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Porfir'yev Ivan Yakovlevich

( historian of literature.)

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Biography Porfir'yev Ivan Yakovlevich
1823 - 1890
. The son of a village priest Vyatka diocese, a graduate of the Kazan Theological Academy, Porphyry was the last professor of history of Russian literature, the Acting Assistant to the Rector, edited organ Academy "Orthodox Interlocutor
. When the Kazan academy was delivered, in 1855, Solovetsky library, rich in little-known until the ancient manuscripts, Porfiry began to expound in his lectures, mainly the results of his study of ancient Russian script. These lectures formed the material for the famous labor Porfir'eva "History of Russian Literature", the first part of which - "Ancient period. Oral folk literature and books to Peter the Great "- was published in 1870, I Division of the second part -" From Peter the Great to Catherine II "- in 1881, II Department of the same part -" Literature in the reign of Catherine II "- in 1884. (for this part of the book was Porfir'yev Makarevsky Prize), the third part - "Literature in the reign of Alexander I" - in 1891, Mr.. "History of Russian Literature" Porfir'eva is the best tool to familiarize themselves with ancient words; it reprinted several times and in abbreviated form is used in the medium schools. As one of the main members of the commission as described Solovetsky manuscripts, . Porfir'yev issued with a fairly extensive introduction, research, . again or a new list, . following monuments of Old Russian literature (in the "Orthodox interlocutor" and "Applications"): "Three letters of Ignatius, . Metropolitan of Tobolsk (1855), . "Illuminator of St. Joseph Volotskii" (1855 - 1857), . "Pray for the whole Week,, . St. Cyril, . Bishop of Turov (1857), . The Legend of the Monk Nestor of the Life and murder of the pious Prince Boris and Gleb "(1858), . The Works of Maxim the Greek "(1859 - 1862), . Legend of the blessed Peter, . tsarevitch Ordynsky "(1859), . The Life of Saint Trifon Pechenegskogo, . educator Lapps "(1859), . "A word in praise of St. Zosima and Savvaty Solovetskya" (1859), . "The Life of Reverend Eleazar Anderskogo" (1860), . "A few teachings Photius, . Metropolitan of Kiev "(1860 - 1861), . "The message Philotheus, . Elder Pskov Eleazar Monastery, . to the sexton Misiura Munehinu "(1861),
. They also include: "The apocryphal stories of the Old Testament persons and events" (J. II Branch of the Academy of Sciences ", t. XVII, 1877 and Dep.) And "apocryphal stories about the New Testament persons and events" (ibid., 1890, and Dep.). Of the other works Porfir'eva issued: "The use of Psalms in the ancient book life of the people" (in the "Orthodox Interlocutor, . 1857, . IV), . "On reading the books in ancient times Russia" (ib., . 1858, . II), . "The veneration Wednesday and Friday in old people" (ib., . 1859, . I), . "On the sources of information on various sciences in ancient times Russia" (ib., . 1860, . I), . "Allegorical images of the seasons" (ib.), . "Domostroy Sylvester" (ib., . 1860), . "The success of a church sermon in the people" (ib., . 1862), . "The apocryphal writings in the ancient literature" (ib., . 1869, . II), . "Folk poetry and legends" (ib., . 1869, . III), . "The apocryphal stories of the Old Testament persons and events" (Kazan, . 1873 doctoral thesis), . On Solovetsky Library, . located in the Kazan Theological Academy "(in" Proceedings of the IV Archaeological Congress ", . t,
. II, 1878) "Historical and literary analysis of verse Pigeon book" (in "Report on the award-winning Count Uvarov, 1890). See. "The Orthodox Interlocutor, 1890,? 11 and Article G.Z. Eliseeva "From the distant past of the two academies. Regarding the death and. YA. P. "(" Vestnik Evropy, 1891, January).

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Porfir'yev Ivan Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Porfir'yev Ivan Yakovlevich, photo, biography Porfir'yev Ivan Yakovlevich  historian of literature., photo, biography
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