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Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich

( Member of the Editorial Board encyclopedia Engineers 'St. Petersburg'.)

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Biography Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich
photo Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich
Genus. 24.VII.1930 g. G. Astrakhan. Large specialist in the field of automatic design, process control, the theory of physical processes, material handling, planning and organization of scientific and engineering developments. He graduated with honors from the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics (1955). D. t. n. (1972). Professor (1972). Founder and first president of the St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering. Vice-president of Russia Academy of Engineering. International Academy High School (1994). International Academy of Ecology and Safety of man and nature. Member of the Presidium of the Union of scientific and engineering societies of Russia and St. Petersburg. President of the St. Petersburg Scientific-Technical Society of Engineering. Worked in engineering, teaching and leadership positions in the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics, in the Northwestern Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (1955 - 1980) and in the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (1980). Headed the Department of "flexible automated production in Saint-Petersburg State Technical University. Created a new research direction, connected with the development of scientific principles of automatic production of diffraction gratings, scales, grids and templates. Under his leadership at the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association set up shop for the manufacture of diffraction gratings and line up the various sizes. Carried out theoretical and experimental studies of the structure, . physico-mechanical and physico-chemical properties of crystalline diamond, . thereby develop the technology of automatic processing of crystalline diamond and create a new diamond tool,
. Author cycle of works on the theory and the scientific basis of automated design systems development, automated process control systems, as well as on the study of physical processes in cutting and processing of various materials. Created the theory of the dynamics of precise machine aggregates. Developed a new high-precision automated equipment for the engineering industry and machines for seal-less transfer of energy in the pressurized volume of radioactive or corrosive environments or with high vacuum through a thin-walled solid screens,
. For the first time comprehensively described and analyzed the scientific basis for the automation of assembly; developed a theory of collection products and methods of analysis of its accuracy, . introduced the concept of a model of technological systems for automatic assembly, . proposed methods for determining the economically justified level of mechanization and automation of assembly production,
. Studied the dynamic phenomena in the design of electromechanical actuators assembly equipment. With his direct participation created aggregate, modular approach to building assembly machines, lines and stations, embedded in many large industrial enterprises. Initiator of research on the establishment of flexible automated systems for machining of small batch and unit production. Founder of scientific and engineering schools in the area of automated processes in engineering. A talented organizer, member of the public activities of scientists of the country. Coordinated the scientific and engineering enterprise through an integrated program of development of St. Petersburg. Member of the Public Chamber of the Presidential. Member of many foreign academies and scientific societies. Author of more than 500 scientific works, in t. h. 200 Inventions. Honored Worker of Science (1996). Honorary Mechanical Engineer of the USSR (1985). State Prize (1978).

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Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich, photo, biography
Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich, photo, biography Fedotov, Alexei Ivanovich  Member of the Editorial Board encyclopedia Engineers 'St. Petersburg'., photo, biography
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