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Biography LETOV Egor
photo LETOV Egor
Date of Birth: 10/09/1964

. "Get out of time, around all the same

. But only worse, but only nastier

. All the same crap all the same filth

. And where else - so far! "

. (From a song Yegor Letov)

. Igor Fyodorovich Letov, better known by his stage name Yegor was born in Omsk, September 10, 1964, Mr.
. He started his drummer in kurehinskoy "Pop-mechanics". In 1984. Letov founded the group "Civil Defense" - the most desperate, interesting and influential of the Russian punk-teams.

Most of the album Egor wrote down all alone in his own home studio, speaking at the same time guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drummer. Inimitable, deliberately dirty sound, stunning, exploding somewhere in the belly of the voice, rare for the poetry and the power of slaughter melodies merged into one frantic drive. Musical "Defense" is focused not so much on the classics of the genre of punk the Sex Pistols and Exploited, many of garage rock and psychedelic 60's and to some extent the post-punk 80's. Nothing like Russian rock scene hitherto not known. Almost every song is either "Civil Defense" - "Everything is going according to plan" or "My Defense", "Suicide" or "System" - was a potential hit.

By the end of the 80-ies. Egor Letov became the main national musical hero of the counterculture, and the popular rock-critic Sergei Guriev even put in a cultural use of the term "egorotsentrizm". In addition to personal creativity Letov actively involved in the lives of loved ones in spirit to projects: inspired, produced, played, made the sound. The name of Yegor to some extent related to the operation of virtually all large Siberian punk rockers, such as Yanka Diaghilev, Roman Neumoev, Black Lukic, Konstantin Ryabinov, Oleg "MANAGER" Sudakov, Nick Rock-n-roll.

. In the mid 90's
. Egor Letov warmly supported the conservative-revolutionary activities in. Anpilova, E. Limonov, A. Dugin and A. Barkashov, . joined the National Bolshevik Party, . included in the concert repertoire of the song "Once again, the battle continues", . write your own historical significance of the hymn "Motherland" and organized a musical movement "Russian Breakthrough", . under the sign of which played a number of major concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg,

In 1999. "Civil Defense" celebrated its 15 th anniversary. Firm "Chorus" released on CD 14 old albums "major government-and side-project" Communism ". The team visited with concerts in the U.S.. The tour group on Russia, however, was thwarted by the fault of the organizers, the movement "Labor Russia".

In the current "GO" has an older brother Yegor - famous novodzhazovy saxophonist Sergei Letov. Updated "Civil defense" gave in 2000. two very successful concerts in Ryazan and St. Petersburg and is currently preparing a record four new plates.

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  • Dikiy for LETOV Egor
  • Personalities in rock is not much. And otchestvennnom punk-rock even less. It is a pity that not everyone understands the meaning of this verse the singer, Personalities national punk-rock.
  • malinconica for LETOV Egor
  • the election I will vote: "I will always be against
  • Andy for LETOV Egor
  • takaja dolgaja c4astlivaja zizn `!
  • SALVO for LETOV Egor
  • Лутшие go young ...
  • SALVO for LETOV Egor
  • Лутшие go young ...
  • WOLGINA for LETOV Egor
  • study, boys in sequins, who call themselves rock .. THANK YOU FOR ALL Yegorushka, pray for you.
  • Anonymous for LETOV Egor
  • Let there be an eternal memory of a man with a capital Egor Letov
  • Danila for LETOV Egor
  • Egor was not just a brilliant musician, poet and artist, but a personality and one of the fathers of our great RUSSIAN ROCK. Bright memory.
  • cvetly for LETOV Egor
  • coffin is always our ssoboy
  • Olka for LETOV Egor
  • difficult to be a god
  • Valerka for LETOV Egor
  • Yegorushka like to do next? life envied you knew how Taku Stop
  • Valerka for LETOV Egor
  • I hope I see you again
  • mo2use for LETOV Egor
  • Eternal memory ...... .....
  • Luber for LETOV Egor
  • And he did not really need to understand his poems .. and it is not just the identity of domestic rock .. This person is the national punk-rock and psychedelia. Eternal Memory
  • RUSLAN for LETOV Egor
  • He died a talented man, and my spiritual teacher. Thanks to him I saw the world differently. And as long as I live I will remember about him.
  • Evgeniy for LETOV Egor
  • For me, Egor, this is not just music. This filosoviya mirovozreniya.Vechnaya memory you Egor.
  • Lenka for LETOV Egor
  • Yegorushka, my sorrow SVETLA.I we all TOBOY.I you are with us
  • Evgeniy for LETOV Egor
  • With the departure of Yegor ended the era of this panl - roka.Vechnaya memory Yegor Let the earth you rest in peace ...
  • Dimka'NEOMS ' for LETOV Egor
  • Yes, he did not die ........ and is not likely to happen ..........
  • Anonymous for LETOV Egor
  • Died age
  • Kozlov Pavel group leader bestial instincts for LETOV Egor
  • Letov-unique chelovek.TALANT with a capital letter! Legend! The legend lives forever ...
  • A fan in the past, but in the present nastalgiey for LETOV Egor
  • Recalling the violent youth downloaded Yegor, writing and listening to him. From the heights of past years is amazed lyrics, and ineffectiveness of the KGB at the time, but the thaw has not yet begun. Who is the patron? And from where such intelligibility in the country's politics, one of two or holy, or as Lenin ............
  • dim777 for LETOV Egor
  • It's very painful that he went
  • Lech for LETOV Egor
  • I'm almost forty, I heard the 90-m all goes according to plan-ivse! I-zombie. this person ... I can not express their thoughts. simply adore !
  • Michael for LETOV Egor
  • The essence of some of his compositions - priceless Yes ... sorry, some do not understand
  • Dimitri for LETOV Egor
  • everything goes according to plan
  • Seg @ for LETOV Egor
  • Letov was a great punk. His few people understood and uncomprehending dosihpor. Despite the fact that he died, his fame will be eternal. PUNK Oi.
  • Nastya for LETOV Egor
  • He is alive in our hearts
  • Elena for LETOV Egor
  • Egor - the most honest, ingenious ... And not valued. Great personality.
  • Manco for LETOV Egor
  • punks Khoi
  • dja for LETOV Egor
  • His music is still alive he will live in our hearts
  • Jurgen for LETOV Egor
  • Siberian shaman for a long time will kamlat!
  • So for LETOV Egor
  • Cvetlaya memory you Yegor!
  • Cox for LETOV Egor
  • It is hard without him ...
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    LETOV Egor, photo, biography
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