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Aki Kaurismaki

( Director, producer, screenwriter)

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Biography Aki Kaurismaki
Date of Birth: 04/04/1957

They say that in Finland drink a lot - is shattering understatement. Finland monstrous drink a lot. But this fact has not prevented Aki Kaurismaki become one of the most important European filmmakers of the late XX century. Loud drunken party with the Red Song and Dance Ensemble n / a Alexandrova, sit Aki and his elder brother Mika at Cannes La Croisette promenade, look exotic touch to a glorious directorial career.

. Aki Kaurismaki born April 4, 1957
. Before becoming a director, a simple Finnish guy tried many professions - from the postman and dishwasher, finishing a film critic. In 1981. sinefily Kaurismäki brothers founded the production company "Villealfa", named in honor of the fantastic film by Jean-Luc Godard, "Alphaville". The first company is the brainchild of freshly opus documentary about the tour of three improvised Finnish rock bands on the outskirts of Lake Saimaa. Since then, Aki forever tied to such a specific and extravagant musical phenomenon, as the Finnish rock. Later, in 1989, he will cooperate with the cult band "Leningrad Cowboys", proudly bears the status of "the worst rock band in the world". In the music of "cowboy" (as in films by Aki) is an American rock 'n roll 50's and ever-to-date style "surf" and easily get along nicely with the Russian "Polyushko - field".

. Gaming in the directing debut Aki becomes modernization version of "Crime and Punishment
. Communication Finnish brothers with Russian-Soviet culture more than strong: not to mention the previously mentioned love of native songs, . Mika Kaurismäki, . example, . in its "last frontier" crossed Russian motives with the genre post-apocalyptic fiction, . and often appear at the brothers in a small movie roles Finnish Minister Kirsi Tikkilaynen warmed in Russia as a native and played at Alexander Rogozhkin in Characteristics of the national fishing ",

Spirituality and to which so well fits the definition of "Slavic", makes films Aki beloved we. Almost in the same we love, and American Jim Jarmusch, with whom Aki friendly, Jarmusch filmed several times Mika and Aki in the movie "Leningrad Cowboys Go America," Jim played a cameo seller of used cars.

. Osovremenivat and make funny classic works Aki will be more than once: in 1987
. He shoots black and white tragicomedy "Hamlet comes to the case" and produces mocking filming "Macbeth" in 1992. ekraniziruet "Scenes of Bohemian Life" Henri Murger. Kinosensatsiey 1999. it becomes a mute (!) painting "Juha", made the novel of the Finnish folk heritage Juhani Aho. However, experiments with classic bullying called not turn language: offensive banter never replaced by Aki firm melancholy humor and sad sympathy author to his heroic losers.

Painting 1988. "Ariel" is the American National Society of Film Critics Best foreign band, the singer and the leading role Touro Payano receives a prize of the Moscow International Film Festival in 1989

In 1990. Aki takes off in London on his first English-language film "I hired a murderer", inviting the role godarovskogo actor and his longtime idol, Jean-Pierre Léaud. In 1996. Aki dedicates the film "The clouds float away" the memory of his favorite actor Matti Pellonpää, who died in 1995. heart disease. This tape is involved in the competition Cannes International Film Festival

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1983 - "Crime and Punishment" (Rikos ja rangaistus)
. 1986 - Rocky - VI "(Rocky VI)
. 1986 - "Shadows in Paradise" (Varjoja paratiisissa)
. 1987 - "Hamlet comes to the cause" (Hamlet liikemaailmassa)
. 1988 - "Ariel" (Ariel)
. 1989 - "Girl from the match factory" (Tulitikkutehtaan tytt)
. 1989 - "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" (Leningrad Cowboys Go America)
. 1990 - "I hired a murderer" (I Hired a Contract Killer)
. 1992 - "Bohemian Life" (La Vie de boh_me)
. 1993 - "Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses" (Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses
. 1994 - "Total Balalaika Show"
. 1994 - "Tatiana, take care of your scarf" (Pid_ huivista kiinni, Tatjana)
. 1996 - "The clouds float away" (Kauas pilvet karkaavat)
. 1999 - "Juha" (Juha)

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  • DX for Aki Kaurismaki
  • wherever nyti his films about the Leningrad Cowboys (especially GO AMERICA) who may know where you can buy?
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    Aki Kaurismaki, photo, biography
    Aki Kaurismaki, photo, biography Aki Kaurismaki  Director, producer, screenwriter, photo, biography
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