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Wim Wenders

( director, screenwriter, producer)

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Biography Wim Wenders
Date of Birth: 14/08/1945

The West director Wim Wenders (real name Ernst Wilhelm Wenders), the youngest of the in vivo-mentioned classics of world cinema, was born August 14, 1945, Mr.. Dц╪sseldorf. Postwar Germany was occupied by American troops - so the next director from his early years growing up in zaokenskoy culture. Later, the motif of the interaction of Europe and America will be a key in the creation Wenders, and the structure of American cinema genre - the favorite.

In 1963, after finishing school, under the influence of the doctor-father began to learn medicine and philosophy in Munich and Dusseldorf. But in 1966. dropped out and went to Paris, where he unsuccessfully tried to enter the Film Institute. At home Wenders studied at the Higher School of Television and Film in Munich and worked as a critic with the magazine "Filmkritik", "Twain" and newspaper "Sц╪ddeutsche Zeitung". In his student years has created many short films (the most famous - "Cop movie, . Alabama: 2000 light years, . "Three American drive" and a diploma "Summer in the City"), . which appeared in all possible manifestations - as producer, . screenwriter, . operator, . editor, . soundman, . Executive episodic roles,
. In 1974. Wenders has created his own film studio "Wim Wenders Filmproduktsion" in 1976. - With the playwright Peter Handke's Berlin studio "Muviz Road" in 1980. with Chris Zivernihom - the American firm of Gray City.

The first feature-length film "Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty" Wim created in 1971. At the heart of paintings, inspired in equal measure and the "black film" 40-ies., And "singer uncommunicativeness Michelangelo Antonioni novel by Peter Handke. Which began in 1969. cooperation with the operator of Robby Muller and writer Handke became permanent. And with the old and almost blind, Antonioni, Wenders met in 1995. on the set of the film "Beyond the Clouds".

The debut was luckily - was proclaimed "the birth of the new German cinema". This was followed by a failure screen version of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" (1972/73), the shot that prevented the producers, not wanting to approve a major role Rц╪diger Vogler. Actor later became the star of many artworks Wenders, but the cause of failure, of course, not in producing arbitrary. The genius of "road movie" bored in the scenery of Massachusetts Colony 17 th century, without motorways, petrol stations, roadside cafes and dragging guitar strumming. The first one hundred per cent films "in the style of Wenders'" become "Alice in the Cities" (1973/74) and free-style film adaptation of Goethe's novel "Years of Wanderings of Wilhelm Meister" "Wrong Move" (1974/75).

Three-hour masterpiece 1976. "With the passage of time" was shown at the Cannes International Film Festival, the film "The American Friend" (1977) for the detective Patricia Highsmith "Ripley's Game" became the first European products, which the Americans are interested in. Francis Ford Coppola produced the film "Hammett" (1978-1982), on which work was delayed for five years because of the many staging challenges. During downtime on kinobiografiey legendary detektivschika Samuel Deshila Hammett Wenders shot the documentary "Film Nick - Lightning over Water" (1979/80), . which recorded the last days of dying from cancer of the American director Nicholas Ray, . idol not only of the French new wave, . but Wenders,
. Autobiographical and the piercing "a film about the movie" The State of Things "has received the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival 1982. And the next project, filmed in the U.S. at the Franco-German money "Paris, Texas" (1984) was awarded the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Main role in Paradise presented by the great guitarist Cooder movie played Nastassja Kinski, in the long-standing open Wenders' The Wrong Move ". Cooder collaborated with the director and in the future: Ray was the author of the soundtrack to "end violence" (1997) and a full co-documentary "Buena Vista Social Club" (nominated at the Oscar -2000). By the way, . Wenders constantly worked with the most pressing musicians: in "Alice in the Cities" sounded psychedelic tracks the group "Can", . in the sky over Berlin, Wenders took Nick Cave and the "Crime & The City Solution"; leader of the U-2 Bono - the closest vendersovsky friend, . written script of "Hotel" One million dollars "filmed in 2000,
. and brought the director of the Berlin International Film Festival Silver Award.

The epigraph to the entire works of contemporary cinema Odyssey could be the title of the painting 1993. "Until the very end of the world", shot in Japan, USA, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Russia and France. World Wenders - a world without borders. In 1987. he makes a masterpiece "Wings of Desire" on the "three angels" - Yasujiro Ozu, Andrei Tarkovsky and Robert Bresson. In Germany after the destruction of the Berlin Wall Wenders returned to the short film 1992. 'Arish, a bear and a stone ring, and in the continuation of "Heaven over Berlin" - the movie 1993. "So far - so close!".

Tapes, Wenders made in the second half of the 90-ies. (Lisabonskaya History "or" The End of Violence ") was forced to talk about the creative crisis and fatigue Maitre. But shown in early 2000. "Hotel" Million Dollar "put these conversations limit: fantastic detective was immediately assigned to the Best Director.

Wim Wenders - one of the founders in 1987. European Academy of Motion Picture Arts and later was elected its president. He has written several books Kinovedcheskie

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1971 - "Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty" (Die Angst des Tormannes beim Elfmeter) (1971);
. 1972 - "The Scarlet Letter
. 1974 - "Wrong Move"
. 1974 - "Alice in the Cities"
. 1976 - "With the passage of time"
. 1977 - "The American Friend"
. 1982 - "The State of Things"
. 1092 - "Hammett"
. 1984 - "Paris, Texas"
. 1987 - "Wings of Desire" ( "Wings of desire") Berlin)
. 1991 - "Until the very end of the world" (in Russia's video store - "Until the end of the world")
. 1993 - "So far - so close!"
. 1994 - "Lisabonskaya history"
. 1997 - "The End of Violence"
. 1999 - "Buena Vista Social Club"
. 2000 - "Hotel" Million Dollar "

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Wim Wenders, photo, biography
Wim Wenders, photo, biography Wim Wenders  director, screenwriter, producer, photo, biography
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