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( English playwright, poet and critic.)

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Biography JOHNSON Ben
photo JOHNSON Ben
Ben (Benjamin) Johnson (Ben Jonson)
B. Johnson was born June 11, 1572, Mr.. in Westminster in London, the family priest.
He was a pupil of Camden, a famous scholar, teaching at Westminster School (Westminster Grammar School), where he learned Greek and Latin. After a short duration of work in the shop stepfather (his father died shortly after his birth), he became a bricklayer, and then enlisted in the army.
. Returning from the army he joined the London theater F. Henslou (Ph.Henslowe) as an actor and assistant to the playwright, whose duties was to rewrite the play, to have been in the repertory.
. November 14, 1594, Mr.
. Johnson married Anna Lewis (A. Lewis).
In 1567, Mr.. He was imprisoned since played in the satirical play "The Island of Dogs" ( "The Isle of Dogs") in "Swan Tietr" ( "The Swan Theatre"), directed against the authorities.
After his release, he began working in the Rose Theater ( "The Rose Theatre").
In 1597, Mr.. Ben Johnson wrote his first play "To each his own fancy" ( "Every Man in His Humour"), which was set in 1598, Mr.. (in this production played William Shakespeare).
In the same year, Johnson was arrested for the killing in a duel with his fellow actor (the duel took place on Dec. 22, 1598), and narrowly escaped the gallows. He was released on the grounds that the ancient law, condemned the execution clergyman could be pardoned by the king, because "it dealt with God". He certainly was not a priest, but he could read Latin, and this was the main requirement of the law. During his imprisonment, he converted to Catholicism.
His next piece was "Everyone without its quirks" ( "Every Man Out of His Humour", 1599). These are two of his plays marked the beginning of the British "comedy of manners" in which each represents the "character" or a vice (avarice, lust, greed).
. In subsequent years, Johnson has written such comedies as "feasts Cynthia" ( "Cynthia's Revels", 1600) and "rhymer" ( "The Poetaster", 1601), in which he particularly ridicules the British playwrights T. Dekker (Thomas Dekker) and J. Marston (John Marston)
. However, . reconciled, . Johnson, together with Dekker wrote the play "The King's Entertainment", . and with Marston and Dzh.Uepmenom (George Chapman) "Next to the East" ( "Eastward Ho", . 1605), . which poked fun at the Scots, . appeared at the court of James I, . after which the play had been imprisoned.,
. His first great tragedy was the play "The Fall of Sejanus" ( "Sejanus", 1603)
. It played Burbage and Shakespeare. Another of his tragedy, "Catiline Conspiracy" ( "Catiline"), was written later, in 1611
. The average age of Johnson created his famous comedy "Volpone, or The Fox" ( "Volpone", 1606), "The Alchemist" (1610) and "Bartholomew Fair" ( "Bartholomew Fair", 1614).
. From 1605, Mr.
. Johnson began to write mask, . comedy-allegory written for court entertainments ( "Mask Owl" ( "The Masque of Owles), . Mask of beauty "(" Masque of Beauty ", . 1608), . "Mask of Darkness" ( "Masque of Blacknesse"), . and "Mask of the Queen" ( "Masque of Queens", . 1609), . ), . scenery for the theater masks Ben Johnson did Inigo Jones (Inigo Jones) (1573-1652), . English architect, classicist.,
. In 1616, Mr.
. Johnson became court poet and his poems that produces and plays.
In 1618, Mr.. he went to Scotland for the land of their ancestors. On his return, he received the degree of Doctor of Arts (Master of Arts degree) at Oxford University and began to lecture on rhetoric at the college in London.
Ben Johnson died Aug. 6, 1637, Mr..

Ben Johnson

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JOHNSON Ben, photo, biography
JOHNSON Ben, photo, biography JOHNSON Ben  English playwright, poet and critic., photo, biography
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