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Garrison, William

( U.S. President in 03.-04.04.1841 gg.)

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Biography Garrison, William
photo Garrison, William
William Henry Harrison, . born February 9, 1773 on the plantation of parents in Charles City County, . Virginia, . came from living with a 1632 in Virginia family, . gave a number of officials, . among whom was his father, Benjamin Harrison, . one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence and governor of Virginia in 1781-84 he,
. About his mother, Elizabeth Basset Harrison, also native of Virginia, very little is known. The last U.S. president who was born more as a British citizen, was the youngest of seven children. In 1795 he married Anne Tathill Simms, . daughter of Chief Justice in Nц¦o Jersey, . and they themselves had nine children, . among them John Scott Harrison, . only American, . who is also the son and the father of President, . namely, . selected in 1888, the 23rd U.S. President Benjamin Harrison,

His original intention to become a doctor, he left in 1791 to join the army, which rose to the rank of Major General, while participating in numerous campaigns against the Indians on the north-east. For victory Tippekenu Creek in 1811, he received the nickname "Old Tippekenu". After Harrison in May 1814 left the army because of disagreements with the war minister, he attempted a political career, which ended after two years in the House of Representatives in Washington and in the Senate in Ohio. In 1825, entered the Senate, where Henry Clay rid of him, appointing in 1828, envoy to Colombia. His diplomatic career was also short-lived, as the newly elected President Jackson called him back in 1825, and he was forced to return to his farm in North Bend, Ohio.

. In search of additional income to maintain his large family in 1834, Harrison went to the place of court clerk
. By this time the ambitious Clay decided to make "Old Tippekenu" national hero and set in 1836 presidential candidate of the Whigs against Van Burena. Calculation of three Whig candidates obstruct the required absolute majority in the election board to hold elections as twelve years ago, through the House of Representatives, was not justified. So much the better, it seemed, given the growing unpopularity of the Van Burena because of the economic crisis evolved chances for election in 1840, in which Henry Clay claimed the nomination of the Whig. At the party convention in Harrisburg, he, . however, . failed in several rounds to overcome the massive opposition wing of the party, . so that ultimately emerged victorious Harrison, . while Clay's supporters could nominate only one in his face John Tyler as a candidate for vice president,
. In the election this time, Harrison prevailed all along the line of Van Buren, more than doubling its number of votes compared to 1,836 a year, apparently due to increased participation in the elections. Van Buren lost, even in his home state of New York and received only 60 votes of the electoral board against 234 cast for Harrison.

. Harrison, . which until Ronald Reagan was the oldest American president at the time of taking office, . adhered to when dealing kindly and unpretentious tone, . excludes any constraint, . but that is introduced and the temptation to perceive him as a naive person and try to draw for their own political purposes and to monitor,
. Clay, in his unbridled ambition and deceived repeatedly and violently clutched at him, while crowds of petitioners besiege Harrison a week before and after his inauguration to get a seat in the new government. Harrison tried as best he could guard against two things: not to become a puppet in the hands of others and does not deprive the institution presidents of his outstanding constitutional and legal provisions. Even if he deliberately wanted to give the post another imprint, . not so, . both in Jackson, . and thinking about harmony and reconciliation, even with the legislature, . the president was more to him, . than "first among equals" among Cabinet, . decisive majority, . as it was under Republican presidents in the beginning of the century.,

. Because of their intentions Harrison few that managed to carry out, as even a month later, on April 4, 1841, ended his tenure as the first president in American history, died in the service
. At installation Harrison overtaxing, . reading out the hour and a half, . unusually long inaugural speech, . and in the weeks that followed the March cold and damp weather has influenced him, . he caught pneumonia, . from which he died,

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Garrison, William, photo, biography
Garrison, William, photo, biography Garrison, William  U.S. President in 03.-04.04.1841 gg., photo, biography
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