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Zar Alexander

( Contemporary Russia astrologer.)

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Biography Zar Alexander
(p. 25.03.1954)
From 1978 to 1995. conducted classes on esoteric disciplines of classical and medical astrology.

W. supports the development of traditions of Russian school of astrology, is a supporter of scientific direction in astrology. Areas of interest - the forecast methodology, medical astrology.

W. - By annual and monthly popular astrological calendar and a number of articles in periodicals.

Selected works:
Language of astrology. / / Astrology. XX Century. - M.: Image, 1991.
Big astrological calendar for 1996. - M.: Zara, 1995.

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  • ?????? for Zar Alexander
  • Mr. Zara! I do not know, but somewhere, I guess, maybe you, my colleague (MTIIMP, 1976, Group 12), Vladimir through (258-36-96). I'm sorry for bothering you, you need a "good for life" konultatsiya. Thanks in advance.
  • iris for Zar Alexander
  • Dear, Alexander! I buy your horoscopes for more than a year! I trust them! Now I need a specific horoscope for my son, because he's getting married and I would like to tell him the choice of the day brakosochetaniya.Kak can order a horoscope. Where and when? Sincerely, Irina.
  • Jenya for Zar Alexander
  • Hello Alexander, . I looked at a program about astrology on the TV and saw you, . would like to order a personal horoscope, . and learn, . how and when I'm doing wrong, . please tell me how can I do? Thanks in advance!,
  • Nigella for Zar Alexander
  • Hello, Alexander! "I looked at a television with your participation, and realized that only you can help me. November 9, 2007 I had a botched operation on the spine - delete a hernia, the inflammatory process has begun and there was a relapse. Now, as the doctors say I need to put a titanium implant instead of the disc and display it in the spine. I am very afraid. Today, I am concerned about pain, but not very strong - constant, aching. Doctors say that if it does not do - it's like to walk with a bomb. The next operation is scheduled for March 10, 2008, . not the day of surgery, . and day hospitalization, . operation should be soon, . ie, . I think March 11-12, . Well, I was told. Please, . help me, . because I'm very afraid, . now all interventions, . but also afraid, . that if this is not done - then I can paralyze. With great respect, . regular reader of your horoscope, . Tatiana I'm going to wait for your reply.,
  • kitja for Zar Alexander
  • I very much want, what would I make a personal horoscope, how to do this? "I live in Estonia. It heard a lot of astrology Zaraeve.A.V.I want, whatever it was this was an astrologer horoscope.
  • Rain for Zar Alexander
  • Hello Alexander D.! In a recent magazine read your interview in which he stated that we can change their fate only once a year. It so happens that this year, recently, I noticed your birthday is in another country. I'd love to know how I can get (order) of your horoscope with the refinement of my place of at the time of his birth). Very forward, and look forward to your reply soon ... For me it is very important.
  • Olga for Zar Alexander
  • Hello Alexander! I want to order a personal horoscope Owned by you. To find out whether the change for the better, which should beware, weather and health, etc. ie any change in the future are expected in my life.
  • mzia for Zar Alexander
  • Hello Alexander! I want to order a personal horoscope Owned by Vas.ia radilas 1966 03.11.kakie changes expected in the future in my sudbe.spasiba
  • Svetlana for Zar Alexander
  • Hello Alexander! I very much want to order a personal horoscope you. 'll Show you how. Thank you.
  • Tatiana for Zar Alexander
  • Dear Alexander! I have problems at work. I want to order you a personal horoscope.
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    Zar Alexander, photo, biography
    Zar Alexander, photo, biography Zar Alexander  Contemporary Russia astrologer., photo, biography
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