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Busta Rhymes

( Singer)

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Biography Busta Rhymes
Date of Birth: 20/05/1972

. "I like a silly multgeroya, but if I were only to them, I would long ago have thrown in the trash" - Busta Rhymes.

. In the hip-hop is hard to find a more interesting actor than Busta Rhymes
. Unusual videos, "clown" costume, a strange manner of expression - he is not afraid to laugh at himself and the whole "black" music. And although in his work a lot of humor, the problems raised Rimes - politics, race relations, religion - are very important in American society.

Trevor Smith (real name Basta) was born in Brooklyn, May 20, 1972 in a family of emigrants from Jamaica. Tall and agile, he could be a good basketball player, if not passion for hip-hop. This music has taken him seriously, and all his free time he devoted to it. While still in school, Basta took part in a musical contest, sponsored by the authoritative and rappers Chuck D of Public Enemy. After that he began his serious musical career - with three friends rapper founded the group Leaders of the New School. Prosizhivaya day in the studio of Public Enemy in Long Island, the band members learned something and were able to sign a contract with Elektra Records. Basta then was 17 years old, and he quit school to devote himself entirely to music ...

The boys did not earn big money, but in certain circles Leaders of the New School was considered a cult band. Discography of this period consisted of 2 albums - in 1990, "Future Without a Past" and in 1993, "TIME". Then the rapper was caught in a network of Islamic religious sect, calling themselves "Five percent of the population". The cult lured wealthy artists, mostly blacks, the world of five per cent of the world population on the mystery of the universe, while the rest were doomed to exist in the dark until the day of Doomsday. Also Basta in the network of the sect, founded in 1964, caught such rap artists of the first series, as Rakim, Erykah Badu and Queen Latifah. From that moment began office Basta from the collective.

Voice Basta or his ideas appeared in the works of Boyz II Men, Mary J Blige and TLC, after cooling of the artist to the child, Leaders of the New School. Particularly successful was the cooperation with A Tribe Called Quest, whose work in 1991, "Scenario", received nationwide recognition. Unfortunately, the ascent to Olympus of fame was overshadowed by personal tragedy. In 1993, due to premature birth of his girlfriend, Basta had lost his first child.

Such a blow not just survive, but Basta found the strength not to leave career. As often happens, tragedy spurred him. A year later they had a boy. It was called Ti'Zia. By the time an artist had just walked away from Leaders Of The New School and began a long time finally zadumanymi projects. He acted in the film, John Singleton, recorded a solo album, "The Coming" (1996), which is now called the "turning point" in the development of hip-hop and the first single from which the "Woo-Hah! (Got You All n Check)" immediately went into top ten "Billboard".

Profits from the sale of the album "The Coming", as well as follow-up work in 1997 "When Disaster Strikes" was created its own record company, Flipmode Entertainment. The company has grown and is a real "threat" to other labels. There is a group with the same name The Flipmode Squad, where with my friends likes to make himself Rimes. Their album was released in September 1998.

The most striking solo project of singer - "Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front" - was released shortly after the conclusion of the group The Flipmode Squad. This record reflects the idea of doomsday and other outrages that will erase humanity from the face of the earth, unless, of course, it did not come to its senses and begins to lead a more correct way of life. Here is the track, recorded with Ozzy Osbourne - "This Means War", as well as the song "What's It Gonna Be?!", Performed with Janet Jackson.

Rimes, like any black rapper, could not avoid trouble with the law. Got it, like many on the illegal possession of weapons. In March 1999, Basta again came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of threats that he made over the phone to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. Not so long ago at Basta has another business interest - it creates a clothing line "Bushi". In 2000, Rimes released the album "Anarchy" and starred in the remake of the legendary classic film blaxploitation "Sheft.

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  • sem_savelovskaya for Busta Rhymes
  • RESPECT AROUND THE MOSCOW-CITY! I LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO WERE IN Krasnopresnenskaya nab 23IYUNYA, concerts League and two Negroes Busta Rhymes!: To show your BR ABOUT IT!
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