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Gary Oldman

( actor, director, producer)

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Biography Gary Oldman
Date of Birth: 21/03/1958

Full name Leonard Gary Oldman (Leonard Gary Oldman)

Gary Oldman was born in London in the family of welders and housewives March 21, 1958, Mr.. He studied at the Rose Brafordskom College of Drama, where he earned a Bachelor of Dramatic Art in 1979. Played in Greenwich Youth Theater and has been busy in the UK in the mass of theatrical projects in the early 1980's. Including played in the play "The Pope's Wedding," after which was Time Out magazine award for best debut season of 1985-1986. As well as the prize of the British theater association as the best actor of the season 1985.

In 1986. as successfully debuted in film in the film "Sid and Nancy" in the role of punk rock star Sid Vishisa (in the role of his girlfriend Nancy - Courtney Love). For perfectly played the role Vishisa he also received awards for best debut season. And in 1988. entered in the category "Best Actor of the Year" at the British Academy of Film and TV personalities for the role of the playwright 1960. Joe Orton in the movie "prick up your ears" (with Vanessa Redgrave).

In 1990. Gary Oldman in a pair with Tim Roth starred in the movie by Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Gildernstern dead "about the backstage life of the minor characters of" Hamlet ". By next year, Oldman has become the most famous Count Dracula (in the film by Francis Ford Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula", 1992). Oldman has played Dracula, which can hardly be called a villain. It emits a maximum of vampire romance. It is not surprising that the heroine Winona Ryder prefers so poetic nature to her fiance - vyalomu hero Keanu Reeves. The war, which announces the "evil" professor (Anthony Hopkins) - a game with only one goal, Dracula in love, and it is in the love of his salvation. A fee earthly happiness was the immortal soul.

Role of the greatest vampire of all time with Oldman played a cruel joke. Let's greet the actor on the world, it cemented a long time for Gary Role villain. Few exceptions (Ludwig van Beethoven) - a spoonful of honey in a barrel of tar. Now, according to Gary himself in Hollywood in the list of contenders for the role of hero in the romantic comedy, his name will be the last. In the case Oldman "genius and evil" were quite compatible.

His most famous villains Oldman played by Luc Besson. One of the best "plohishey" 90-ies. - Norman Stensfild ( "Leon") - wicked and heartless drug addict and police, in the mood-elevating delirium kills everybody. But Oldman would not be itself without self-irony, and therefore Stensfild and especially Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (chubasty villain "Fifth Element") nevrastenichny and disgusting. This quality is especially appreciated by Hollywood Oldman - he can play ugly and nasty villain (usually a supporting actor), who captivates the audience. And despite the fact that even with a dozen villains (Dracula, Stensfild, Zorg, Egor Korshunov in Air Force One, "1998; Dreksil Spivey in" true love ", 1993; Jackie Flannery in" State of Grace ", 1990, and t. d.) Played by Gary, each of them - a new face, new form of psychosis.

Largest fee - $ 5 million - Oldman received for the role of Dr. Zachary Smith in the movie "Lost in Space" (1998). With prizes and awards from festivals situation is rather bad. Gary often gets the nomination, but did not receive.

Gary Oldman has three sons: the eldest Elfi from his first marriage to Leslie Monvil and two kids (Gulliver Flynn and Charlie John) of Donji Fiorentino, whom he married Feb. 16, 1997, Mr.. He was married to Uma Thurman (1990-1992). Oldman's father died of alcoholism, and Gary himself for a long time so seriously drunk, that he had to go to the clinic. Oldman called Hollywood Actor Akterych (Actor's Actor). And not for nothing that he got the nickname: he is able to transform beyond recognition, . each new role offers a special dialect, . its most fascinating villains in Hollywood, . and the best candidate for the role of the historically famous people (Sid Vishis, . Joe Orton, . Lee Harvey Oswald, . Ludwig van Beethoven) there is not found,
. In Russia, he would probably have played Lenin in America is this great Englishman often plays the bad Russian.

Often, as a hero of the second plan, Gary Oldman is the screen size of number one. Elite Cinema, which plays Oldman, does not call: starting Sid Vishisom, Rosencrantz and Count Dracula, he became Egor Korshunov (Air Force One ") and Dr. Zachary Smith (Lost in Space"). Yet Oldman is so good, that look at him pleasantly, even in a very bad movie.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1982 - Reminiscence (Remembrance), Daniel
. 1986 - Sid and Nancy (Sid and Nancy), Sid Vishis
. 1987 - prick up your ears (Prick Up Your Ears), Joe Orton
. 1988 - Criminal Law (Criminal Law), Ben Chase
. -Henry and June (Henry & June), Pop (under the name Maurice Escario)
. 1990 - Chattahoochee - (Chattahoochee), Emmett Fuley
. 1990 - Rosencrantz and Gildernstern dead (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead), Rosencrantz
. 1990 - State of Grace (State of Grace), Jackie Flannery
. 1991 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), Lee Harvey Oswald
. 1992 - Bram Stoker's Dracula (Dracula), Count Vlad Dracul
. 1993 - Police in the sights (Romeo Is Bleeding), Jack Grimaldi
. 1993 - True love (True Romance), Dreksil Spivey
. 1994 - Leon (Leon), Norman Stansfield
. 1994 - Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved), Ludwig van Beethoven
. 1996 - Basquiat (Basquiat), Albert Milo
. 1997 - The Fifth Element (The Fifth Element), Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
. 1998 - Lost in Space (Lost in Space), Dr. Zachary Smith
. 1998 - Air Force One (Air Force One), Egor Korshunov
. 2000 - Opponent (The Contender), Congressman Sheldon

. 1997 - Nothing by mouth (Nil by Mouth), also author of the script

. 1997 - Nothing by mouth (Nil by Mouth)
. 2000 - Opponent (The Contender)

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