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Danny Boyle

( director, producer)

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Biography Danny Boyle
Date of Birth: 20/10/1956

Danny Boyle was born on October 20, 1956, Mr.. in Manchester, England. Since 1985, Mr.. by 1987. was deputy director of the Royal Court Theater in London. Then put a few performances with the Royal Shakespeare troupe. Tired of the old theater and classical plays, tried his hand at a more interactive arena: moved to television. For six years, Boyle has put more than 10 television films, including an action shot some of the English detective series "Inspector Morse".

. Boyle's debut in the film - "Shallow Grave" (1994) - classic black film in the absurdist style, shot in an expressive manner klipovoy
. This is a story about three friends who played Kerry Fox, Christopher Ikkleston and Ewan McGregor. They find their fourth "пЄя€я?пЁп°пҐп°, Keith Allen, dead, and with a suitcase full of money under the bed. Heroes of appropriated money. Ebullient intonation provoked bloody battles that balance between cruelty and absurdity. The film was shot in a month and cost millions of dollars. He won the British Academy Award for best debut award for best director in San Sebastian, the prize for best screenplay contest debuts in Angers, the main prize of police films in Cognac. At the festival of British films in dinars Boyle Award went to the Golden Hitchcock ". This meant that Boyle's listed as an outstanding master of suspense. Critics praised the film's brilliant visual and energetic director. Scolded for "shallow" - no real meaning. Compared it with the most fashionable film 1994. "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino and the French farce "Grand Guignol" type "Delicatessen" (1991) Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro - merry story of the butcher, supplying customers with meat as their neighbors. Boyle's film was huge hit in Europe. Boyle received a proposal to remove big-project in Hollywood, . but chose to stay in England, . where, together with the creators of "shallow graves" screenwriter John Hodge, . producer Andrew MacDonald and actor Yuen McGregor began work on a new "black" film "Treynspotting.,

. "Treynspotting" (1996) - a film adaptation of the novel by Irvine Welch, which tells of the visions and adventures of four drug addicts from Glasgow, with general, fairly large sum of money
. Heroes played Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin MakKid and Robert Carlyle. Like the first film, "Treynspotting" was declared as a "figment film" (film-fiction, fiction). This is a dramatic story mixed with "black" humor, packed with hyperbole, made with the help of a dynamic short-plans pulled mounting real life and the life "stoned". Legs heroes suddenly grow to enormous size, and on the ceiling crawl agukayuschie babies. The film made huge fees, rare for low-budget project, and was declared the best film Decade. He was enthusiastically adopted by intellectuals, greedy for the scandalous and extravagant, and nominated for the British Film Academy. Danny Boyle came to be called the new "angry" 90, by analogy with the movement of the British "angry young men" mid 1950 - early 1960's. Who rebelled against the consumer society, and made fresh kinosrezy different social strata. Best-known representatives of this movement were directors Tony Richardson and Lindsay Anderson. About Boyle spoke as a representative of the younger generation, is in fierce opposition to the bourgeois, yappizmu and mainstream, which makes the film a surreal klipovoy style, sweet and meaningful for young. "Treynspotting" (literally "eye on the train") was translated into Russian the phrase "Trainspotting" and was in general use the term for the value of "regular hang over any more or less regular motion of matter.

. Boyle's next two films - the romantic comedy "A more than ordinary life" (1997) and Sky-fi "Alien love triangle" (1999) were made in England
. Scenes and incidents of the two films not so much swirling around the criminal-narcotic fantasies, how about love, and consisted of several parallel to tell a story, for which Boyle again rebuked for imitation Tarantino. In "more than normal life" once again played a favorite actor Boyle Ewan McGregor, in company with Holly Hunter and Cameron Diaz. These films were called "more than strange," a great success they enjoyed and did not receive awards.

First American film Boyle - "Beach" (2000). This is a story about the island in the ocean, where there is a picturesque jungle, crystal clear waterfalls, blue lagoon, sharks, gentle quartz sand and marijuana plantation. In this divine place inhabited by a colony of modern hippies, who sick of civilization and which strictly adhere to the mystery of his paradise. In the role of leader of the colony - a famous actress and director Tilda Swinton. The hero, Leonardo DiCaprio, to pull up in the hands map of the island and he, taking passengers, goes to the beach, on the road map by supplying a few more flaneur, dreaming of Money for kicks. "Beach" - a film revivalist ideas hippovyh 60's, made from the standpoint of the late 90's.: Statement, psychological development and conclusion of the insolvency idea of paradise on earth, a kind treynspottinga. Heroes want happiness here and now and immediately. Nothing is impossible - people by nature inclined to turn paradise into pornography. On Boyle's early films in the "Beach" resemble streams of consciousness, the eccentric assembly and uncomplicated moral that the company - good, but one - better.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1987 - "Inspector Morse" ( "Inspector Morse"), TV
. 1993 - "Mr
. Wroe's Virgins, TV
. 1994 - Shallow Grave (Shallow Grave)
. 1996 - "Trainspotting" or "Treynspotting" (Trainspotting)
. 1997 - "more than ordinary life" (Life Less Ordinary)
. 1999 - "Alien love triangle" (Alien Love Triangle)
. 2000 - "The Beach", (The Beach)

. 1989 - "Elephant" (Elephant)
. 1997 - "Twin Town" (Twin Town)

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