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Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer)

( chess-player)

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Biography Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer)
photo Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer)
March 9, 1943, in the midst of World War II in Chicago in the Fischer family had a son, who was named Bobby. When the boy was six, my sister taught him to play chess, but after 29 years in 1972, Robert James Fischer won the world championship match with Boris Spassky and became the eleventh world champion.
Try to unscrew the film back a little. 1957 - at the age of 13 years, Fischer won the title of champion of the U.S. Junior Championships, and by age 14 he became the youngest champion of the U.S.. In 1958, when Fischer was 15, he became the youngest grandmaster in chess history. He is constantly in the spotlight, not only because of the phenomenal successes, but also because of his sensational statements. "In school, nothing to learn. Teachers stupid. Can not have teachers working women. In my school PE teacher was just stupid - it is not bad playing chess "- claimed the teenager.

. Is known, another of his statement: "All that I want to ever do - is to play chess." In addition, Bobby has promised as soon as possible to beat the Soviet players and become a world champion
. To pass the gauntlet of Soviet grandmasters turned out not so easy.
Fifteen years Fisher was the goal. But in the end Fisher still broke the chain of Soviet chess champion and became the first and last American to win the title, after defeating Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in 1972 Reykyavike in Iceland.
. During those years stuck behind him the reputation of chess fanatic
. "It's steadily hanging over the chessboard face, burning eyes, detachment from the outside world. These long fingers, removed from the board your pawns and figures: "(A. Kotov).

Another constant companion of Americans have scandals. He always something demanded: that the higher fee, then good lighting, a resolution not to play on Saturday. And if its conditions are not met, refused to speak, could easily get out of the midst of the competition and leave home. Now, decades later, it is clear that the majority of Fisher's claims were absolutely correct, but they seemed to contemporaries usual madness.
. For example, in 1975, FIDE has rejected conditions set by Fischer for the World Cup, where he was supposed to play with Anatoly Karpov of the Soviet Union, followed by Fischer refused to play
. The consequence of such act Fischer was awarded the title of World Champion Karpov. After all these squabbles Fisher stopped appearing in public for twenty years and moved to Europe.

Obsession, including chess, apples and bring. By this time, as Fisher became a champion, he had many years was the "client" one of the religious sects. His ideas about the world began to wear very much a fantastic character. So, he abandoned the traditional American athletes, victors the President's reception, knowing that he did not pay for this money. Fischer left because he thought that it would operate, and because life in panic fear lesions. He rarely lost, that of his failures is published as a book "how to win Bobby Fischer". In the end, fear of losing made him stop playing chess at all.
And in 1996, Fischer proposed a new game, which he called "Fischer Random Chess (Fischerandom Chess)".
Chess for Fisher, above all, - the art. Brought up on the ideas of Capablanca, he defended the principles of the classical school. Chess players wagon, Fischer played brilliantly all stages of a chess game. His game has outstanding knowledge of the theory, which many have contributed to a phenomenal memory, and strong analytical skills, deep understanding of the position, high technology, the desire to continue the fight until the end, even with minimal chances of success.
. Well guided in the combination game, Fisher did not seek to complications, but willingly went with them if he were imposing their
. He almost never getting into time trouble, skillfully used unobtrusive blunders rivals, Fisher thought very highly of the achievements of Soviet chess school and was, according to his confession, under its influence. Possessing the Russian language, he studied the legacy of the Soviet chess masters, has closely followed the Soviet chess literature.

. Autograph Robert Fisher
. A Brief History of Game Robert Fisher:
. In 1957-1967 Fisher - 8-times U.S. champion, the overall result of his meetings with the country's strongest chess players in these competitions: +61, -3, = 26
. In 15 years, Fisher - the youngest ever chess grandmaster - joined in the fight for world title: interzonal tournament (1958)-5-6-th place; interzonal tournament (1962) - 1-e; tournament contenders (1962) -- 4 th place successfully performed in international tournaments: (1959) - Mar del Plata - 3-4-Runners, . Santiago - 4-6-e, . Zurich - 3-4-e, 1960 - Mar del Pla-ta - 1-2-e, . Reykjavik - 1 st, 1961 - Bled - 2 nd place,
. Matches: with M. Euwe (1957) - 0.5: 1.5, with P. Cardoso (1957) -6:2 (+5, -1, = 2), with D. Janoе?eviд? (1958) - 1: 1 (+0, -0, = 2), with M. Matulovichem (1958) - 2.5: 1.5 (+2, -1, = 1) s. Reshevsky (1961) - 5.5: 5.5 (+2 -2 = 7).
. In chess the results of the period impacted unbalanced character: dubious refusal to continue the match with Reshevsky (1961), the subjective assessment of his failure in the tournament contenders 1962 (explaining her participation in the tournament too many Soviet chess players), . due, . with what Fisher for several years refused to participate in competitions at the World Championship; out of inter-zonal tournament in Sousse (1967) and T,
. d. Subsequently, Fisher went to critically evaluate their own chess creativity, draw the correct conclusions from the failures and in the 2 nd half of 1960. Law became one of the strongest players of the world, . achieving success in the tournaments of the highest rank: Havana (1965) - 2-4-Runners, Santa Monica (1966) - 2-e, Ohrid and Monte Carlo (1967) - 1-e, Nathan and Vinkovci (1968) - 1-e; Rovinj - Zagreb and Buenos Aires (1970) - 1-st place,
. He headed the U.S. team at World Olympiads 1960, 1962, 1966, 1970, having played 65 parties (+40, -7, = 18) against the leading players of the world. In the match of teams selected players of the world and the USSR (1970) won the 2 nd board of T. Petrossian - 3:1.
In 1970, Fisher resumed participation in competitions at the World Championship. After winning a landslide victory in the inter-zonal tournament (18.5 out of 23; Palma, on. Mallorca), he then won pretendentskie matches in M. Taimanov and B. Larsen, with the same score 6: 0. In the final match of applicants (1971) defeated Petrosian (6.5: 2.5) and won the right to match with world champion B. Spassky, showing in this series of events unprecedented result in the encounters with the leading chess players of the world: 85% points.
World championship match with Spassky (1972) held in Reykjavik and ended with the victory Fisher - 12.5: 8.5
. Over 16 years of chess career, Fisher has played in various competitions parties 576 (+327, -61, = 188) and scored 421 points (73%) - a result which, according to many experts, suggests Fisher's one of the greatest chess masters.
. Since 1972, Fisher, remained fanatically devoted to chess, stopped participating in competitions
. On the eve of the match with A. Karpov (1975) he made a number of requirements to FIDE by the formula and the conditions of the match. Despite the fact that FIDE has satisfied most of its demands, Fischer refused to match and was deprived of the title of world champion (3.04.1975). In 1976-1977 Fisher led the informal (outside of FIDE) talks about the match with Karpov. The press and there have been reports about its forthcoming matches with E. Mecking, S. Gligoric etc.. chess players, but none match never took place.


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Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer), photo, biography
Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer), photo, biography Fischer, Robert (Robert James Fischer)  chess-player, photo, biography
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