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Geoffrey Rush

( Actor)

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Biography Geoffrey Rush
Date of Birth: 06/07/1951

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush was born on July 6, 1951. This guy somehow outdid Ilya Murom: if a Russian epic hero sat on the stove for 33 years, then Rush has managed to remain in the shadows and obscurity right up to 45 years.

No, the movies he first lit in 1981, but within fifteen years vegetating as a third-Executive. The most significant act in the life of Rush for a long time remained in the room with the neighborhood Mel Gibson, yes, again jointly with Mel participate in a student production of "Waiting for Godot". Rush did not differ dissipated life, because tabloids had him spit. Well, you can write about a modest hypocrite, had married once - in 1988 to Jane Menelaus - and forever? Happy father of Angelica (year of birth - 1992) and James (g.r. - 1995), normal (if not ordinary) people, lacked the stars from the sky and small steps.

But then came 45 years - the best time for the next age crisis. Rush had his own crisis particularly well, vyplesnuv mental suffering on the screen. Result - crowned for Oscars Helfgotta role of David, a brilliant madman, a pianist - a schizophrenic in the biographical drama of Scott Hicks' "Shine" (1996)

. This film marked the beginning of careers in Hollywood, winner of the grotesque appearance Rush was the ideal performer of dubious characters, . Traditionally taking place on the category of monsters, . but - given the requirements of PC, . - To one degree or another in need of legalization,
. Hence the logical evolution followed Helfgottom characters: light-fingered slicker Philip Henslou, who nevertheless despises all my heart for art (in "Shakespeare in Love"). Mean bloodhound Zhaver, which, nevertheless, deserves forgiveness as entirely devoted to duty afflicted sufferer (in tysyachepervoy film adaptation of "Les Miserables"). Devilish cross between two characters-bogey, and Casanova Frankenstein, in the chaotic comic "Mysterious People". Finally, the Marquis de Sade, who until the dramatized film by Philip Kaufman's "The Pen is the Marquis de Sade" frightened disobedient children, and after the film is likely to put up a monument.

. Praise does not spoil Rush, remains as simple and not stellar hero
. At Moscow Festival 1997, he brought a charming political comedy "Children of the Revolution," a little surprised local observers for the unexpected "oskaronostsa" accessibility and naturalness. But Rush does not underestimate his talent: the question, . Does he not envy the young handsome Joseph Fiennes (whom Rush has played twice, in "Shakespeare in Love" and "Elizabeth"), . Jeffrey wittily replied: "Joseph poimel Paltrou Gwyneth and Cate Blanchett, . but I poimel "Oscar",
. The role of the Marquis de Sade brought him a second nomination for the golden statuette

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography (actor)

. 1981 - "four-flusher" (Hoodwink); Detective N1
. 1982 - "Star platform" (Starstruck)
. 1987 - "Twelfth Night" (Twelfth Night); Sir Andrew
. 1996 - "Shine" (Shine); David
. 1996 - "Children of the Revolution" (Children of the Revolution); Zachary Welch
. 1996 - "Call me Selom" (Call Me Sal); WAL
. 1998 - "A bit of soul" (A Little Bit of Soul); Godfrey Usher
. 1998 - "Les Miserables" (Les Miserables); Zhaver
. 1998 - "Elizabeth" (Elizabeth); Sir Francis Uolsingem
. 1998 - "Shakespeare in Love" (Shakespeare in Love); Philip Henslou
. 1999 - "Mysterious people" (Mystery Man); Casanova Frankenstein
. 1999 - "House on the Hill ghosts" (House on Haunted Hill); Stephen Price
. 2000 - "The pen of the Marquis de Sade" (Quills); de Sade
. 2001 - "The Tailor of Panama" (The Tailor of Panama); Harry Penalty kick

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  • alana for Geoffrey Rush
  • Geoffrey Rush wonderful actor, but I liked his role in the film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Jeffrey was able to make this character just wonderful pirate Barbosa. Brave, strong and purposeful nature of Captain Barbosa, Doda this movie a zest that was unable to give even Jack Sparrow. I wish that the actor good luck and creative successes!
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    Geoffrey Rush, photo, biography
    Geoffrey Rush, photo, biography Geoffrey Rush  Actor, photo, biography
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