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JK Rowling

( Writer, author of novels about Harry Potter)

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Biography JK Rowling
photo JK Rowling
Was born July 31, 1965 in Chipping Sotberi, Gloucestershire, England. Her sister, Di, was born two years later. Rowling loved to tell stories from an early age and wrote his first story when she was 5 or 6 years old - it was a tale about a rabbit called Rabbit who got the measles and came to him to visit friends with a giant bee called Miss Bee.
. As a child she moved twice
. Both times in the town next to Bristol: first in Eight (Yate), then in Winterbourne (Winterbourne). In Winterbourne he and his sister were playing with a girl and a boy named Potter. She says she always liked that name and she preferred her own, because the kids always teased her for her name, saying she looked like bowling (rowling-rolling pins).
. The family moved again when she was nine years old - in Tatshill (Tutshill) near Chepstow (Chepstow in Forest of Dean)
. She attended elementary school in Tatshille and secondary school and Viedine (Wyedean). At that time she was quiet, freckled, short-sighted and terribly unsporting. Her favorite subjects - English and other languages. She usually told stories to their friends - where they made the bold and heroic exploits, which would not dare to in real life.
. She entered the University of Exeter (Exeter) right after school and studied French, at the insistence of his parents, who said that she could make a career as a secretary with two languages
. At university studies and work as "the worst secretary in the world ', she spent a few years.
In 1991, at the age of 26, she went to Portugal to teach English. She said she liked it. She gave lessons in the afternoon and evening, and morning composing. At that time she began working on his third novel (the first two were thrown as "very bad").
. The new book was about a boy who discovered that he was a wizard and hit the magic school.
. In Portugal, she met a Portuguese journalist, and married him
. Their daughter, Jessica, born in 1993. After the divorce, Rowling and her daughter moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, close to her younger sister, Di.
. Rowling has set itself the goal - to finish the Harry novel before you start work as a teacher of French, and, of course, try to publish it
. She wrote on a table in a cafe while Jessica slept.
. Scottish Arts Council gave her a grant to complete the book and, after several refusals, she finally sold the book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' publisher 'Bloomsbury' (United Kingdom) for 4000 $ U.S..
. At this time, Rowling is a teacher of French (performing in the corridors of the serenade, the first line from Rawhide "Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those wagons rolling ...")
. Several months later, the publishing house 'Arthur A Levin / Educational Literature' buys U.S. rights to the book for a sufficient amount to enable her to quit teaching.
. The book was published in Britain in June 1997 (at the time of writing the first edition of this book sold for 12,000 pounds sterlingov/20, 000 U.S. $)
. At this moment came the recognition. Harry Potter wins British award as Book of the Year, and 'Smarties Prize'.
. Renamed to 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone', the book was published in the United States in September 1998.
. Next 'Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets' is published in Britain in July 1998, and in the U.S. in June 1999.
. The third book 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' was published in Britain in July 1999, and in the United States in September 1999.
. In 1999 Roulling became an international literary sensation when the first three books of the series "Harry Potter" took the 3 top positions in the list of best-selling New York Times - reached a similar success in the UK.
. Summer of 2000, has sold over 35 million copies of the first three books in 35 languages on the amount of approximately $ 480 million.
. In July 2000, the first edition of 'Harry Potter and the Fire Cup' was 5.3 million copies with advance orders of more than 1.8 million.
. Rowling plans seven books in the series with a description of each year in the life of Harry Potter's School of Witchcraft and Hogwarts.
. Film version of the first book of the series will be released in November 2001
. The film's producers, Chris Columbus, who was shooting 'Home Alone' and 'Mrs Doubtfire'.
Rowling says she wrote Harry Potter when "I was very bad, and I had to achieve something. Not challenging, I would have gone mad '.
A series of Harry Potter - a new star in children's literature. Can not say that Rowling's books are not subject to criticism - some Christian fundamentalists are worried that the books do promote satanism. On the other hand, the fans applaud the books for the courage and honesty, and compare them with books, such as 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by Clive C. Lewis.


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JK Rowling, photo, biography
JK Rowling, photo, biography JK Rowling  Writer, author of novels about Harry Potter, photo, biography
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