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Rovinsky Paul Apollonovich

( traveler and writer)

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Biography Rovinsky Paul Apollonovich
Born in 1831, graduated from the course at the University of Kazan, at the Faculty of Philology. In 1860, P. went to the Slavic lands, in 1861, was arrested by Austrian police in Moravia, on suspicion of threatening the Austrian campaign, and after 10-day detention sent to the Russian border. In 1864, Kazan University, seconded R. 2 years in the Slavic lands, but, on the orders of the Minister of Internal Affairs, he was forbidden to travel abroad. In 1867, AR, as a correspondent for the St. Petersburg Gazette "(red. VF. Korsch), visited the Serbian province in Austria, and Slavonia and Croatia, extreme and Horutaniyu, long lived in Serbia. In 1870, P. traveled to Siberia to study the Russian type on the far eastern outskirts of Irkutsk and made several excursions, among other things, in China (a new road through the Dolon-Nor and Manchuria). In 1873 - 77 years was director of the agricultural colony and shelter for juvenile offenders near St. Petersburg. In 1878, P. went as correspondent for the New Age ", in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and lived there for about six months. In April 1879 he was invited by the local police, on orders from Vienna, to leave Sarajevo and all these places. In May 1879 R. arrived in Montenegro, which since 1886 is unofficial dragoman of the Russian mission. Largest labor P. "Montenegro is in its past and present" (t. I - II, St. Petersburg, 1888 - 97), printed in the "Compendium of the Imperial Academy of Sciences" (t. XLV and LXIII), not yet finished. Divisions have emerged from it, embracing geography, history and ethnography of Montenegro, the most interesting recent. Most scientific training, observation, and an extraordinary ability to converge with the people create in the face P. excellent researcher-ethnographer. These features add value and his ethnological studies in Siberia, appeared in "Proceedings of the Siberian Department of Russian Geographical Society" for 1870 - 72 years. Many details of the observations R. the properties of the Russian population of Siberia agree with the views of Shchapova, but the general conclusion it is less severe: in the Siberian nature of R. find features, capable of healthy development under conditions of better management and dissemination of education. Especially important are almost the only of its kind study P. of the Russian-Siberian dialect (in the same Izvestia for 1873), which, in his remarks, the farther to the east, the more strange streak impurities. R. tried to determine the characteristics of the dialect in the sounds, accents, word formation, the management of words, finally, in the dictionary and to outline the historical conditions under which formed the strange shapes that often strike in the Siberian dialect. Other, . more outstanding works of RM: "Sketches of Eastern Siberia" ( "Old and New Russia", . 1875), . "Two months in Serbia" (Journal of Europe ", . 1868, . ? 11), . "The Czechs in 1848 and 1849" (ib., . 1870, . ? 1 and 2), . Belgrade, . its structure and social life "(ib., . ? 5), . My wanderings in Mongolia "(ib., . 1874, . ? 7), . "Memories from a trip to Serbia in 1867" (ib., . 1875, . ? 11 and 12), . "Serbian Morava,
. Memories from a trip to Serbia "(ib., . 1876, . ? 4), . "The main points in the history of the Czech nation" ( "Contemporary Review", . 1888, . ? 1, . 2 and 3), . "Materials for the history bogumilov in Serbian lands" (Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", . 1882, . ? 3), . "From Montenegro and Montenegrin" (ib., . 1884, . ? 8), . "Relations between Russia and Montenegro to the lord" (ib., . 1885, . ? 6), . "World Vision of the Montenegrin people" ( "Proceedings of the Russian Geographical Society, . t,
. XXII and XXIII, St. Petersburg, 1887), "Umirene blood Grble, in the South Adriatic coastland August 27, 1890" ( "Living Antiquity", 1890, No.. II), "Peter II (Rade) Petrovic Njegos, lord of the Montenegrin, 1830 - 1851" (St. Petersburg, 1889).

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Rovinsky Paul Apollonovich, photo, biography
Rovinsky Paul Apollonovich, photo, biography Rovinsky Paul Apollonovich  traveler and writer, photo, biography
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