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SIMPSON Orental James

( Footballer, a man branded by society as a murderer.)

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Biography SIMPSON Orental James
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Date of Birth: 09 July 1947.
Education: City College of San Francisco, University of South Carolina
Debut in the NFL: 'Buffalo Billz', midfielder, 1969.
Loving father - and the man branded by society as a murderer. The former football star - and the hapless newscaster. Miraculously escaped prison outcast of society - and bestselling author, tells of his own life. Who is he really - a monster, what convinced half of America, or the innocent victim, on which he insists he?
It's designed to be a father. He copes with the difficulties of middle age, doing what you should fathers. Look at how he took his teenage daughter to school in the mornings. So he secretly sent to play some golf and unwind with friends. Later, you can find it watched as his children play volleyball, along with their relatives egged them from the stands. 'Most guys would be in my place, to educate children and playing golf - he says with a sigh - it means I'm good. This is not what it was, but still is life '.
Life is so, like the Titanic, when they say that this was not the ship, which he used to be considered. In fact, his life - not the same as it was for O. Jay Simpson recognized celebrities and role models, who now shun the parents of students of private schools in Bredvude, California, where his daughter is learning. And his relatives, with whom he kept still friendly? They waged a long fight for custody of the children Simpson. 'His whole world upside down, . - Says a former police officer Ron Shipp, . which showed at the trial, . that his former close friend of Simpson confessed to him the desire to kill Nicole, . - It needs to look in the mirror every day in the morning, . he knows, . who is the real killer ',
June 12, 1994 Simpson's wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death in Brentwood, on the sidewalk near her home. Accused of murder, Simpson was involved in a process that lasted a year, which kept the whole nation in suspense. Then, after the Simpson trial in 1997, was found guilty of committing the sensational crime. These absurd sentences plunged the 51-year-old former national football hero - Cup Haysmana and is registered in the Hall of Fame and National Football Association of Buffalo Beals - in a difficult and uncertain existence. While, . As the world around was sure, . that he was brutally murdered Nicole, . 35, . and Goldman, . 25, . Simpson, . not trying to take any steps to challenge the probable evidence, . that could point to someone else, . stood firm on the belief, . that he was not only innocent, . but also proved himself an unwitting victim,
. 'I think society needs, that I was guilty', - he said in an interview with the weekly People. 'When he does not have an answer, it quickly reaches a verdict'. Thus, Simpson was in a rather unpleasant situations. On some occasions, he was ridiculed in public, along with his two children by Nicole, Sydney, 13, and Justin, 10 years. 'Sometimes it is not often - insists Simpson - I told my kids: do not let someone else's mistakes forced you to forget the commandments of the Lord, do not go out of themselves, and do not worry'.
And more than ever clear his uncertain position in relations with the relatives of his last wife, Nicole. After the killings in 1994, the court instructed the parents of Nicole, Louis and Judith Brown, the temporary custody of Sydney and Justin. In 1996, Orange County judge returned the children to Simpson, and from that moment they live with. However, the Court of Appeal changed the decision of the court of 1996, referring to the fact that the judge should take into account the fact that Simpson killed Nicole.
But to return to the guardianship, Brown must go through yet another exhausting court hearing. 'Brown will not let me do anything to harm the health of children', - said their lawyer Natasha Reut. Instead, the court, both parties are now engaged in addressing the issue so that Simpson would physically be the trustee, while Brown obtained the right to visit the children - how, in principle, and things are now. Sydney and Justin spend the weekend in the house of Brown, with five bedrooms in the village of Monarch Bay - a protected area near Laguna Beach. 'They can run and ride a skateboard where they want, and none shall make them afraid', - says the elder sister, Nicole - Denise Brown, and then adds that her 12-year-old son Sean is very concerned about his cousin. 'Children are children - she continues - Nicole was the godmother of Sean, and he still cries for her'.
When examining the issues of dual custody, all supported by Brown, which is given easily tolerated Simpson. 'Brown - she says - are in the unenviable position, in fact forced to be polite with the man who killed their daughter', says lawyer Natasha Reut.
Yet both sides agree on one thing: Simpson - attentive parent. 'All inspection, either by Brown or Simpson, or hired by the court, came to the conclusion that Simpson - a good father' - commented Marjorie Fuller, the independent counsel Sidney and Jasmine in this case. 'They are learning well, spend holidays with his father, they often visit my grandfather and grandmother. These guys where and should be '. Even Tanya Brown agrees: 'O. Jay - their father, they love it, and that they did not take away '.
To a large extent in Sydney and Justin, who wished to live with Simpson, things are as good as one would expect. 'They are tough, but nice guys - says Fuller - they are hard to be surprised'. If Simpson is cool take the parents of pupils of private schools, then Sydney, which began studying there before the murder happened, has no such problems. (Justin is studying in a public school in Los Angeles). 'In the family we all normal - said Simpson, who - if that matters stood at all, then we have had fewer problems'.
In Simpson's mass of debts, he laid for $ 4 million to his and even sold at auction Cup Haysmana. However, part of the assets managed to keep. For example, a monthly pension of $ 25 000, every cent of which are exempt by law from the encroachments of creditors - the main source of his income. 'The law that protects pensions, did not shy away even the man who killed two people', - said Dan Petrocelli, a lawyer from Los Angeles, who defended Simpson at the preliminary hearing, and who controls its finances. Now Simpson is paying $ 6 200 a month to rent a house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms with a pool, which is located on a secluded summit of basalt cliffs on the Pacific coast.
Creditors swear to follow Simpson, wherever he went. "We will persistently follow its assets and to remind America that he is - a murderer - Petrocelli said - although preying on the misfortune unjustly '. And Simpson, at one time highly paid pitcher NFL, since the beginning of the process did not get a decent job. Vanished as his merits as a commentator on National Football League and actor in such series as 'a pistol shaved'.
Spoiled not only good-looking image of Simpson, the majority of old friends long since he has not shown. Robert Kardoshyan, a close friend from the 70's. Not talking to him a year. 'I do not have enough O. Jay - he admits - I do not have enough former joy with him '. Even Simpson confirms: "Many friends with whom I spent my time, now, after the process, found only in places such as schools, restaurants, on the game of golf '.
In 1997, Simpson refused service in Brentwood Inn (regular visitors protested when he appeared there for dinner), and since he apparently learned to avoid those places where there might be problems. Despite this, it is hardly sensitive. He spends most of his time at a public areas for golf, he was still recognizable, and even welcome it there. 'Last year, he was just at the mark to hit when someone okriknul him:' O. Jay, you hit it wrong! ", - Says Earl West, owner of the service for cleaning shoes at a golf court Ranch Park - and O. Jay picked up and left the field '. And although he says, . that pays no attention to clang around killing, . - Still signs autographs and allows you to take with them fans - said: 'My most loyal supporters turned out to women, . but the most malicious detractors - are women,
. I can see how their husbands are trying to pacify them, and I understand why men vehemently arguing with women '.
His social life Simpson describes as: 'I hope one day to fall in love again. But apparently, I never will marry. I do not want any more tests in life '.
I think by and large, the proof of his innocence to the Simpson's is not the most important value. 'I'm not the guy who is living in the past - he says - I am an optimist. I know that one day will be justified '. What he probably never get rid of, so it is from affection and admiration for them, to which he could always count to 12 June 1994. 'OJ - is the man, . who strove for attention, . who loved to be loved, . - Said Ron Shipp, . essentially, . who did not have with his most sincere friend of contacts after the murder of Nicole and Ron, . - I think, . he really lacks the, . certain part of his life,
. It seems to me that every time he prepares for the first shot, stick it in her own little prison. "

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SIMPSON Orental James, photo, biography
SIMPSON Orental James, photo, biography SIMPSON Orental James  Footballer, a man branded by society as a murderer., photo, biography
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