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Luchin Igor

( Member of the editorial boards of biographical encyclopedias)

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Biography Luchin Igor
Member of the editorial boards of biographical encyclopedias "Siege of Leningrad", "Geologists and mining engineers," "nuclear project", "Ecology of Russia". Genus. 12.VIII.1931 g. G. Slavyansk
Donetsk. He graduated from the Geophysical Department of the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, specializing in mining engineer-geophysicist "(1954). Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1972). Corresponding Member. Academy of Metrology RF (1995). Academician
International Academy of Ecology, security man and nature (1996). Specialists in the field of geophysical prospecting methods, . Intelligence, . extraction and processing of uranium ores, . nuclear-geophysical methods for exploration and development of non-radioactive ores, . Radioecology and Radiation Safety, . emanation methods of earthquake prediction, . rock bursts and endogenous fires, . metrological support of the above directions,
. He worked in the uranium industry (1954-1983), where he rose from engineer to chief geophysics geophysics major associations - the Soviet-Germanic stock company "Bismuth and the Kirgiz Mining Combine (r. Frunze). The head office of special investigations (1983-1993), while the deputy director (1989-1992)-Union (now the All-Russia) Institute of Exploration Geophysics - VIRG-Rudgeofizika them. AA. Logacheva; leading researcher in the same Institute (1993-1997). Director of Research and production firm "GEOMAK" (since 1997). Direct participant and supervisor development and introduction of complex geophysical and geochemical methods of prospecting and exploration for uranium deposits, . radiometric methods and radiometric enrichment, . methods of control of radiation safety and environmental impact during their operation,
. To increase the efficiency of uranium prospecting and forecasting evaluation territories for the first time studied and proposed methods and algorithms for integrated analysis of geological and geophysical information using a computer (1966). One of the supervisors and executors of the development and implementation of complex nuclear-geophysical methods and apparatus for improving intelligence, . extraction and processing of non-radioactive minerals (tin ore, . molybdenum, etc.), . having no analogues in world practice,
. Studied and proposed to use the change in the concentration of radon and other gases in the prediction of earthquakes, rock bursts and endogenous fires, participated in the practical implementation of these methods. Participated in the development and implementation of methodologies to assess the radiation hazards in mining and processing of uranium ores, . impact of these processes on the environment, . identifying human radiation contamination cities, . limit exposure of the population by natural radionuclides, . development and implementation of methods and apparatus to detect unauthorized movement of radioactive substances, one of the initiators and executors of developing criteria for assessing and mapping radon in the USSR and Russia,
. Author of more than 150 scientific papers, including the opening, 20 inventions, 2 monographs.
Lit.: The phenomenon of changing the chemical composition of groundwater in the earthquake
(1973, diploma at the opening of the N129, et al. D. M. Zakirov, GA. Mavlyanov,
VI. Ulomov, VG Tyminsky, etc.). Method of predicting the time of the earthquake in a seismically active area (1970, a.s. 284331). On the use of universal
electronic computers for integrated assessment of
Studies in search of uranium deposits (1966, Nuclear Energy, v.21,
Vol.3). Directory geologist prospecting and exploration of uranium deposits
(1989, Nedra, et al. NP. Laverov M.V. Shumilin, I.V. Melnikov). Mine
radiometry (1991, Energoatomizdat, et al. L.V. Zernov, VS, Lerinman)

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Luchin Igor, photo, biography
Luchin Igor, photo, biography Luchin Igor  Member of the editorial boards of biographical encyclopedias, photo, biography
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