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Gauquelin Michel Rolland

( Contemporary French explorer of space and psychophysiological rhythms.)

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Biography Gauquelin Michel Rolland
(Gokelen; Gauquelin)
(13.11.1928, 22:15 GT, Paris - 20/05/1991, Paris)
He received a doctorate in psychology and statistics at the Sorbonne. Together with his wife, Francoise Gauquelin, he spent the fundamental research, which gave the most precise and rigorous scientific validation of astrology, although in some points, their conclusions differed from the traditional astrology. G. tend to talk about their discoveries in terms of "space of Genetics", "planetary heredity" or "cosmobiology", coming soon to the point of view of modern scholars, rather than the traditional astrologers. Having started its work in 1949, wife of Mr.. collected data on the birth of thousands of people throughout Europe and analyzed the natal position of planets, taking into account such factors as the profession Nativa and features of his personality. In 1954, Mr.. the Sorbonne G. a Ph.D..

The most famous of discoveries D. - Statistical evidence that there are astrological indicators of certain professions. Based on analysis of 15 000 natal chart G. brought a clear link between the characteristics of natal chart and a profession in which a person achieves significant progress. Thus, Mars often rises or culminates in the natal charts of athletes or the military with the probability of accidental coincidence of 1:5 10 4 to 1:10 6 and at the same time, this position of Mars is not found in artists, painters, writers. Saturn often rises or culminates with doctors and scientists, the Moon - from writers, and Jupiter - the actors, politicians, journalists. It is important to note that all correlations are reliable in the case of natural childbirth and give a large spread, until the lack of significant results, when stimulated childbirth. Complete research data D. been published in 23 volumes. These calculations were met by other scientists with great prejudice, but repeatedly audited calculations T. only confirmed their correctness.

G. also brought a number of other important laws of astrology. They showed the presence of an astrological heredity: the child is born at a time when important elements of his natal chart coincide with similar elements natal chart of one parent. The result obtained by GA, said that the combination of genes correlated with the location of planets at the time of conception and birth of the child corresponds with the circumstances of the birth parents and the location of their genes. G. convincingly shown that astrology - it is statistically sound system of knowledge. Ratio of orthodox science to the results of Mr.. clearly expressed H. Eysenck, a scientist of the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London: "Emotionally, I would prefer that Gauquelin's results were untrue, but intellectually I have to admit that they are true".

Bibliography G. has about a hundred works, t.ch. "Space hours: from astrology to modern science" (1967), "Scientific basis of Astrology: Myth or Reality" (1969), "Cosmic influence on human behavior" (1973). Many of the books Mr.. translated into other languages.

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Gauquelin Michel Rolland, photo, biography
Gauquelin Michel Rolland, photo, biography Gauquelin Michel Rolland  Contemporary French explorer of space and psychophysiological rhythms., photo, biography
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