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Mikhail Ulyanov

( Actor)

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Biography Mikhail Ulyanov
photo Mikhail Ulyanov
Date of Birth: 20/11/1927

One of the greatest actors of the Soviet cinema, Mikhail Ulyanov was born in the village Bergamak Omsk region. In 1944 - 1945 he. studied at the studio at the Omsk theater, and in 1950, Mr.. graduated from the Theater School. Shchukin. The fate of Mikhail Aleksandrovich long connected with the Academic Theater. Vakhtangov, where he was first actor to replace, and later became not only a leading performer and director, and since 1987 - the artistic director.

. At the mere mention of the name Mikhail Ulyanov from anyone even slightly familiar with the national cinema, there is the image of this Russian peasant, no matter - whether fair-Communist Party member, handsome leader of the military or
. Whether the name has done its job, whether a special appearance helped, but Ulyanov for his acting career, played a few times of Lenin and the commander Georgy Zhukov. However, the first experience in the successful film actor has brought. Debuting in 1952. Laptev role of Jacob in the movie "Yegor Bulychev and others," Ulyanov few years, stayed in the shadows - not yet received an invitation to play a major role in the poetic epic "Volunteers" (1958), the action which began in the late 30-ies. and ends at 50-s. History of three friends (A. Bykov, P. Shcherbakov and M. Ulyanov started after pictures of real stars) unfolded at an extremely romantic background - the first Metrostroy Street achievement and first love, . activities of anti-fascist International Brigades in Spain, . battle of the Great Patriotic War and the postwar reconstruction of the country ..,
. The audience fell in love with charming young actors taking even the non-traditional movie pathetic poetic text Eugenia Dolmatovski. For a long time stuck Ulyanov Role of a positive hero.

Not once Ulyanov played in a duet with Nonna Mordyukova. Their first meeting during the shooting happened in the film "Ekaterina Voronina (1957), in" Volunteers "Mordyukova got a bright episode, . and in "simple stories" (1960) on-screen characters Michael and Nona waited almost "official", . but a very touching novel,

Father Ulyanov was chairman of the kolkhoz, so perhaps the family genes are important when the leading man in the movie "The President" (1964). On the role of Yegor Trubnikov first assume Eugene Urban, but director Aleksei Saltykov was afraid that he will play too heroic and character needed to lose a realistic idea of "grounding". The ideal actor was Ulyanov, strong and visible - concrete. Pronounced in the "simple stories" Mordyukova words "you're good man, but not the eagle, this hero is not applicable. The present Russia's hero, an example of "the current tribe," Hero with a capital letter, transcends the farm of the postwar era epic. But along with numerous Komsomol and Party workers Mikhail Ulyanov successfully played and classical heroes. So in 1968,. he, together with Kirill Lavrov, Ivan Pyryev conclude the film "The Brothers Karamazov", realizing the image of the older brothers - Dmitry. And in 1970, a year after assignment Ulyanov title "People's Artist of the USSR, Vladimir Naumov and Alexander Alov filmed Bulgakov's" Flight ". In this more like the text of a masterpiece Ulyanov beautifully executed tragicomic role fled from the Soviet authorities in Constantinople General Charnota.

Peculiar tabulation of results was for creative work in the chamber Ulyanov psychological drama Julia Reisman "Private Life" (1982). The role of a retired major social worker, in his declining years to rethink their lives, brought the actor award in Venice Festival and the State Prize.

In 90-ies. worthy of aging Ulyanov removed there remains a lot, and successfully, the range of movies with actor ranges from spooky social farce Michael Ptashuk "Cooperative" Politburo "(1992) to an optimistic comedy Dmitry Astrakhan" Everything will be fine "(1995),
. In 1999. Stanislav Govorukhin decided on a free remake of the old Hollywood thriller "Death Wish" - title role of "Voroshilov hands" went to Ulyanov. He convincingly played with frightening old killer, cold-blooded and inventive rapists avenging his granddaughter. The participation of the actor in questionable project earned him the prize "Nika".

. 1952 - Egor Bulychev and others, "Jacob Laptev
. 1956 - "They were the first", Kolyvanov
. 1957 - The house where I live, "Dmitry Kashirin
. 1957 - "Ekaterina Voronina, Sutyrin
. 1958 - "Volunteers", Kaytanov
. 1958 - "There were soldiers, Egor
. 1958 - "City at dawn," Belous
. 1960 - "Baltic Sky", Rassokhin
. 1960 - "The Straight Story", Danilov
. 1961 - "Battle of the way", Bahir
. 1961 - "Let the Light, Sobakin
. 1962 - "Newbie" Lyzlov
. 1963 - "The Living and the Dead", Army Commander
. 1963 - "Silence", Bykov
. 1964 - "President", Yegor Trubnikov
. 1965 - "Lenin in Switzerland, Lenin
. 1968 - "The Brothers Karamazov, Dmitri Karamazov
. 1968 - "Sketches for a portrait:" A roll call vote, "" One and a half hours in his study of Lenin, "" The air of People's Commissars, Lenin
. 1968 - 1971 - Liberation, Marshal G
. Zhukov
. 1970 - "Flight", General Charnota
. 1970 - "Sea of Fire," Zhukov
. 1970 - "On the way to Lenin, Lenin
. 1971 - Egor Bulychev and others, Yegor Bulychev
. 1971 - "Listen, on the other side," Zhukov
. 1974 - "Selecting the goal," Zhukov
. 1976 - The Legend of Thiele, Klaas
. 1976 - "Blockade", Marshal Zhukov
. 1976 - "Soldiers of Freedom", Marshal Zhukov
. 1977 - "Call me in the distance a light," Nicholas
. 1977 - "Feedback", Nurken
. 1980 - "Last Escape", Kustov
. 1981 - "The facts of the past day," Mikheyev
. 1982 - "Private Life", Abrikosov
. 1982 - "If the enemy does not surrender ...", Marshal Zhukov
. 1983 - "Day of the division commander, Marshal Zhukov
. 1985 - Battle for Moscow, Marshal Zhukov
. 1987 - "Choice", Vasiliev
. 1988 - "Our train, Ivan Savic
. 1989 - "Stalingrad", Marshal Zhukov
. 1990 - "War", Marshal Zhukov
. 1991 - House under the starry sky, Bashkirtsev
. 1991 - "It Sukhovo-Kobylin, Varravin
. 1992 - "Sam I am - born in Vyatka, Kirpikov
. 1992 - "The Master and Margarita", Pontius Pilate
. 1992 - "Cooperative" Politburo ", formerly the secretary
. 1995 - "Everything will be fine!" Grandfather
. 1998 - "waiting room"
. 1999 - "Voroshilov Marksman" grandfather.

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