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Allende Goossens

( President of Chile in 1970-73gg.)

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Biography Allende Goossens
born June 26, 1908, Mr.. G. Valparaiso, family lawyer. His father came from a poor, but the old, the concepts of the Chilean genus. Allende ancestors actively participated in the war for independence against Spain, in other wars and rebellions that had shaken the country in the XIX century, and enjoyed the reputation of the liberals. Chicho - the so-called El Salvador as a child - grew strong, athletic boy. At age 16 he became the champion of the country among the youths in decathlon and swimming, and even before the age volunteered for the army, the regiment Cuirassier. El Salvador was an excellent horseman, superbly shot. Since military service, he retained a passion for weapons. As a teenager, began to form his political views. Not the least role in this played a neighbor of the family Allende, an old cobbler anarchist that supplied Chicho brochures Bakunin, Kropotkin, Spanish and Italian socialists.

In 1926, Mr.. Chicho (the name given him in childhood) goes to the Medical Faculty of the University of Santiago. For the first time Allende was arrested for opposing the dictatorship of President Ibц¦ц¦ez, whose idol was the leader of the Italian Fascists of Mussolini. New arrest followed in 1932, during the events associated with the 12-day existence of the Socialist Republic of Chile (then the power for a few days captured the supporters of the socialist path of development of the country). El Salvador for a few days released from captivity - to say goodbye to his dying father. Coming out of jail under amnesty Salvador completes thesis on "Mental health and crime". Graduated doctors, known for his leftist views, it is difficult to obtain a prestigious place, and a few years he worked in the morgue Valparaiso. "I dreamed of a career pediatrician, was the same all nothing but corpses ripper" - ironically said Allende. He touches the lives of the poorest segments of society, on his initiative created by the union of doctors. Family ties led El Salvador to the Masons. Allende wanted to use his influence in the interests of the Left.

In 1939, Mr.. he becomes a member of parliament from the office of the Popular Front in Valparaiso (from now on for more than 30 years, he has consistently elected to parliament.

. In 1952, 1958, 1964, Allende was nominated presidential candidate of the Socialist bloc, democratic and communist parties, but always lost the election with minimal lag
. In 1970. Five left-wing parties formed a coalition "National Unity" and put forward their Salvadoran presidential candidate. 5 September it was announced that Salvador Allende Goossens became president of Chile.

Government of Allende nationalized the copper mines and other natural resources, a move which angered entrepreneurs and Parliament. At 6 am on Sept. 11, 1973, Mr.. reported on the uprising of the fleet in Valparaiso. This was the beginning of the coup, which was headed by Chief of Staff Augusto Pinochet. At 11:00 stormed the presidential palace, ending at 15:30.

It was long thought that Salvador Allende was killed by a bullet commander of the assault. In 1991. government commission announced that he had committed suicide. After that the plotters were shot burst at point-blank already dead body. An autopsy revealed 13 gunshot wounds.

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Allende Goossens, photo, biography
Allende Goossens, photo, biography Allende Goossens  President of Chile in 1970-73gg., photo, biography
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