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Biography FERRET Brian
Date of Birth: 26/09/1945

Bryan Ferry was born on 26 th September 1945 in the depths of Albion - the town of Washington. Winner of the soft sensual vocal, Brian is on the school bench got rid of the problems of self-determination. Entered the University of Newcastle for the "study of art," a young dude was in the midst of the cultural revolutions personally. Some "pop-conceptualist Richard Hamilton saw an elegant, handsome man in the potential of the true frontman, inviting Ferry in the community, called The Banshees - from the piercing gaze Syuksi Siu this remarkable event, apparently escaped.

In the late sixties, he joined the soul group Gas Board, which worked in the bowels of bassist Graham Simpson. A short pause n and in 1970 the music world had already lit the star of Roxy Music, which are considered the founders of Simpson and Ferry. Brian is not in vain at university, to take up the design team.

In 1973 he released his debut album of cover versions of "These Foolish Things", a single pilot was a remake of the legendary "watered-Zong" Bob Dylan "A Hard Rain A Gonna-Fall". Cocktail tones and subtle flirtation flirtation were refined masters are organic, even in such unexpected numbers like "Sympathy For The Devil" Rolling Stones, or in minimalist space, rooms Beatles "You Wonut See Me". So, the recipe solo success was found in a cold form, but the senses of content.

Continuing to work with Roxy Music, Ferry, in 1974, issued the following reflection that the fate of pop-music. During the creation of "Another Time Another Place" Brian reached such classics as "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" Kern \ Harbaha. Art-rockers at the time were not concerned about the mutations of progressive music, which arc boomerang back to the time-tested standards and pop musician Ferry're doing something, adapting the classics of the genre to his own vocal style. Ferri wrote the title track itself, diluted glorious pantheon Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Ike Turner and favorite Dylan.

Gradually, Ferry began to write songs for themselves, increasing their presence on the album. Album 1976 "Letus Stick Together" was interesting and original rethinking of Roxy Music n mild version of the classic "Re-Make/Re-Model" really fun graceful optional and the lack of sound pressure of the original. A year later, Ferry, finally released "In Your Mind" n album comprised entirely of original material. Simplified country - Roxy Music version of the same period was cursing the press, despite the strength of singles "This Is Tomorrow" and "Tokyo Joe". No less caustic was received and the following "original" draft "The Bride Stripped Bare", on a break with the catwalk queen Jerry Hall (future wife of Mick Jagger n). Of course, in the era of punk rock numbers such as "She Walks In The Room" and "Sign Of The Times" perceived sluggish. This had the album and texts, showing flashy melancholy and passion of evil resorts.

After this setback, Ferry focused on Roxy Music, which also occurred in parallel musical reform. As a result, a lovely child glam-rock has become a refined pop-team with impeccable arrangements and a death of cold in the eyes. "Avalon" and was just fine epitaph for the band.

Bryan Ferry, as it turned out, was the most obsessed promoter of the new style n music to chill out, nakokainennoy bohemia. Pretentious synth-pop Ferry, accompanied by David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, the whole unit percussionists and backing vocalists. Two masterpieces of modern pop music have been issued from 1985 to 1987 - "Boys And Girls" and "Bete Noir". It should be noted that the Ferry on "Bete Noir" could not resist the temptation to work with Johnny Marr, guitarist The Smiths - the song "Right Stuff" became a unique symbol of the encounter of two generations of aesthetes mannered.

The same time continue to produce a variety of compilations as Roxy Music, and most of Brian n occasionally there came across fresh tracks (usually cover versions) that serve as bait for fans. In 1993, the album comes out "Taxi", which arrangements perfected, to the creative absurdity. Lou Reed, Screamin 'Jay Hawkins and Rossy de Palma (as a visual symbol) were involved in an exotic cocktail weary playboy survivor "pure love and bitter hangover". The more unexpected was the perfect follow-up of the original album "Mamouna".

In 1999, he turned his eyes to the classic Broadway on the album "As Time Goes By", performing all the songs with frightening authenticity. In 2000 he published a collection of "Slave To Love: Best Of Ballads".

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FERRET Brian, photo, biography
FERRET Brian, photo, biography FERRET Brian  Singer, photo, biography
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