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Gabriel Byrne

( actor, producer, director)

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Biography Gabriel Byrne
Date of Birth: 12/05/1950

Gabriel Byrne was born on May 12, 1950, Mr.. in Dublin, Ireland. In the entertainment business, where the age of 28 years is already practically age, career Gabriel Byrne - Broken anomaly. Byrne, unpredictable and disorderly - the eldest and most rowdy-dowdy of six children of Catholic parents. Byrne's mother - a nurse and his father manufactured barrels for beer "Guinness" - before the metal packaging deprived of his salary and made the "father-householder".

In 12 years, Byrne went to study in a seminary to become a priest, and suffered a in the walls of the school for four years, but at age 16, was caught smoking, which, of course, a sin for the future of a clergyman, and deported back to Ireland. In November 1999,. in an interview with the New York Morning Post "Byrne admitted that his Latin teacher in a theological seminary pestering him. Probably, and other memories of learning were not more sweet.

Searching through some bizarre and unexpected job specialties, he again took up his studies. This time, Gabriel enrolled in University College Dublin on the specialty "Archeology", where he studied phonetics, languages, and proper archeology. He traveled on the excavations, even managed to visit matador (!), And then turned out to be a teacher of Spanish in school for girls. When Gabriel's family finally calmed down, that a bad egg son a decent job in 29 years, Byrne was just ripe to drop everything and become an actor.

. The first theater, where Byrne has served as a dilettante, an amateur, was the troupe of the future film director Jim Sheridan, which began another future conqueror of Hollywood Liam Neeson
. Theater naturally led Byrne on television, where the role of Pat Barry in the TV series "Riordan, and soon migrated to its own program Byrne, brought him fame in Ireland. He was invited into the picture "Excalibur", after which Byrne scored career run, and nothing could stop the rising star.

. Byrne moved to London and began to appear regularly in films and television, almost always met gracious reception and the critics and the public
. In 1987, when he was 37 years, Byrne first visited America. This trip has not brought any progress to the actor and several of his subsequent works, such as "Hello Again", "Lion Heart" and "Dark Passion", marked the decline of the professional rather than attract attention to an actor director and producer.

. On set pictures of "Siesta" Byrne met with the actress Ellen Barkin, who soon became his wife and gave birth to Gabriel with two children: son, Jack (1989) and daughter Rumi Marion (1992)
. Divorce, followed in 1993, does not prevent Gabriel and Ellen peacefully raise their children together and remain very friendly relations.

. After painting "Miller's Crossing," where Byrne has played a grim gangster Stoic 30-ies. Attention of Hollywood power brokers have been focused on coarse Irishman
. For many years, Byrne was a prisoner of the dark, frighteningly brutal image, from which he wanted to break pretty soon, explaining his desire to complete opposite of clingy image of their own human nature

. After the apparent success of Byrne was offered a bunch of scenarios, . of which Byrne chose "Cool World" (the role of the cartoonist), . "Where there is no return" (love struck, . thunderstruck, . secret agent) and, . Finally, . "Little Women" (hero Byrne - the subject of longing heroine Winona Ryder),
. Employment grew all - only in 1994. Byrne has appeared in eight films. The next stage of professional growth was demonstrated by Byrne in the film "The Usual Suspects", where Gabriel played the roguish former policeman Dean Keaton (one of the roles played in the film Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey).

Feeling confident enough as an actor, indefatigable Byrne again difficult to find new ways and made his debut as a director and producer. The first-produced Byrne began the saga of the unjustly accused Irish (painting "In the name of the father" received five nominations at the Oscars). A director's attempt at writing Byrne made a film with a poetic name "The Lark in the clear sky," which he also produced himself and which he himself wrote the screenplay. New Cinematic Features peacefully coexisted with the old - in 1997. with Andy McDowell Byrne has once again raised before the camera in a picture of the great German director Wim Wenders' The End of Violence. Byrne was among the huge number of stars, . assembled in a very unsuccessful adaptation of the novel by Alexander Dumas "Man in the Iron Mask," directed by Randall Wallace, . where the rest of the musketeers brought Jeremy Irons, . John Malkovich and Gerard Depardieu, . and the two princes of the twin girl's idol, played by Leo DiCaprio,

Cast of Gabriel Byrne 1999. particularly interesting to describe in a pair. In the movie "Stigmata" (of Christ's ulcers, appearing at the hands of ordinary girl hairdresser), in which the primary role played by Patricia Arquette, Byrne played a Jesuit priest. And in his next picture Byrne embodied in "Satan", becoming a powerful enemy even more powerful and predictable invincible eternal savior of mankind Arnold Schwarzenegger.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1965 - "Riordan" (The Riordans), Pat Barry
. 1978 - "Brack" (Bracken), Pat Barry
. 1981 - "Excalibur" (Excalibur), Yuter
. 1983 - "Wagner" (Wagner), Karl Ritter
. 1983 - "Hanna K." (Hanna K.), Joshua Herzog
. 1983 - "The Citadel" (The Keep), Mayor Kaempfer
. 1985 - "Protection of the kingdom" (Defence of the Realm), Nicholas Mullen
. 1985 - "Mussolini: The Untold Story" (Mussolini: the Untold Story), Vittorio Mussolini
. 1986 - "Gothic" (Gothic), Byron
. 1987 - "Siesta" (Siesta), Augustine
. 1987 - "Lion Heart" (Lionheart), Black Prince
. 1987 - "Hello Again" (Hello Again), Kevin Shenlon
. 1987 - "Julie and Julia" (Giulia & Giulia), Paolo
. 1988 - "Soldier's History" (Soldier's Tale), Sol
. 1989 - "Dark Passion" (Dark Obsession), Hugo
. 1990 - "Miller's Crossing" (Miller's Crossing), Tom Regan
. 1992 - "Into the West" (Into the West), Papa Reilly
. 1992 - "Cool World" (Cool World), Jack Dibs
. 1993 - "no return" (Point of no Return), Bob
. 1993 - "dangerous woman" (A Dangerous Woman), Mackie
. 1994 - "A simple twist of fate" (Simple Twist of Fate), John Nyulend
. 1994 - "Little Women" (Little Women), Frederick Baer
. 1994 - "All the bright and beautiful" (All Things Bright and Beautiful), Good Thief
. 1994 - "Prince of Jutland" (Prince of Jutland), Fendzh
. 1994 - "Trial by Jury" (Trial of Jury), Daniel Graham
. 1995 - "Girls of Buffalo" (Buffalo Girls), Teddy Blue
. 1995 - "Dead Man" (Dead Man), Charles Dickinson Ladlo
. 1995 - "The Usual Suspects" (ц?he Usual Suspects), Dean Keaton
. 1995 - "Frankie Starlight" (Frankie Starlight), Jack Kelly
. 1996 - "Time of mad dogs" (Mad Dog Time), Ben London
. 1996 - "The Last of the Kings" (The Last of the High Kings), Jack Griffin
. 1996 - "Someone is waiting for" (Somebody is Waiting), Roger Ellis
. 1997 - "What about the show thinks Miss Smilla" (Smilla's Sense of Show), Engineer
. 1997 - "Briolinovye boys" (The Brylcreem Boys), Sean O'Brien
. 1997 - "The End of Violence" (The End of Violence), Ray Bering
. 1997 - "WMD" (Weapons of Mass Distraction), Lionel Powers
. 1998 - "Polish Wedding" (Polish Wedding), Bolek Pshonek
. 1998 - "The Sea" (This is the Sea), Rohan
. 1998 - "Man in the Iron Mask" (The Man in the Iron Mask), D'Artagnan
. 1998 - "Enemy of the State" (Enemy of the State), fakie Brill
. 1999 - "End of Days" (End of the Days), Lucifer
. 1999 - "Stigmata" (Stigmata), father of Andrew Kirman
. 2000 - "Semana Santa" (Semana Santa)
. 2000 - "Love - the replacement of guns" (Canone inverso - making love), violinist

. 1992 - "Into the West" (Into the West)
. 1993 - "In the name of the Father" (In the Name of Father)
. 1996 - "The Lark in the clear sky" (The Lark in the Clear Air)
. 1996 - "The disease doctor Hagarda" (Dr
. Hagard's Disease)
. 1996 - "The Last of the Kings" (The Last of the High Kings)
. 1996 - "Someone is waiting for" (Somebody is Waiting)
. 1997 - "Briolinovye boys" (The Brylcreem Boys)
. 2000 - "fan Mambo" (Mad About Mambo)

. 1996 - "The Lark in the clear sky" (The Lark in the Clear Air)
. 1996 - "The Last of the Kings" (The Last of the High Kings)

. 1996 - "The Lark in the clear sky" (The Lark in the Clear Air)

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Gabriel Byrne, photo, biography
Gabriel Byrne, photo, biography Gabriel Byrne  actor, producer, director, photo, biography
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