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Serge Gainsbourg

( Singer)

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Biography Serge Gainsbourg
Date of Birth: 02/04/1928

"What's actually worth talking about? Politics - not on my part. So I prefer to talk about women and about love "

. French singer Serge Gainsbourg smoked only cigarettes Gitanes "without the filter, preferably drunk" grazing ", like Brigitte Bardot and not her alone, and in addition, wrote the world's best songs about love, sex and their lack of
. In a long chain dandy samorazrushiteley and brawlers from pop music was and remains the most elegant of the links.

Born Lucien Gainsbourg, a descendant of Russian immigrants, was born in Paris on April 2, 1928. As a teenager, played the bars and jazz classics - guitar and piano. In 1954, Mr.. under the pseudonym of Julien Green's recorded his first songs (among them, and then the famous Les Amours Perdues).

In December 1957,. Gainsbourg wrote and performed his first hit - Le Poinconneur De Lilas. A few months later the renowned French writer, musician and jazz critic Boris Vian wrote about a long-nosed young genius enthusiastic article. (Incidentally, the abstract to the first plate Gainsbourg written by no less than the famous French writer Marcel Aime).

In 1959, Mr.. Serge first appeared on the silver screen - in the movie "Want to dance with me?". A year later ginsburovskaya EP, L `eau a la bouche sold more than 100,000 copies.

Gainsbourg was a singer, composer, musician, photographer, painter. He acted in good Number Thirty films, he put the four feature films - not to say that the very successful. In 1980. He wrote a racy я─п╬п╪п╟п╫я┤п╦п╨ Eugene Sokolov, whose plot closely stuck to the problems of the digestive tract. "Provocation - my oxygen," - liked to say Gainsbourg. He sang a duet with his daughter Charlotte skandaloznuyu incestuous song Lemon Incest, glorify a certain position for the number 69 and the one proposed by Whitney Houston do love to him directly at some video-conference. His infinitely beautiful and provocative songs were on the lips Petuly Clark and France Gall, . Nick Cave and Muslim Magomayev, . Nana Mouskouri and Isabelle Adjani, . Jimmy Somerville and Catherine Deneuve, . Marianne Faithfull and Dalida, . Psychic TV and Cornelius, . Franц╖oise Hardy and Vanessa Paradis.,

. The sound of some of its titles - almost art-rock, others are flirting with Brazilian samba, the third issue to the surface of typically British rock 'n' roll, as in 1979
. He generally writes the reggae version of "La Marseillaise". "I excelled in everything except his own life," - he said shortly before the end.

Serge Gainsbourg died on 2 March 1991. from cruel heart attack. Thousands of people headed by President Francois Miterranom came to honor his memory, unconsciously perpetrate a national day of mourning

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1958 - "Le Poinconneur De Lilas"
. 1964 - "Gainsbourg Confidentiel"
. 1964 - "Gainsbourg Percussions"
. 1967 - "Anna"
. 1968 - "Initials BB"
. 1968 - "Bonnie And Clyde"
. 1969 - "Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg"
. 1971 - "Histoire de melody Nelson"
. 1973 - "Vu De L` Exterieur "
. 1975 - "Rock Around the Bunker"
. 1976 - "L` Homme A Tete De Chou "
. 1979 - "Aux Armes et Caetera"
. 1981 - "Mauvais Nouvelles Des Etoiles"
. 1984 - "Love On the Beat"
. 1986 - "Serge Gainsbourg Live 2LP"
. 1987 - "You` re Under Arrest "
. 1989 - "Le Zenith De Gainsbourg 2LP"
. 1989 - "De Gainsbourg A Gainsbarre 2LP"

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Serge Gainsbourg, photo, biography
Serge Gainsbourg, photo, biography Serge Gainsbourg  Singer, photo, biography
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