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Bruce Willis

( Actor, producer, screenwriter)

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Biography Bruce Willis
photo Bruce Willis
Date of Birth: 19/03/1955

Full name: Walter Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955, Mr.. in Idar-Oberstein (West Germany) at a U.S. military base. Willis' father was a military man, and then - as a welder. Two years after the birth of her son's father retired and the family returned to New Jersey, where the present working environment, and spent his childhood "good nut". He was the eldest of four children. Since childhood, Bruce hinted that still sometimes makes itself felt. Here he graduated from high school, where he was one of the activists and even the President of Student Council. From childhood Willis adored the theater, so after school went to college Montekler where teaching acting has always been at the height. In 1977. Bruce dropped out and moved to New York, hoping to find a real job on his beloved profession. He managed to not immediately. First post of Willis - a truck driver at the plant. Lesson for the soul - playing harmonica in a blues ensemble.

First there were unobtrusive role in the Broadway plays. And then a miracle happened: Willis, who worked as a waiter, saw a casting producer who really liked the catchy and energetic face guy from entourage and who needed a bartender for a small movie roles.

. Real glory Willis brought television series "Detective Agency" Moonlight "(1985)
. Detective-humourist David Edison - a dream of some mad women and stimulus for other, unpredictable man with an ineradicable sense of humor. With him is never boring, and stupid to expect to retire. Edison is very reminiscent of the Bruce in his youth. It is because of his restless boyish nature Willis ever got into all sorts of bad stories and at times his drunk three sheets, handed down from the party. Once Bruce even lost his job because of what was driving drunk.

His future wife, actress Demi Moore, Bruce Willis had met on the set of pictures "a police post in July 1987. The couple surprised everyone in Hollywood - both treated for alcohol dependency in rehabilitation clinics, both with strong and decisive character, both stubborn and ambitious. It seemed that they simply can not be together. But distrust of skeptics was quickly defeated. And Bruce and Demi have broken with the past and from bad habits. They quickly achieved success - it is a "ghost," he - in the "hard nut to crack" (1988). On the "hard nut to crack", . after which Willis hit a truly resounding success, . Bruce responds quite critical: "If we remember the past, . then I would have enough fingers of one hand, . to recalculate the movies, . I myself have taken pleasure,
. Studios always wanted from an actor of the same - in my case, this means that I must, brandishing weapons, tear along the street, shouting "Do not do it!".

. After the militants that, . policeman, . one on one battle with a gang of cruel and inhuman terrorists, . save the world from catastrophe and his wife, . Willis for a long time became a prisoner uniformly heroic Role - for the first "hard nut to crack" was followed by two very successful at the box office sequel,
. "In the telephone directory you will find me under the name of" the Savior of mankind ", - says Bruce - but sometimes I do and another movie."

. The socio-critical film, Brian De Palma's Bonfire of Vanity "(1990) brought on the set of Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith and Tom Hanks
. History of journalistic adventure, . errors, . ups and downs taken in the classical style for De Palma, . but career Willis, . unfortunately, . importance had, . unless proven once heterogeneity and ambiguity of Willis as an actor.,

. "Other Cinema" - this, for example, "Color of Night" (1994), made in defiance of "Basic Instinct" psychoanalytic-erotic thriller in which Bruce turns life-threatening affair with a young heroine of Jane March
. Puritan American censors cut out of the picture (recognized, by the way, the worst film in 1994) 15-minute erotic scene, as a result, Redux version appeared in the U.S. on video only in 1998

. "Hudson Hawk" (1991) tells us about the recently released from prison, a crook, who is forced to abandon laudable intentions honestly spend rest of my life
. To save his friend has got into a scrape, he makes inventive and rollicking theft, and he in turn, merges into trouble. Criticism of blown film, where the partners were Willis and Danny Aiello Andie MacDowell, in tatters, but viewers still watching it with pleasure.

In 1994. Bruce Willis starred in the landmark for the 90-ies. Quentin Tarantino film "Pulp Fiction". Film about two different philosophical killer complex structure, . numerous references to Kinoklassika and confusing plot, . Tarantino bringing glory to the chief director of the independent American cinema, . Willis and giving them an opportunity to recall, . he not only commercial, . but a good actor,
. In Tarantino Willis appears as a sentimental, courageous boxer Butch, who did not hesitate to put three because of heirlooms and be sure to take care of blueberry pie for their beloved. Out of gratitude to Tarantino Willis for next year appeared without any mention in the credits at the same time set last novel "Four Rooms".

. On set sci-fi movie "Twelve Monkeys" (1995), Willis had the opportunity to work with the former "montipaytonovtsem and talented vizualistom Terry Gillyamom
. A film about post-apocalyptic future of our planet was based on a documentary short film by Chris Marker's "La Jetц?e" and combines cyberpunk addiction progressive producer and eschatological fears are well-fed American society, . tormented by guilt,
. Hero Willis whole life is one and the same vision, which is the moment of his own death. The parallels with the future of "The Sixth Sense" are evident.

Finally get rid of the Role Willis action movie hero has not managed. Throughout the 90's. Bruce steadily went on the warpath, and saved humanity from a variety of evils: terrorists, asteroids, aliens and other evil. Famous fantastic scene Luc Besson's The Fifth Element "(1997) also reduces to the next save the world - Willis acted as a taxi driver from the distant future, . on whose shoulders the responsibility not only for the planet Earth, . but for the entire universe, . as well as the notorious "fifth element" - krasnovolosuyu Milla Jovovich.,

. In his spare time Willis saves the children geezer
. In the painting "Mercury is in danger" (1998), his FBI agent Art Jeffries put in charge of the boy with autism, . which represents a threat to the conspirators in the highest government circles, . and in "The Sixth Sense" (1999), a psychologist in the performance of Willis helps the child, . approver, . that "sees dead people.",

. June 24, 1998, Mr.
. was officially announced that the 11-year-old married Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, all the while proudly wearing the title of one of the most solid and loving family in Hollywood, broke. From Demi Moore have three daughters of Willis: Rumer Willis (1988), Laura Scott (1991) and Talulah Bell (1994). After the break with Demi, Bruce met with different girls - among his companions were Spanish model Maria Bravo Rosado and the waitress he owns a restaurant, but with anyone he did not stay long.

. Unlike bygone underground ex-wife of Bruce continued to withdraw a lot
. In 1999. he has worked in four scenes. The film "Our Story" tells of how the two are desperately trying to save their marriage after 15 years of marriage. Although the partner of Willis was another star - Michelle Pfeiffer, this melodrama was not a success at the box office. Another of his work - Ribbon All nine yards "- the killer, settled in the suburbs near the quiet and respectable neighbors, was much more successful. But the screen version of the novel by Kurt Vonnegut "Breakfast of Champions" Willis financed entirely from his own pocket for the sake of playing a man with whom fame has played a cruel joke. His character - rich, famous person in town who slowly goes mad from the frustration of his life and loneliness. Tape was in the U.S. in a limited box office and was intended to once again demonstrate Willis claims to have considered as a serious actor.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1985 - "Detective Agency" Moonlight "(Moonlighting), TV, David Edison
. 1987 - "blind date" (Blind Date), Walter Davis
. 1988 - "Sunset Boulevard" (Sunset), Tom Mix
. 1988 - "The Return of Bruno" (Return of Bruno), Bruno Radolini
. 1988 - "Die Hard" (Die Hard), John McClain
. 1989 - "Look who says" (Look Who's Talking), the voice of Mickey
. 1990 - "Look who says-2" (Look Who's Talking-2), the voice of Mickey
. 1990 - "Die Hard 2" (Die Hard-2), John McClain
. 1990 - "The Bonfire of the Vanities" (Bonfire of Vanities)
. 1991 - "Hudson Hawk" (Hudson Hawk), Hudson Hawk
. 1991 - "The Last Boy Scout" (The Last Boy Scout), Joe Hallenbek
. 1992 - Death of her to face "(Death Becomes Her), Ernest Menvill
. 1994 - "North" (North), the narrator
. 1994 - "Color of Night" (Color of Night), Dr. Bill Capa
. 1994 - "Pulp Fiction" (Pulp Fiction), Butch Coolidge
. 1995 - "Die Hard-3" (Die Hard), John McClain
. 1995 - "Four Rooms" (Four Rooms), Leo
. 1995 - "Twelve Monkeys" (12 Monkeys), James Cole
. 1996 - "Beavis and Butt-head Udelyvaet America"
. 1997 - "The Fifth Element" (The Fifth Element), Major Korben Dallas
. 1997 - "The Jackal" (The Jackal), Jackal
. 1998 - "Mercury is in danger" (Mercury Rising), Arthur Art Jeffries
. 1998 - "Armageddon" (Armageddon), Harry C
. Stamper
. 1998 - "The Siege" (The Siege), General William Devereaux
. 1999 - "Frankie goes to Hollywood" (Franky Goes to Hollywood)
. 1999 - "Breakfast of Champions" (Breakfast of Champions), Dwayne Hoover
. 1999 - "The Sixth Sense" (The Sixth Sence), Malcolm Crowe
. 1999 - "Our History" (The Story of Us), Ben Jordan
. 2000 - "All nine yards" (Whole Nine Yards), Jimmy "Tulip" Tyudeski
. 2000 - "inflexible" (Unbreakable), David Dunne

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Bruce Willis, photo, biography
Bruce Willis, photo, biography Bruce Willis  Actor, producer, screenwriter, photo, biography
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