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Greek Alex (designer)

( One of the most promising Russian fashion)

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Biography Greek Alex (designer)
Alex Greeks - one of the most promising Russian fashion designers, famous not only for its haute couture collection of classes and pret-a-porter, and sportswear.

The designer is also involved in modern painting and graphics. In an exclusive interview with Alex answered questions FashionLook.

- What is interesting is your new collection. What type of people they target?
. - A new project, which has no name, is presented in three thematic blocks collections - ethnics, space and ocean.
. At the turn of the millennium, all so carefully looked into the future, so want to guess what it is and what will that this topic is almost lost its value and importance
. Therefore, my new collection - an appeal to the core, the very origin of life. Space and Ocean - two primary source of life and treatment of the author to these themes is not accidental - it is an endless source of inspiration.
. R space and the ocean has led to the choice of materials and color scheme models block - weightless, . transparent fabrics are designed to convey the ease of air flow, . and opal pearl play of dense silk are highlights of the morning light on the 'towers' and 'walls' castles in the air.,
. In the models of ethnic bloc reflects the motives of national Japanese painting, graphics, Aboriginal Australia and the elements of decorative art of South American Indians
. They used Buddhist symbols, is dominated by white and black colors.
Covers the new collection are far from traditional - a plastic mesh, black metallic jersey. Silhouettes models imbued with the dynamism. This collection is definitely aimed at the younger generation of energetic.
Sure - it ensured the success of a potential buyer.

- In the works of most contemporary designers traced sports theme. In 1998 you became the official designer of Russia Olympic team at the Winter Olympics in Nagano. Will there be brought to a sports theme in 2000?
- Healthy lifestyles become a modern ideology. The main landmarks - the dynamics and activity.
. The new spring collection of houses GREKOFF not be independent sports block, but it used items of sportswear.

. - You largely known as the designer who uses the style of 'Modern' in his work
. This will find a 'Modern' reflected in your next collection?
. - Style 'Modern' gave the world the unique and unsurpassed masterpieces of painting, . Graphics, . Architecture and Design, . He completely broke the mold of the construction object space environment and the structure of space and objects as such,
. About the greatness and uniqueness of the "modern", as a phenomenon, you can talk endlessly. However, enthusiasm for this style has been so globally, and illiteracy is so stylized discredit him, that most modern designers almost completely lost interest in him. Modern design is based on the developments of "modern", but humanity is living a dream and need something entirely new and previously unknown.

- Man of the new millennium. In that it will be wearing?
. - Imagine metropolis 2000 - an endless river transport, metal and glass skyscrapers, experimental film, avant-garde fashion-show, evening meetings in your favorite club.
. City dictates the conditions - simplicity, convenience, functionality
. A brilliant invention of the 90's, has moved into the new millennium began and Polartes Polarfieece (materials 'shaggy' - the most lightweight fabrics of synthetic fibers, which keep their heat - FL).
Fleece practically became uniform. Clothes made of this material covers the entire spectrum of fashion. Everything - from fans of extreme sports fanatic to the "fools" are dressed in comfortable clothes with hoods and decorative stitches
. Add to this the working trousers, versatile shirts of all colors, nylon jackets, bags, belts, fluorescent, aggressive zippers in unexpected places - these are clothes that residents of the metropolis.

. - How the Western world of fashion, to which Russia still can not navigate, met the beginning of time span?
. - On the catwalks of the world was still dominated by 70-s style 'disco'
. However, despite the fact that the advent of the new millennium, it was noted the refusal of minimalism, fireworks colors, the triumph of printed fabric, geometric ornaments, deposits of pea and serpentine bands, no hurry to become a futurist.
. The frank admiration of the past decades was reflected in the appearance and adoption of the new topic of sexual womanhood.
. Large flowers on a transparent chiffon, and bikini tops, embroidered with sequins, blouses, tunics and dresses, tailored to the curve - a nostalgia for the past.
. New trend, perhaps, can be called non-aggression and sporting chic
. This theme is reflected in the colors (the variety of shades of yellow, pink and green), materials selection (preference given to chiffon and organza), a combination of different textures (smooth snake skin combined with Lycra and denim).
. It should be noted that the denim (jeans - FL) once again captured the minds of designers - it is everywhere - from mini-skirts to evening dresses.

. Thus, the trends of the first spring of the new millennium:

. Materials
. The undoubted leader of the steel chiffon and denim, as well as leather and lycra.

Palette. It is impossible to assert that preference is given to a specific color combination.
. It should be noted there are several styles, each of which has its own colors and confidential recruitment materials.

. Silhouette
. Learner as brief as possible, practically follow the contours of the figures. Pants and skirts sit low on the hips, mini back in effect.

Details. The abundance of printed fabric - geometry, strips and peas, crystals and poetki - embroidered belts, tops and skirts.

. Footwear extremely feminine - narrow boats, long-nosed shoes, open sandals, high heels.

. - Do you often at international exhibitions
. What gives you the opportunity to compare. What do you think the fundamental difference between Russia's fashion business from the west?
- Lack of Russia fashion-industry itself is for most domestic fashion a serious problem in an objective assessment of the situation. Western fashion business is very realistic, and they have the right to existence, only those projects that are truly beneficial, so - successful. Global industrial monsters continuously absorb each other, empires crumble, their ruins there and multiply new.
. Russia, a long time staying in information isolation, can not immediately perceive the laws governing the construction market of fashion-and organically integrate it
. Therefore, the majority of domestic work of designers are very far from reality, their projects - no more than another phantasmagoria. Russia infinite love for theater performances is wonderful, but it has nothing to do with the trendy industrial design, and to haute couture is a very distant relationship.
. While Western high fashion is increasingly being transformed into industrial, domestic spaces in there has been no communication and creative production.

. - And yet we live in our country and are responsible for our country
. What is your prediction for the future - creative plans for the designer in the context of Russia's fashion-industry?
. - Forecasts Alexei Grekova specific and simple - the theme in 2000 - sexy femininity and sophisticated elegance.

. The need for Russia fashion-industry is a global priority of
. Russian designer is not broken in spirit, rather, with full confidence we can say that he is in a state of creative impulse. It certainly gives hope to believe that the future of Russia Fashion is not hopeless.

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Greek Alex (designer), photo, biography
Greek Alex (designer), photo, biography Greek Alex (designer)  One of the most promising Russian fashion, photo, biography
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