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Matt Damon

( Actor, screenwriter)

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Biography Matt Damon
Date of Birth: 08/10/1970

Full name: Matthew Paige Damon

Matt Damon was born on Oct. 8, 1970, Mr.. in America (Cambridge, Mass.). His parents, father-tax collector and his mother - a teacher at the college, now divorced. His older brother, Kyle - sculptor. Matt's first role in cinema was in the film "Mystic Pizza" (1988), in which the primary role played by Julia Roberts.

. This actor's capacity to Damon Hollywood directors and producers saw, . when the screens came the film "Courage Under Fire" (1996) about the war in the Persian Gulf, . for the role in which Damon lost 10 kilograms, . then two years sitting on wheels, . tormented by pains in the stomach.,

. In 1997
. Damon, along with Danny DeVito starred in the film by Francis Ford Coppola's "The Benefactor," where he played the role of novice lawyer who tries to follow his ideals, but faces the grave realities of the American bureaucracy.

The main success of Matt Damon came when, together with the closest childhood friend Ben Affleck, they wrote the script for the film "Good Will Hunting" (1997). The ironic and unexpected story about a university janitor who turns out to be a mathematical genius, was composed by Damon in 1992, Mr.. Fictional story combined with absolutely realistic details of biographies Affleck and Damon.

$ 600 thousand. scenario "clever" was bought by studio Miramax. After the film based on his film for the studio became the most profitable for all of its short history, surpassing the record of "Pulp Fiction", Damon and Affleck expecting a truly cosmic rise, culminating in an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Damon, among other things, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

In 1998. viewers saw Matt Damon in the title role in the epic World War II - "Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg. The film was shot in the superheavy conditions for the actors: a perfectionist Spielberg gave them "a training camp for the Stanislavsky. The actors had to master weapons, unarmed combat techniques, individual maneuvering to sit on rations and live in a tent.

In 1998. Damon and Affleck have signed a strategic agreement on creating and producing new projects with Harvey and Bob Weinstein (studio Miramax Films). Their first project was to be a painting "The Third Wheel" (2000) with Denise Richards, Luke Wilson and Jay Lakopo.

In 1999. Damon, along with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow starred in the film, Anthony Minghella's "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Damon played Tom Ripley, . American youth from the lower classes, . who tries to take the place of the heir to the tycoon and mobilizes for this all their talents - from the ability to forge the handwriting and the ability to imitate the voice of cold-blooded killing of any, . who stands in his way,
. The film received several nominations for Oscars, but, obviously, academicians felt that Minghella and Damon with Paltrow in your limit figurines soon exhausted, and "rolling" "Ripley" in all categories.

. About Matt Damon, in 1998
. selected magazine Reorle "among the 50 most beautiful people in the world for a long time, said" This boy is always with someone ". Almost every film he wound up his novels with a partner - with Claire Danes on the set of "Benefactor" or Minnie Driver in the film "Good Will Hunting". With the current girlfriend heart actress Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Damon introduced - while the girl Ben Affleck. Have you configured Damon and Ryder have been very seriously - even bought your home, but in early 2000, Mr.. became intensely speculation about their break.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1988 - "Mystic Pizza" (Mystic Pizza), peddler
. 1992 - "School Ties" (School Ties), Charlie Dillon
. 1993 - Geronimo: An American Legend "(Geronimo: An American Legend), Lieutenant Britton Davis
. 1996 - "Courage Under Fire" (Courage Under Fire), Hilario
. 1996 - "The Shining Glory" (Glory Daze), Edgar Padvekker
. 1997 - "The Benefactor" (Rainmaker, The), Rudy Baylor
. 1997 - "Good Will Hunting" (Good Will Hunting)
. 1998 - "Saving Private Ryan" (Saving Private Ryan)
. 1998 - "sharper" (Rounders)
. 1999 - "Dogma" (Dogma)
. 1999 - "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (The Talented Mr
. Ripley), Tom Ripley
2000 - "All lovely horse" (All the Pretty Horses)
2000 - "Titan" (Titan AE), voice
2000 - The Legend of Baggara Vance "(The Legend of Bagger Vance)

1997 - "Good Will Hunting" (Good Will Hunting)

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Matt Damon, photo, biography
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