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Meyer, Dmitry Ivanovich

( Famous jurist)

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Biography Meyer, Dmitry Ivanovich
(1819 - 1856). He graduated from the course in the main pedagogical institute. In Germany, listening Puhtu, Mittermaier, Rau, Rudolf Schlosser Vangerova, Gomeyera, Forte, Dirksen and others. In 1845, Mr.. I read in the St. Petersburg University, a trial lecture on civil relations obliged peasants "and at the same time was appointed to the Kazan University, served as Adjunct. Master's Degree received in 1846, Mr.. for the essay (handwritten, the content of which remains unknown): "Essay on the Law of the treasury under existing laws". In 1848, Mr.. Meyer defended his doctoral dissertation on ancient Russian law pledge ", which is reproduced on the basis of available materials at the time, the picture of the ancient Russian lien - and was appointed professor of Kazan University. Lectures Meyer (he read not only in civil law and process, but also trade and exchange law, and for a time - an encyclopaedia of law and international law), seems at first the students something new and quite unusual. Over time, Meyer, not adapting to the level of his audience, raised them to his level - the first university in the distant outskirts of really scientific professors jurist. Being engaged in the development of specifically Russian commercial law, . Meyer to examine the usages of the trade center of our holiday trade went to Odessa (in 1850) and the result came and hitherto unparalleled in our literature of trade law, . "Legal research on the commercial life of Odessa", . which Meyer is very detail with the commission from the transaction, . marine insurance and Bills,
. In 1852, Mr.. Meyer placed in the "Moscow News" (? 28) article "On the declared prices in the book trade". In 1853, Mr.. in Studies of the University of Kazan (kn. 4) study of Meyer appeared on the legal sensitivity of the assumptions about the secretive and court actions, work strictly inductive and highly original, the remainder, we noticed. In 1855, Mr.. Meyer issued a "Legal Digest". His last work was the monograph "The Importance of Practice in Legal Education" (1855), . which suggests the need to pre-prepare students for management techniques in the practical application of the laws, . thus, . protecting them from the danger of falling under the influence of routine and admonishing in the irrelevance of absolute trust in the natural sense, . not developed science,
. In 1855, Mr.. Meyer, appointed professor of the College of Law, was elected professor of St. Petersburg University of Civil Law and the history of Russian law. December 21 Meyer gave his first lecture here, but on Jan. 18, 1856, Mr.. not become so in the words of the historian of St. Petersburg University (Grigorieva), "Russia's first civil lawyer in the truest sense and one of the most noble of people, some only seen in their departments of Russian universities'. His lectures on civil law, as well as essay bill law were collected after his death and published by Professor AI. Vitsynym (from 6 th to 10 th edition - 1915, edited by Professor ax. Golmstena; in the latest editions omitted essay date of bill of law). This teaching Russian civil law, penetrated and humane for his time with new and wonderful ideas, brought up several generations of Russian Lawyers. But even stronger was the direct influence of Meyer, as a scientist and a man on his listeners and his contemporaries. Speaking about the property ownership, Meyer denounced the injustice of serfdom, speaking about the court and judges, denounced bribery. Numerous examples of ennobling influence of Meyer not only students but also for people who are absolutely extraneous, given in his biography, prefaced by Professor ax. Golmstenom his "Russian Civil Law". - Wed. obituary in the St. Petersburg Vedomosti, 1856,? 35. A. G.

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Meyer, Dmitry Ivanovich, photo, biography
Meyer, Dmitry Ivanovich, photo, biography Meyer, Dmitry Ivanovich  Famous jurist, photo, biography
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