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Luke Gauriko

( Ialyansky priest and mathematician, one of the most respected astrologers in the XVI.)

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Biography Luke Gauriko
photo Luke Gauriko
(Gaurico) (romanized. Lucas Gauricus)
(12.03.1476, Giffoni, near Naples - 6.03.1558, Rome)
Born in the kingdom of Naples, from his youth to study mathematics and astrology. G. predicted to Alexander Farnese receive sana Pope. When the latter was elected pope under the name of Paul III (1534 - 1549), he called Mr.. Rome and gave him a title of nobility. It is also believed that Mr.. Paul III, and predicted the exact date of death and disease from which he died.
G. long time and taught mathematics at universities in Italy (Bologna, Ferrara, Venice and Rome) in 1545 - 1549 he. was bishop of Civita Ducale (Kapitanata, Kingdom of Naples), and then resigned his rank and again moved to Rome. Some time Mr.. also lived in France and Germany, where he went to meet Faust I.. Due to a number made by him and just dream come projections G. gained fame. In particular, G. a horoscope for the Medici family, Giovanni de 'Medici and predicted that he would become head of the Catholic Church (in 1513, Mr.. he was elevated to the papal throne under the name of Leo X), and the young Catherine de Medici, it was predicted that it will become the queen of France. When this prediction came true, Catherine de Medici invited Mr.. to the French court and began to consult with Mr.. on many. It is known that he predicted the husband of Catherine Henry II's death in a tournament (Wed. prediction of this event from Nostradamus). Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) and the advice of Mr..

But sometimes occupation astrology brought Mr.. trouble. Thus, in 1506, Mr.. horoscope he was governor of Bologna Bentivoglio and advised him to immediately come to terms with Pope Julius II, since otherwise dad will drive it in the same year from the city to raze his palace. Bentivoglio, heard the forecast, came in a rage, he underwent quadruple astrologer tortured and imprisoned. However, the prediction of T. soon turned exactly.

G. left behind a number of astrological treatises. In 1539, Mr.. published a book in which he tried using astrological methods to establish the date of the crucifixion and other events in the life of Jesus Christ. Another of his book was dedicated astromeditsine. But the most popular was a treatise, published in 1552, Mr.. Venice. It consisted of 6 collections of horoscopes: 1. horoscopes cities, 2. horoscopes popes and cardinals, 3. horoscopes of kings and princes, 4. horoscopes people in the arts and sciences, 5. horoscopes died a violent death, 6. horoscopes dwarfs, giants, human freaks. Each star sign is accompanied by historical background, which served as proof that the prediction has come true. Even after the death of GM, in 1575, was published in Basle collection of astrological writings G. three bulky volumes in folio.

In honor of Mr.. named lunar crater Gauricus.

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Luke Gauriko, photo, biography
Luke Gauriko, photo, biography Luke Gauriko  Ialyansky priest and mathematician, one of the most respected astrologers in the XVI., photo, biography
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