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Pazolini Pier Paolo

( Director, screenwriter, actor)

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Biography Pazolini Pier Paolo
Date of Birth: 05/05/1922
Date of death: 02/11/1975
Pier Paolo Pasolini was born May 5 1922. in Bologna, Italy, died on Nov. 2, 1975, Mr.. His father was a military aristocratic descent, his mother - a simple peasant. Known writer-essayist Pasolini acquired while still a student at the University of Bologna. In the film he came in 1954. As a writer, his scripts were delivered 15 films, including inspired connoisseur of Italian bottom Pier Paolo "Nights of Cabiria" by Federico Fellini. In 1961. Pasolini made his directorial debut film "Accattone" ( "Beggar"), which was indicative of his future works. Pasolini always move in defiance of the main direction of Italian cinema: making movies in the life of the lower classes, he deprived the poor romantic aura, typical of neo-realism. He is always gravitated to social Nizam - not only in art, but also in personal life, choosing their sexual partners from among the urban vagrants.

Life and Fate Pasolini identified three charismatic figures - Christ, Marx and Freud, but he was neither an orthodox Marxist, nor a parishioner. In fact, he always remained an outsider, an outcast. The ruling classes are suspicious of the Pasolini because of his leftist beliefs, communists expelled from the party for his homosexual orientation, which he in no way concealed, the more the church believed it immoral person.

Calling himself an atheist, Pasolini said that the feeling for a 20 centuries of Christianity. His "Gospel of Matthew" (1964) - a modern interpretation of the passion of Christ, taken in a pseudo-documentary style, where the image of Christ is clearly written off with the rebellious era of the turbulent 60's, and the Roman legionnaires are dressed as Nazi soldiers. In the role of Mary Magdalene, he took his mother. But the most autobiographical film Pasolini called now on Sophocles' tragedy "Oedipus Rex" (1967) - about the relentless power of rock, which leads man along the road of life. Another classic tragedy by Euripides - "Medea" (1970) - he put in an outstanding opera singer Maria Callas, . giving the old story a new "Marxist" meaning: Medea as the representative of the "third world" does not fit in successfully "civilized" world of her husband Jason, . that leads to a bloody climax.,

. From 1954 to 1975
. Pasolini put 20 films and produced more than 50 books. His directorial handwriting changed, but the main theme was constant: the religion and bigotry as its flip side, the class struggle; sensual passion. His heroes were mostly urban dwellers declassed bottom, the victim, to atone for sins of the world satiated. In the drama "Mamma Roma" (1962) is a poor prostitute (Anna Magnani), his last legs trying to ensure a decent life for his son. In the parable of "Hawks and the Sparrows" (1966) - Tramp (Toto) and his son, an idiot, who meet on the road of Saint Francis. As neo-realists, he used nonprofessional actors, but the pathology of the passions and naturalism of detail brought him more with the traditions of Italian Verismo. In each film is also reflected in his personal drama restless artist who is aware of their weaknesses, but unable to beat them. Even his death at age 53, many considered the logical epilogue of the last film "Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom" (1975), shocked the audience with scenes of sexual perversion and brutal violence. By shifting the action of the novel of the Marquis de Sade in Fascist Italy, . Pasolini depicted the four pillars of society (the Duke, . Bishop, . banker and judge) lascivious cattle, . obsessed with the idea of unchecked power, . lack of which they compensate, . torturing and killing defenseless teenagers.,

. Pasolini's death was a terrible
. In the suburbs of Rome's 17-year-old guy named Pino Pelosi, apologetic afterwards that he was bored sexual harassment Pasolini, the director cutting the skull, and then repeatedly moved to his own "Alfa Romeo". The court raised concerns that the accused committed the crime alone. Until now, the circumstances of Pasolini's death remains unclear and are subjects for books and movies. One of the last - "Pasolini. Italian crime "(1994) Marco Tullio Giordano - was screened at the Venice festival

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1961 - "Akkattone" (Accatone)
. 1962 - "Mamma Roma (Mamma Roma)
. 1962 "Ro.Go.Pa.G." (Rogopag)
. 1963 - "Fury" (La Rabbia)
. 1964 - "Meeting Love" (Comizi D'Amore)
. 1964 - "The Gospel of Matthew" (Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo)
. 1966 - Birds - large and small "(Uccellacci e Uccellini)
. 1967 - "Love and Fury" (Amore e Rabbia
. 1967 - "Oedipus Rex" (Edipo Re)
. 1968 - "theorem" (Teorema), director, screenwriter
. 1969 - "Medea" (Medea)
. 1969 - "pigpen" (Pigpen / Porcile)
. 1970 - "Decameron" (Il Decamerone), director, screenwriter, composer, performer
. 1971 - "Canterbury Tales" (I Racconti di Canterbury)
. 1974 - "Flower of The Thousand and One Nights" (il Fiore Delle Mille e Una Notte)
. 1975 - "Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom" (Salo o Le 120 Giornate di Sodoma)

. 1970 - "Decameron" (Il Decamerone), Giotto
. 1971 - "Canterbury Tales" (I Racconti di Canterbury), Jeffrey Chosser

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Pazolini Pier Paolo, photo, biography
Pazolini Pier Paolo, photo, biography Pazolini Pier Paolo  Director, screenwriter, actor, photo, biography
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