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Igor Gmyza about:
I graduated from the Theater School Shchepkin, so always remember the words of Shakespeare: "The whole world - theater, and the people in it are actors". And well, if you will fall class director. And if not? Therefore, each person - both in theater and in life - should be directing its role itself. And yet, during my studies I realized that every show, again, whether in theater or in life, to be held.

I do not know whether I am good "director". Like everyone I come in and good "staging", and failed. But, I think, to judge this too early for me to come!

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  • Faith for GMYZA Igor
  • Good day! Sincerely am to you and your transmission! "But, unfortunately, was rather disappointed with your communication with the hero of the last transfer 1.08, . who called the poor and grandparents to "cooperate" with the doctors - to read books and know about their disease as well as doctors,
    . Then I must also know how to build a house, . repairing drains, . teach all subjects in school, . prepare sushi and other, . because everywhere I may be a problem. What about professionalism??? (((((( This advice is particularly relevant for the disabled and the elderly - old age LEARNING This is no accident called for a man, . undertook to defend the rights of patients,
    . Most importantly, do not turn to him and turn self-sufficient people who know everything about their disease - they can cope themselves. His case is to help the weak and unaware. Yes, people must be active, but not of insanity. I'm sorry that you did not tell his individual opinion to the guest. Sincerely, Vera
  • LLF for GMYZA Igor
  • Where are you? Now, instead of you on the radio Russia afternoon singing Sincerely Lebedev Leu
  • zz for GMYZA Igor
  • a daily polufuflo - it .. or not ..?
  • 4KYRXpKltU for GMYZA Igor
  • I73QPUNbfpW 0P39yeZtPIRHQ h6rR6OgL5Sw4
  • Alex6655 for GMYZA Igor
  • Igor! Hi! If you remember me. I - Efremov Alexei Mikhailovich, we served together in Ivanovo in / h 89532. I was a young company commander vzvrda Replenishment. Now retired. I work in the Moscow metro. I'm glad that you all are well. It is a pity that does not work on ORT. It was nice to see you on the screen.
  • ANT for GMYZA Igor
  • The slogan of the director is very good, but it must be added. If you stink of (run into crap), no good director does not wash!
  • Nina Kravtsova for GMYZA Igor
  • Dear Igor G.! I would like you to clearly and intelligibly given coordinates to communicate with your guests and not Komkali very end of transmission. Kravtsova Nina, a pensioner, 16.12.08.
  • Vadzinskaya RN for GMYZA Igor
  • Dear Igor G.! I was struck by your guest, with kotrorym you were talking 25.03.09. It seemed to me that the question of the war in Iraq, he has surpassed the most ardent American defenders of the Bush. Especially impressed me his thesis: "As a result of the war found that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. This circumstance is very reassured Americans, . removed from their terrible strain "(although before this passage, he cautiously hinted, . that WMD had been even so). I am deeply sorry for Bush, . that in the difficult period of his life he did not know about the existence of such a resourceful lawyer and did not use his potential. At your broadcasts very positive attitude,
    . Very sorry for when you are dealing with is not very talkative companions. Yours P. Vadzinskaya
  • October for GMYZA Igor
  • Dear Igor G., I really like your form of information. You, too, in most programs behave with dignity. But sometimes you are at your level of preparation, ugly look. Why did you throw it at anyone in expressing his opinion negotivno speaks about sredsvah media. First, to assert that they do everything right no one will except you. And then, because you work there. Gang up on others to protect their person just deeply indecent. Especially concerning the propaganda justifying porn on television and other media consumers demand-ridiculous
  • October for GMYZA Igor
  • What did not like the remark? Why cut my opinion?
  • Anonymous for GMYZA Igor
  • Vladlen for GMYZA Igor
  • Dear Igor G.! Thank you, that in a conversation on the radio 9.10 Do you really debating sosvoim guest VM. Leaf. Me, a professional historian, was ashamed to hear it repeated, to say the error: 1.M. Uritsky never been a "bloody butcher". It is known that he had not signed any death sentence. And the decision to execute a number of officers Michael uch-я┴п╟, including Pereltsveyga, friend Kanegisser was taken against the opinion Uritskogo. Let VM. looks like wrote on Uritsk wife of the Chief of the Petrograd Police Department Globacheva (The truth about the Russian Revolution. M: ROSSPEN, 2009. п║.262-263). 2
  • Vladlen for GMYZA Igor
  • 2. In January 1944. in the L-de was no hunger. And do not understand the VM that a decision on the renaming of streets and squares of the L-da took no veterans, and partrukov of the city with the approval of the Central Committee (Stalin), 3. In Russia, the city has always had names of the princes (kings). And renaming started already with a temporary right-ve (I wrote on this subject), because it was embedded in tradition, 4. I am not an admirer of Lenin, in 1991. I voted for the renaming of the A-Yes, but He never offered to call the streets and the city's name. Coming to the microphone, the person must report the absolute facts, not engage in fabrications. Sincerely VS. Izmozik
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