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Yuri Melnikov

( Two-time champion of Russia, several times champion of Moscow.)

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Biography Yuri Melnikov
Prior to 1995, he served in the army, military and space parts. Military rank - Major. At the present time - the director of security firm. He is married and has two children - a son and a daughter.

Yuri, you as a guest were invited to the championship of the Sverdlovsk region. And the first question begs itself - how you can evaluate our regional championship, for instance by a five-point system
The military people have only two ratings: satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Therefore, I, as a former military man, I appreciate the organization of the tournament to a satisfactory. Of course, you can always find faults, but I would not want to do this, because I'm here as a guest. Regarding the level of speakers athletes, then I can not say that there is a big difference s their preparation in comparison with the Muscovites and Petersburger. Nevertheless, the Ural still inferior to the latest in a "good person filing". Many of your athletes have not yet learned to fully own the body and in certain positions "include" only part of the muscle, and forget about the other - this can not be done. This is where professionalism is manifested. Also conspicuously absent clear leaders, as it is in both our capitals. But these leaders - they are leaders in Russia. And often fighting among themselves, as, for example, we Sergei Shelestov ...
In his interview with you, as an example, mention the name Shelestova, its main competitor in the country. You are with him in what respects
We're friends with. But it is often making fun and Stebaev about each other. Yes, and train together - I often ride him in the hall, where he was a coach. This goes back to the days when he moved to the capital city of Saratov. And joint exercises are going to benefit us both ...
In the popular media there is a perception that bodybuilding could adversely affect the human body ...
Affects not bodybuilding, and the use of illicit drugs. And anyway, I do not understand why this topic is being discussed more often about bodybuilding. In fact, it is relevant to many sports. It is no accident doping scandals periodically erupt in the heavy and athletics, the skiers and skaters, with swimmers and many other athletes. Perhaps the fact that bodybuilders just look defiant and markedly different from the general population. Why some people do not care that he can not run stometrovku for 9 seconds, but if his biceps 38cm, not 50, it is disheartening. In this matter a great deal comes from simple ignorance of the topic. Once in the hall asked me: but you, Yuri, eat proteins. I replied that in general, and even in unlimited quantities. And then I was "finished off" the next question: what about doping control. But this is asking a man who himself is engaged in the hall. This example shows the level of enlightenment, even among some of those people for whom the word "protein" is associated somehow with the doping. (proteins - simple proteins, the basis on which the individual cells of living organisms and plants).
And their children would be sent to you to engage in bodybuilding n I do not consider myself the right to impose their will - this is a decision everyone should make their own. My son is 12 years old. I am not "dragged" him in the hall. In my opinion, this is a good age to engage in sports gaming. But a regular walk in the room is very difficult and an adult, let alone a child. Well, if he still decides to "pull glands," I will not obstruct it, and the ladies read the necessary literature, offering advice.
Do you like it when you pay attention to the streets or on the beach
No, not always. You feel not like everyone. I will not dissemble, I am pleased that I was paying attention, but in the eyes of others read more surprise than admiration. For example, came as a man in age, apparently from the Caucasus, along with his son and asked me to tell the latter that if he would obey the pope, it will become as big and strong. We had to comply with its request. And once my size helped me the most. Traffic cop stopped me for speeding. I was in a T-shirt, go out of the car, he looked at me, stopped dead, waved his hand into the distance and uttered: go ahead further - I had never seen such ...

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Yuri Melnikov, photo, biography
Yuri Melnikov, photo, biography Yuri Melnikov  Two-time champion of Russia, several times champion of Moscow., photo, biography
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