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Poroshin Semen Andreevich

( Writer)

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Biography Poroshin Semen Andreevich
(1741 - 1769)
Received education in the land gentry Cadet Corps, which was left at the end of the course. In 1762, Mr.. was aide-de-camp of Peter III, and was accompanied by his uncle the emperor, Prince George, from Konigsberg in Russia. After the reign of Catherine II was among the permanent "gentlemen" with Tsarevich Pavel Petrovich, in which the remains prior to 1766, Mr.. Poroshin was one of the most enlightened of the Russian people of that time; maintaining them over time from 20 September 1764, Mr.. December 31, 1765. blog not only provides valuable material for the characterization of Pavel Petrovich, but is generally an important source for the history of the era. Early had been willing to literary pursuits, . Poroshin took an active part in editing the academician of Miller's edition of the monthly edition ", . which published a series of translated articles and two original ( "Letters on the order of teaching sciences") in "Idle time for the benefit of use", . is published with the land case, . Poroshin also published a series of translations,
. On his extensive reading, we learn from his diary. He was familiar with the writings of Plato, Descartes, Machiavelli, Boileau, Swift, Buffon, with all the French philosophical literature of XVIII century, with contemporary belles-lettres, in conversation with Paul and H. Panin, it stimulates a variety of issues from various scientific fields. For Paul Petrovich, he prepared an essay entitled "The State Mechanism. As a matter of fact, has been appointed to Paul as a mentor on the geometry and arithmetic, he said, thanks to his education, became the dominant influence on the Crown Prince. Accusations by some authors of the graph H. Panina, . Chief instructor cesarevitch, . in a very careless attitude to their duties, . in the deleterious effects of intentional and allegedly corrupting Paul Petrovich, . fall partly on Poroshina, but in reality, . as was demonstrated by Professor Ikonnikov, . All these accusations do not stand up to scrutiny,
. And Panin, and Poroshin treated honestly and with love for the education of the Crown Prince, in particular, their unjust accusations of neglecting all things Russian. In early 1766, Mr.. Poroshin was removed from the post of tutor; the reasons for his removal remain unclear. It is possible that this contributed to the fact of his diary in which they touched upon many important people and recorded intimate, and for many, and the unpleasant details; the diary to learn and Empress. The reason for the removal Poroshina served as a "daring" of his alleged act with Sheremetev (later the former fiancee of Count Panin), who was, according to some, that Poroshin dared to woo the Sheremetev. In 1768, Mr.. Poroshin was appointed commander of an infantry regiment Oskol. Diary Poroshina printed for the first time in 1847, was issued a second edition of "Russian Antiquities" in 1881. the amended and supplemented by a new form of manuscripts. See. Poroshina story about MI. Semevsky in the Russian Messenger, 1866, Prince. VIII and review in. Ikonnikova works on D. Kobeko about Pavel Petrovich, in "Report of the 27 award-winning Count Uvarov (St. Petersburg, 1885). A. B-on.

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Poroshin Semen Andreevich, photo, biography
Poroshin Semen Andreevich, photo, biography Poroshin Semen Andreevich  Writer, photo, biography
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