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BUDGE Roberto

( Footballer)

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Biography BUDGE Roberto
Several well-known players in the beginning of this year marked their birthdays. Romario, Stoichkov: Now came the turn of Roberto Baggio. And, despite the fact that, unlike the Brazilian and Bulgarian he reaches only 34, not 35, he made himself a name in football much before them.

Error those living

Perhaps this happened in 1990 at the World Cup in Italy. Team owners and even claimed the victory in the tournament, but never got to the finals, giving the way the current world champions - the Argentinian. Incidentally, it happened largely because of the fact that the Italian coach Azeglio those living took da Baggio did not put on that game. It seemed that Roberto looked tired, even though the latter said: 'I'm only 23 years old and I'm ready to bite the ground to play'. These words, unfortunately, the coach had no effect, and skuadra Azzurro prematurely concluded that 'mundial'.

Roberto Baggio, of course, remember the time - especially for its magnificent bare the gate team of Czechoslovakia. However, they did not like his teammate Salvatore Skillachchi, which became the best scorer of the tournament. Surprisingly, neither before the World Cup, or after on that player by and large not been heard. So, then, happens in football.

And, behold, Baggio was in the mind always. He became the first Italian footballer, for which were paid huge money. In Serie A for some reason always looking for talent in the side. Local clubs have spared no money on the fact that they have played Platini, Maradona, Van Basten, Gullit, Matthaus, Klinsmann. On their own players did not pay attention.

Woe Florence, happiness Turin

But Baggio turned their world - because it was an exceptional talent. Even in Caldono - a small town, just north of Vicenza, where he was born, 9-year-old Robbie has called star. He scored a lot, but even more gave assists. And somehow, several years later, after a game in which Baggio had 6 goals, he was approached by scout Antonio Mora, and persuaded him to move to 'Vicenza', were then in Serie C1. After three years, the team with 18-year-old Baggio stepped in Series-B.

On young talent found out 'Palermo', and soon Robert was already her player. For 5 years he spent in this team, he managed to fall in love with all of Florence. On it went crazy, as until recently for Batistuta. Not surprisingly, the fans 'Fiorentina' so vehemently opposed the move Baggio in 'Juventus', which staged this demonstration. But do not move to Turin their pet could not, because the 'old signora' proposed at the time just space money - 17 million dollars.

'Juventus' was happy. No wonder - with Roberto Baggio, he won the Scudetto, UEFA Cup, Coppa Italia. And the player himself did not seem too upset - in 1993, as a player this team, he received the 'Golden Ball'. A general five-year period spent in 'Juventus', he scored 78 goals. And it is only in the championship.

Triumph and tragedy in the U.S.

In the same period fell and simultaneously tragic and triumphant performance Baggio on 'mundiale' in the U.S.. On top skuadra Azzurro it stood is shaky, the motions and only with a great creaking came in the playoffs. Nothing can stand out and Baggio. But it is the decisive game, and before it was ready to fall on my knees the whole of Italy. In 1 / 8 national team met with Nigeria, and - oh, a sensation! - To 88-minute losing. But it took over Roberto Baggio. First, he equalized, and in extra time - to 102-th minute brought the victory for his team.

Something similar happened in the next match against Spain. Score was 1:1 and it seemed that the teams can not avoid overtime. But, again, the 88 th minute Baggio scored, and led his team to the semi-finals. And there, for 4 minutes, making a double, Roberto almost single-handedly eliminated from the Italian way of sensational Bulgarians.

But then tragedy struck. Final with Brazil team. 0:0 - in the main and additional time. Penalties. Beat Baggio. Past. And Italy is only the second.

Back home

From that moment began a career in football troubles. He played another season for the 'Juventus', then the boss of the team offered him a contract, a third less than before. Robbie refused.

And his troubles began in the clubs - 'Milan', 'Bologna', 'Inter', 'Brescia'. Only in the 'Bologna' he once flashed, scoring in 26 games of the season 22 goals. Everything else - one big failure. City of Milan was not hast taken - because of the huge number of stars in the local teams, or 'Milan', or 'Inter' never gave Baggio 'green light'. And vain. In his infrequent appearances on the field, he looked quite decent.

However, the coaches talked differently. 'When we have of Ronaldo, Vieri, Samara'i, Keane, Hakan and so on, is it possible to find a place for aging Baggio'? Not found. Pity. Well, let them - the main thing is that Roberto still plays. And though not the star teams, and modestly 'Brescia' - a team based near his home Caldono.

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    BUDGE Roberto, photo, biography
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