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David Lynch

( Director, Screenwriter)

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Biography David Lynch
Date of Birth: 20/01/1946

David Lynch was born in Missoula, Montana January 20, 1946. He graduated from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, drawing class, the Boston Museum School of workers, Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. He studied at the Los Angeles Center Cinema. The son of the botanist, a specialist on the trees, who worked in the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1970, the American Film Institute gave Lynch a grant to shoot 34-minute film "Grandma" (1970), based on his amateur, poluigrovom-polumultiplikatsionnom five-minute clip "Alphabet" (1968). Within five years he spent in Los Angeles Film Center (owned by the American Film Institute), he finished filming in 1977, "Head of erasing" - consistently avant-garde opus, built as a stream of consciousness of the author. When Melo Brooks showed the film, he immediately offered him the script owned by Lynch "The Elephant Man".

In the 80 th, Lynch shot the film as a parable about the gap between the spiritual and material, form and content. The history of the real John Merrick - a man spiritually beautiful, but disfigured disease, filled with new values. The film enjoyed commercial success and received eight nominations at the Oscars, including a category for best director.

Lynch is sometimes called the "agent of the avant-garde" in Hollywood. On the other hand, . can hear, . that cinema is the story of Lynch's n the United States during the reign of Ronald Reagan, . that "as Lynch, . and obsessed with the myth of Reagan's America of small towns and cherry pie, . constant values and strong families as the nucleus of an atom, . frozen in a trance of innocence. "(Film Comment, . May-June 1993 p.38) Creativity Lynch once defined as "Back to the Future 'ism" - T,
. e. return in the 50's, as in the future, as if the sixties with their counter-culture did not exist. So that, strangely enough, Lynch "additional" to the school Spielberg, but if Spielberg shows the shiny surface of contemporary America, with its return to modified values of the 50's, then Lynch is trying to look for this glittering canopy. (In other words, he tries to "deconstruct dekonstruktorov" - given the fact that Spielberg already spent deconstruction - with subsequent resuscitation - a big Hollywood style 1925-1960 period). How, for instance, lived in the same time in Paris, Hemingway and Henry Miller have interpreted the standard of the material (in the "Fiesta" and "Tropic of Cancer") differently. What was hidden in the subtext of Hemingway, inside-out with Miller.

Perhaps America Lynch, as he showed in the television series "Twin Peaks" (1990), make it popular among the widest circles, and is similar to America 50-x. But for an attractive facade, where Spielberg deliberately not penetrate, and which operates Lynch, are found monsters and demons. (Subject of my movies - search for love in hell, "says the director about his work.)

Detective "Twin Peaks", of course, conditional. The main thing for Lynch's here - speak about the genre of detective / soap opera / series, to make of them copyrighted material. The avant-gardist Lynch, seemingly the last person who could be - in terms of conservative television producers - to be involved in filming the TV series. However, in their decision logic still there, because the basic tenet of postmodernism is the respect to any text. As Jim Jarmusch, "in me is the resistance of any cultural hierarchy. For me equally valuable Beethoven and post-punk, Shakespeare and Mickey Spilleyn. If we are good, so good, whether comic or "great novel". So if you want on the show can find many references to cultural artifacts. And this approach to Lynch, who reinterpreted the genre of soap opera, is one of the main reasons (if not the main) the popularity of the series in the mass spectator.

It should be noted that the notorious "decadence" Lynch, manifested, in particular, relish the physiological and pathological abnormalities - still largely a game of postmodern decadence, rather than "net product". At the same time his style is often overloaded and overly pyshen, texture is replete. Stout decadent style 140-minute "Dune" (1985), his second great film - adaptation of novel by Frank Herbert - causes almost physical desire "to dry a little," "squeeze", "otshelushit superfluous". On the one hand, . "Dune" seemed like a modern fantasy film in the spirit of Lucas (by the way, . Lucas Lynch offered to shoot "The Return Gedeh" - the third film in the epic "Star Wars") - with another, . for sci-fi movie it has a lot of decadence,
. (Or "Art House", the words of an American critic). Lynch himself called the film "filtered debris.

"Detective" his third film "Blue Velvet" (1986) with Kyle MakLohlinom and Dennis Hopper in the lead roles - also, of course, deception. The main thing for Lynch here - again rethinking and deconstruction of the genre. If desired, the film can be found hidden and open quotations from Kafka, . Bosch, . Buц?uel, . and again, "the secret history of America 80", . which again points to the ownership of cinema Lynch to the main style (or, . precisely, . lack of style) modernity,
. (ie. postmodernism).

Lynch's method found the most adequate expression in the 1990 film "Wild at Heart" - it seems to be "road movie", seems to be an erotic thriller, like a melodrama, as if "black film", as if the Christmas tale, seems to be ... One word - again an exemplary postmodern opus. In this "mature" film director managed to avoid the known nesfokusirovannosti early films and improvise artful box surprises and additional values that are equally interesting as viewers and critics. Result of which he was awarded the Palme d'Or, Cannes 1990.

. In "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" (1992), Lynch attempted to show that preceded the events of the TV series - but the film did not actively like any of the critics nor the audience booed him the Cannes Film Festival
. After a series of television works Lynch shot "Lost Highway" (1997) - a mystery novel, again fully matching the concept "The David Lynch Film". Jazz saxophonist (Bill Pullman) is suffering from paranoia - but, . maybe, . then, . happening to him - not at all paranoid? Accused of murdering his wife (Patricia Arquette), . on death row, it becomes a vehicle mechanic (Balatazar Getty), . and released to freedom, . again meets his wife of life "in the previous body",
. In this movie, Lynch again "puts on its hind legs" mystical thriller genre, but it does not destroy it - the film looks at one go, as meynstrimovsky gunman

. Interesting, . however, . that in the movie 1999 "History Straight" (or "Straight Story"), . Lynch entirely abandoned its old delights, . and the minimalist style shoots based on the actual event "simple story" about the journey the old man (Richard Farnsworth) across America on lawn mower,

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1970 Grandma [Grandmother, The]
. 1974 Amputation [Amputee, The]
. 1976 Head erasure [Eraserhead]
. 1980 The Elephant Man [Elephant Man]
. 1985 Dune [Dune]
. 1986 Blue Velvet [Blue Velvet]
. 1989 Twin Peaks [Twin Peaks] (TV series premiered in the 1990-91 yy).
. 1990 The wild heart [Wild at Heart]
. 1992 Twin Peaks, fire walks with me [Twin Peaks, Fire Walks
. With Me]
. 1993 room [ "Hotel Room"] (1993) TV series
. 1995 Lumiц?re and Company [Lumiere et compagnie]
. 1997 Lost Highway [Lost Highway]
. 1999 Highway Mallholand Mulholland Drive [TV]
. 1999
. Obsessed [Driven to It]
1999 The Straight Story / History Straight [Straight Story, The]

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David Lynch, photo, biography
David Lynch, photo, biography David Lynch  Director, Screenwriter, photo, biography
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