and III); Sakharov: "Notes of Russian people". - See. Pekarsky "Russian memoirs XVIII century" ( "Contemporary", . 1855, . ? 4), Neville ( "Russian Antiquities", . 1891, . ? 9); "Lizek" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1837, . ? 11); Pekarsky "Trip Count Matveeva in Paris" ( "Contemporary", . 1856, . ? 6); "Archives of Prince Kurakin", . Volume II - V); "Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society", . Volume XXXIX.,

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Andrey Matveev Artamonovich, photo, biography
Andrey Matveev Artamonovich, photo, biography Andrey Matveev Artamonovich  Statesman, photo, biography
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