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VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega)

( Singer)

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Biography VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega)
photo VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega)
Date of Birth: 11/07/1959

. "When people say to me:" You understand that opened the door for other female musicians? "- I think that it was open and I just went into it, as well as Joni Mitchell or Tracy Chapman."

. "I know what's right, I follow its rules, and you - go to hell!"

. Suzanne Vega was born seven months, weighing little more than a kilogram, and immediately landed in a pressure chamber
. It happened July 11, 1959, Mr.. Santa Monica (California). Suzanne's parents separated before she was born, and in 1960. girl has a new father, whom she considered family for many years. Puerto Rican writer Ed Vega took the family to New York. They settled in the Spanish Quarter. Since childhood, Suzanne said in Spanish as well as in English. At 9 years, she discovered that her father - white. Her sense of themselves as Puerto Ricans collapsed. For many years she lost her identity. In 1988. Suzanne has hired a detective, who tracked down her real father in California, where he was moonlighting that drew architectural designs for the drawings.

In addition to Suzanne in the family had three children. Parents often sung (including his own songs by Ed Vega) and encourage children to musical creativity. Suzanne picked up the guitar at age 11. By 12 she found in his poetic gift. Father encouraged her to avoid cliches and be as sincere in self-expression. Ed and his mother Suzanne have been Buddhists, that, according to their daughter, helped her become a person. Her inspired Bob Dylan and modern ballet, which she studied at the School of Art in Manhattan. Dance was given to her with difficulty. Other students were relaxed and expressive, she is reputed finished introvertkoy. Suzanne learned to build relationships with others without any words or actions. She dressed in a large sweater and heavy boots. She did not want to look sexy, she believed that the whole can be achieved wit. Much later, Vega realized that the failures at the dance arena explained her asthma and general health. But then it is gripping complexes and unspoken desires.

Suzanne was admitted to Barnard College in New York. Career dancers was forgotten, the girl was interested in singing his own songs. She has performed in coffeehouses West Side and at folk festivals. For a long time, Suzanne could not stand public attention, looks irritated her - is not it a strange quality for the future stars of pop scene?

Since 1978, Mr.. Vega sang in the clubs of Greenwich Village in the company of lovers of folk songs. Her sense of self came in order, especially when she heard the good reviews and applause. "I knew from early childhood that I would become famous. For hours, I jumped in the hallway, imagining myself on stage, or invited to visit the other children to play with them a view or sing in front of them. "In Greenwich Village, Suzanne found that the public, which has always dreamed of.

In 1979. She went to a concert Lou Reed. Impressions were amazing - Suzanne realized that she could sing about the daily experiences, the life of the streets, telling thousands of little stories of cripples, the sick, abandoned, not saying the story until the end. Thus was born her corporate reception.

After graduating from college in 1982, she received a place: in the afternoon working girl in the waiting room the night she sang in clubs. On it is written in the newspapers, but the studio rejected her demo tapes.

Two years after the first unsuccessful attempt to interest her recording company found two producers who had just opened his business. A couple of years ago she went to record the scope of their interests. Recorded with their help demo tape like the record company A & M, which is already twice gave Suzanne the gate turn. In 1983. it entered into a contract, and in 1985 she released her first album, on which she worked with Lenny Kaye, ex-guitarist Patti Smith. The hosts had hoped to sell 30 thousand copies, but sold 250 thousand to 500 thousand U.S. and abroad. Magazine "Rolling Stone" included disc "Suzanne Vega" one hundred greatest albums of the 80's.

. Two months after the album's release, Suzanne gave her first big concert with the group and has since appeared in such prestigious places as the Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall in New York
. In 1986. Vega has written two texts for orchestral album of Philip Glass's "Songs for Liquid Days" and later repeatedly collaborated with him. All shyness Suzanne vanished. Now she knew their characteristics. For example, she never managed to successfully sing a long phrase - affected by the ramifications of asthma. But it does not matter, Suzanne poems consist of abrupt summary statements, philosophical, and extremely effective. The best example of such a poem - the standard "Lucas", rocked on the charts around the world and earned her the love of funds to protect children from violence.

. On the second disc, Suzanne "The state of solitude" but "Manhole" is still one of the world hit "Tom Diner" and later Perepetui British rappers DNA
. Producers were in shock, but Suzanne herself - in delight: "Black children have to listen to my songs". After hearing a remix, it changed its attitude towards the sound - it has affected her future recordings, which sound criticism is much more dense and even difficult to read (Days Of Open Hand).

. 99.9 F, recorded two years later, was greeted matter
. From Suzanne expected to continue, and she once again pulled to the side. Old fans of one's lips, but liked the power of youth and vitality of the new material. The next move - "Nine Objects of Desire" (Syuzannina daughter, Ruby, husband-producer Mitchell Frum, Lolita, Death, three men, one woman and plum) fell to taste all. Well, who can stand before the bossa nova?

. The latest release of "tested and true" is a collection of singles, two songs that were not included in the official albums ( "Left of Centre" and "Tom's Diner" in the version of the DNA) and two new songs ( "Book & Cover" and "Rosemary") .

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VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega), photo, biography
VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega), photo, biography VEGA, Suzanne (Suzanne Vega)  Singer, photo, biography
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