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Biography CHRISTINA Thomas
Date of Birth: 24/05/1960

If the author had the loudest movie 1999. "American Beauty, Sam Mendes remembered his origins and decided to remove the" Beauty-British ", . role in it simply was obliged to play Kristin Scott Thomas, . subtle icy eroticism which perfectly represents the national type of beauty from the shores of Albion,
. In 1997. actress was named the magazine "People" among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. However, ironically, much more often, Christine can be found in the French ribbons, rather than in the relatives of the British.

Kristin Scott Thomas was born May 24, 1960, Mr.. in the English town Redrut, Cornwall. She was the eldest of five children in the family. His father, Christine how to find no time - he was the pilot of the British Royal Navy and was killed in an accident in 1964. His stepfather, too, the girl was not lucky, the case is similar to the amateur black comedy and it seems incredible, but true: her adoptive father was also a pilot and six years later died under similar circumstances, as a father. Christine's childhood passed in the town of Dorset. At sixteen, she was thinking seriously about the monastic path, but to the greater joy of moviegoers, career monastic novice was not developed. When the young lady nineteen, the future actress moved to Paris, where happily married to a French obstetrician Francois Olivenne. Together with her husband and two children - eight-year-old daughter Hannah and five years old son Joseph - Christine lives in a village house of XIX century.

In France, Christine enrolled in acting class (note, not the first time, but a previous attempt to do so in London has failed). Shot on TV (for example, in Russia in the famous TV series "Mistral's Daughter"), and in her debut film musical "Under the Cherry Moon" in 1986. The director of this film was an artist, formerly known as Prince (then, of course, just Prins). Like other performance projects the Artist, "Cherry Moon" failed miserably at the box office, but remains a pleasant nostalgia for fans. In the story of two brothers, playboy, burn under the Mediterranean sun, their lives and money-rich single ladies, Kristin went to the role of a young millionaire, a heartbreaking one swarthy Al'fonsov.

Disappointed in Hollywood, Kristin chose to withdraw in Europe, for example, along with Catherine Deneuve in a spy absurdity Jean-Pierre Moki "Agent Trouble" (1987). A truly great work for his career, Thomas became a British painting by Charles Ctarridzha "handful of dust" (1988), filmed on the novel by Evelyn Waugh. That is the role of heartless immoral beautiful Lady Brenda Christine did really well-known. Among the other films made with Scott Thomas in the next 5 years, three deserve special mention. "Everyone in the mind" (1990), desperately romantic thriller young Frenchman Eric Roshan, the hero who takes a school bus, to impress his girlfriend. Christine played a hostage-school teacher, gradually penetrating to the young madman sympathy. "Bitter Moon" (1992), . erotic drama paranoid genius of Roman Polanski, here for the first time Christine has played a duet with fellow blue-eyed Hugh Grant, and their characters were met at the posh sea liner heroes Emmanuelle Seigner and Peter Coyote, . opening up sexually conservative British erotic fathomless whirlpools,
. Finally, the "Unforgettable Summer" (1994), the largest Romanian producer of our Luciana Pintilie. In this visually exquisite political drama played Christine, perhaps one of the best roles. Her heroine rejected the proposal lustful general and unwitting culprit disgrace of her husband, a true monarch of the Romanian officers, had been exiled to serve in the darkness-cockroach. 1925, the year, while troubled; voiceovers Macedonian gunmen killed a number of Romanian soldiers and superior officers decided to shoot a warning indicative of local Bulgarian peasants, imposing a punitive mission on the implementation of the main character ...

. New surge of popularity, Christine began after a sensational comedy by Mike Newell, "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (1994), where she again starred alongside Hugh Grant
. In 1995. actress starred in two of the festival art-hits - intsestualnoy costume drama by Philip Haas' Angels and Insects "and the modernized version of" Richard III ", made by Richard Linklater. The last film was awarded the "Silver Bear" at the Berlin International Film Festival, the jury which was then headed by Nikita Mikhalkov. The next year, fate brought Kristin Scott Thomas with Ingeborg Dapkunaite on the set Hollywood blockbuster "Impossible Job" (1996). Both actresses had been assigned the unenviable role of the beautiful shade hero Tom Cruise, the heroine of both rapidly killed. By the way, and Anthony Minghella has invited Kristin to a major role in his triumphant epic "The English Patient" (1996) despite the opinion of the producers, who saw in Scott Thomas no more than the ideal performer of the second plan. Nominated for Oscar prompted a closer look at the American actress filmmeykerov Class A - in 1997. she played the main female role in the melodrama of Robert Redford's "The exorcist horses". In 2000. She met again with director Philip Haas, starring with Sean Penn and Jeremy Davies in the film "The Villa"

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1986 - "Under the Cherry Moon" (Under the Cherry Moon), Mary Sharon
. 1987 - Agent trouble "(Agent trouble), Julie
. 1987 - Jamal and Juliet "(Djamal et Juliette)
. 1987 - "Chameleon" (La Tricheuse)
. 1988 - "Fistful of ashes" (A Handful of Dust), Brenda Lest
. 1989 - "force majeure" (Force majeure), Katya
. 1990 "- in plain sight" (Aux yeux du monde)
. 1990 - "Governor's Ball" (Le Bal du gouverneur), Marie Forestier
. 1992 - "Bitter Moon" (Lunes de fiel), Fiona
. 1994 - "Unforgettable Summer" (Unete inoubliable), Marie-Therese von Debrecen
. 1994 - "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (Four Weddings and a Funeral), Fiona
. 1995 - "Angels and Insects" (Angels and Insects), Matty Crompton
. 1995 - "Richard III" (Richard III), Lady Anne
. 1995 - "Recognition" (Le Confessionnal), assistant to Alfred Hitchcock
. 1996 - "The English Patient" (The English Patient), Katharine Clifton
. 1996 - "Impossible Job" (Mission: Impossible), Sarah Davis
. 1998 - "The Avengers" (The Revengers' Comedies), Imogen Stekston-Billing
. 1998 - "The exorcist horses" (The Horse Whisperer), Anne McLean
. 1999 - "Random Hearts" (Random Hearts), Kay Chandler
. 2000 - "At the Villa" (Up at the Villa), Mary Panton

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CHRISTINA Thomas, photo, biography
CHRISTINA Thomas, photo, biography CHRISTINA Thomas  Actress, photo, biography
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