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Evgeny V. Pavlov

( The famous surgeon)

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Biography Evgeny V. Pavlov
Born in 1845 in St. Petersburg, . studied at the Voronezh Gymnasium, . then entered the Medical-Surgical Academy, . the end of the course of which (1868) was assigned (1869) to the Warsaw Aleje Hospital, . which began its operations under the guidance of Professor Kossinskogo; in the same year he entered an intern to Professor kitцLrе- in the clinical hospital in St. Petersburg,
. In 1870 he visited Paris and met with the then hospitals wartime. Thesis on the doctor of medicine defended in 1871 and in the same year was appointed the duties of senior intern Semenovski Alexander's Hospital, which then served as a temporary academic clinic. In 1873, P. recognized as a privat-docent Academy. Zavedyval from 1875 to 1876 surgical departments and communities Krestovozdvizhenskaia St. Trinity. In 1876 - 78 years, was a surgeon Detachment of the Red Cross sent to Montenegro, then the chief doctor of the hospital of St. Petersburg. ladies' committee in Bessarabia. In 1878 was a consultant surgeon at the clearing station in Frateshtah and Zhurzheve. In 1883 he was appointed chief doctor of the community nurses of the Red Cross, . in 1888 took the chair of operative surgery at the Military Medical Academy, . in 1890 moved to the chair and desmurgy mehanurgii and opened a new course "military surgery; in 1894 left the academy, . and the following year was appointed director of the Mariinsky for the poor and Alexandrina Women's Hospital in St. Petersburg, . in 1896 made a life-surgeons,
. In continuation of its long-term activity P. made a lot of difficult surgical operations, culminating in a good outcome. Proceedings of the AP: "Amputation of the vaginal part of uterus" (doctoral dissertation, . 1878), . "On the history of neoplasm of bone (Journal of Normal and Pathological Histology", . 1872), . "The gunshot wounds during the war of Slavic 1876 - 77 years" ( "Medical Journal", . 1878), . "On the contrary the development of vascular tumors (" Protocol of the Conference of the Moscow Academy of Surgical ", . 1878), . "On the state of the blood in diseases of the lymph glands, . determined gematimetrom and gemohromometrom "(" Military-Medical Journal, . 1880), . "On the pathology and therapy of lymph glands of the soldiers" ( "Military-Medical Journal, . 1882), . "From observations on the surgical clinics of Western Europe" ( "Protocols of Russian Surgical Society, . 1891 - 92), . "The importance of small-caliber weapons army bullets in the military-sanitary" ( "Journal of the Russian Society for escort of public health", . 1893), . "Fighting the quality trilinear rifle bullets" (the message at the headquarters of troops the Guard and the St. Petersburg Military District, . 1896) and several other reports of various surgical cases and operations in our medical journals,
. In addition, P. studied the actions of the Russian mineral sources in surgical diseases and type: "City of Lipetsk and its remedies" (in "Lipetsk Summer Newssheet", . editor of which he was in 1882 - 83), in "Proceedings of the Russian Society for escort of public health" P,
. published several articles on the Kislovodsk, Staraya Russa, Lipetsk and Ahrensburg (1884 - 1890). Full list of his works available in the print "History of Military Medical Academy.

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Evgeny V. Pavlov, photo, biography
Evgeny V. Pavlov, photo, biography Evgeny V. Pavlov  The famous surgeon, photo, biography
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