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Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian)

( Danish author.)

Comments for Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian)
Biography Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian)
photo Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian)
Andersen belong to novels, plays, books of travel writing, poems, but in literature it has remained primarily as the author of fairy tales and stories was 24 book, published in 1835-1872. Biography Christian Andersen fairy tale, too, recalls, . especially when credence to his story about himself in two long essays, memoirs tale of my life (Mit livs eventyr), . presupposed German (1847) and Danish (1855) edition of his selected works,
Andersen was the son of a shoemaker and himself in early childhood, became an apprentice at the factory, as the family barely making ends meet. Determined to become an actor, Andersen was fourteen years old went to Copenhagen and determined student-dancer in the Royal Ballet, then began composing for the stage and publish poems in journals

. Although in his autobiography, Andersen complained of ill-wishers of intrigue, . more evidence, . that he helped many of the major Danish writers of the time, . including the leader of the Romantic movement AG Oehlenschlцгger and recognized playwright J. L. Heiberg,
. Royal grant received in 1833, allowed Andersen made the first big trip to Europe, followed by several. These are described in the books of essays on Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the Balkans. The Danish public is often expressed dissatisfaction with his long stay away from home, but in Europe, Andersen assessed earlier than at home, in Germany and England, he was considered a great master of words. True, . already in the 1840's Andersen enjoyed the patronage of King Christian VIII, . after the death of the monarch in 1848, . when the uprising began in Schleswig-Holstein, . threatens the integrity of the Danish state, . He composed several poems in a patriotic spirit,

A few years before Andersen had met with outstanding Swedish singer Jenny Lind, in love with her, accompanied her to London and Berlin, where she toured, but did not achieve reciprocity. Andersen lived his life a bachelor, retaining creative activity until recent years, but hardly feeling happy, although he was showered with international recognition of certificates. Andersen died in Copenhagen on August 1, 1875. Homeland paid tribute to Anderson, setting on the waterfront of Copenhagen statue of the heroine of his tale - The Little Mermaid, which became the symbol of the city.

Collected Tales, Told for Children (Eventyr, fortalte for born, Prince. 1.3, . 1835-1837), . Where will the little mermaid (and Flint, . The Princess and the Pea, . Emperor's New Clothes), . provoked a mixed response in the Danish criticism, . who was unable to understand the innovation Andersen, . transformed the literary genre of fairy, . enjoyed great popularity in the Age of Romanticism,
. The author points out that his work is too superficial for adults and not instructive, to serve as child-rearing. Andersen himself initially gave the main effort of the theater, and novels (which was written six, . and retained only the most interesting violinist - Kun en spillemand, . 1837, . not devoid of autobiographical parallels the history of a boy from the common, . marked musical talent, . but did not dobivshegosya artistic fame),

The decision to devote himself Andersen took until mid-1840's, since that time regularly edit a collection, called simply Tales. The writer was clear that his audience should be, and young and adult readers, often (Shade, Bell), he wrote it for adults. Part of his tales are arrangements of folk legends (Wild Swans, Svinopas) or versions of fairy tales, and up to Andersen's available in the arrangements of the literature (sources - Spanish, Italian folklore, the Thousand and One Nights, etc.). But many of the most famous fairy tales are born fully imagination Anderson (Thumbelina, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Ole Lukoye, storks).

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Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian), photo, biography
Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian), photo, biography Andersen Hans Christian (Andersen Hans Christian)  Danish author., photo, biography
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