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Jean-Jacques Annaud

( Director, Screenwriter)

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Biography Jean-Jacques Annaud
Date of Birth: 01/10/1943

Most "convertible" French director today, more beloved in the U.S. than at home, gigantoman and pioneer new technologies, Jean-Jacques Annaud was born on October 1, 1943, Mr.. Educated Vaugirard, where he studied literature at the Sorbonne, and learned the basics of cinematography in the IDEC and Technical School of Photography and Film. But the main school of excellence for the future are directed commercials (from 1963. Annaud has made them no less than four hundred), and educational films for the French army, which he rented from 1966. Cameroon. Debut in feature films Annaud, too, made in Africa, only postponed action during the First World War. Arrows of its malicious satire "Black and White in Color" (1976) Jean-Jacques sends to the colonial policy of the superpowers, because of questionable patriotism tape cold assimilated in France, but in 1977. unexpectedly won an Oscar for best foreign film. The second work director, the football comedy "Header" (1979) with Patrick Devereaux (it was in the Soviet box office), brings "Cesar" vtoroplanovomu artist Jean Buizu, but the name of the director remains in the shadows.

. Resounding success Anno brings the love story of the Stone Age "The Battle of Fire" (1981), describing in detail filming "Land Before Time" books M
. Ronnie Sr.. Finally the main "Cesar" - for the best film of the year and best director - went to the director, except that the film received an Oscar for makeup and 5 Canadian awards "Gini" in 1983. While the passion and vitality of staged manner Anno, adores take in spectacular, cinematic profitable, "entertainment" places, does not find acceptance among some French critics, who believe Anno flat and one-dimensional.

But that criticism of him - in 1986. had the courage to aim a blow at the screen version of the cult novel intellectual Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose. English-language public project with Sean Connery and Christian Slater becomes congenial literary primary source, but receives French "Cesar" is the best foreign picture. International expansion continues Annaud and his version of the novel species wizard adventures of James Oliver Kervuda King grizzly "called" The Bear "(1988).

Choosing Jean-Jacques works for the film adaptation may seem cynical, but after a family film from the life of wild animals, he turns to Marguerite Duras's novel "The Lover" (1991). Erotic drama, whipped up in 40-ies. in Indochina, has experienced difficulties with the wide distribution of the abundance of explicit love scenes. (By the way, . Erotic films Anno always naturalistic and the rise time, . a love scene between Christian Slater and Valentina Vargas in the Name of roses "is worthy of being included in the list of the best sensual scenes of all time.) Trouble waiting for" lover "and at home; puritanical barriers to entry screen is not uchinyali, . but due to, . that picture again done in English French Film Academy does not nominate her on competition "Cesar".,

. It Annaud is a pioneer in the development of new digital IMAX 3D, and creates in her first in the history of world cinema feature films "Wings of courage" (1995) lasting approximately 45 minutes, . designed to demonstrate special, . giant cinemas,
. This again screening, but this time the prose of Antoine de Saint-Exupery to Val Kilmer, Elizabeth McGovern and Craig Sheffer starring. Annaud makes the next project on traditional recipes, but also "Seven Years in Tibet" (1997), the real history of the Nazi mountain climber Heinrich Harrer, features an epic staging scale. Jean-Jacques Annaud again working with international stars - Brad Pitt and David Thewlis, inviting to vtoroplanovuyu, but a role spouses Harrer our former compatriot Ingeborg Dapkunaite. In 2000. Anno completes new mega-film "Enemy at the Gates" with Jude Law starring

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1976 - "Black and White in Color" (Noirs et blancs en couleur)
. 1979 - "Header" (Coup de tete)
. 1981 - "Quest for Fire" (La Guerre du feu)
. 1986 - "Name of the Rose" (The Name of the Rose)
. 1988 - "The Bear" (The Bear)
. 1992 - "The Lover" (The Lover)
. 1995 - "Wings of courage" (Wings of Courage)
. 1997 - "Seven Years in Tibet" (Seven Years In Tibet)
. 2000 - "Enemy at the Gates" (Enemy at the Gates)

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Jean-Jacques Annaud, photo, biography
Jean-Jacques Annaud, photo, biography Jean-Jacques Annaud  Director, Screenwriter, photo, biography
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