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Rutger Hauer

( Actor)

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Biography Rutger Hauer
Date of Birth: 23/01/1944

Rutger Hauer was born on January 23, 1944, Mr.. in the Netherlands city Brekenene in a family of actors. However, despite the correct heredity, his path to the screen was tortuous and fastidious. In his youth Hauer served in the Army, worked as a carpenter, welder, gardener before they entered the Amsterdam School of Dramatic Art, which he graduated in 1967. Then he worked briefly in the theater, in the late 60-ies. debuted in the film, but became famous only after his meeting with the largest Dutch director Paul Verhuvenom. They met while working on television series in 1969, and in 1973. Hauer played in the sensational erotic drama "The Turkish sweets", which became a kind of violent response to Verhoeven masterpiece Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris ". Elements paintings became a hot passion of two young heroes, the ordinary "rebels without a cause" hiding behind feigned cynicism lost romantic illusions, and rampant provocative sex masking genuine affection.

. In 1975
. Verhoeven took the screen version of O'Neill's autobiographical book Doff "Kite Tippel, which takes place in the early twentieth century. Again, the main role has been invited to the famous Rutger Hauer. The director was delighted with his discovery, he felt that Hauer had that rare gift that American Billy Wilder called "kinoplotyu" for Marilyn Monroe. Blond, handsome was this muse Verhoeven - he played the valiant hero, the protagonist in the next tape masters, . historical war drama "Soldier Queen" (another name: "The soldier Orange country", . 1977), . in the bitter "generational" comedy "cabs" (1980) have already appeared as a guest star in a cameo blockbuster race driver.,

. Verhoeven has repeatedly said that Hauer was his alter-ego, embodying the noble, the bright side of human nature
. However, two-faced Hauer was convincing not only in the roles of the Romantics, rebels or aristocratic krasatsev. In the early 80-ies. actor was invited to Hollywood - it was the American debut thriller "Nighthawks" (1981), where he has to play a dangerous terrorist, who entered the bout with a hero Sylvester Stallone. In the future, the alternation of "positive" and "negative", "angelic" and "satanic" character became for him a natural. Although the line between good and evil in version Hauer often blurred - not so often he ever implement such wholly-owned fiends, as in Robert Harmon's thriller "The Hitcher" (1985). The duality of the characters, their ambiguity and irreducibility only to "white" or "black" colors were branded acting techniques unique Dutchman. For examples look no further than necessary - in "Blade Runner" (1982) Ridley Scott, . film, . inaugurated an era of cyberpunk, . he got the role of ill-android, . which all the same (if you remember the name of the novel, first-hand) dream of electric sheep,
. In the incredible final battle with the "positive" hero Harrison Ford hauerovsky cyborg turned out "human, too human", choosing death for themselves and saving the life of his pursuer.

. This duality inherent in the choice of roles Hauer
. The first decade of his international career was quite successful - among directors, . with whom he worked, . is called a Briton Nicholas Roega ( "Eureka", . 1981), . American Sam Peckinpah ( "Osterman Weekend", . 1983) or Italian Ermanno Olmi, . whose philosophical parable of "The Legend of the holy drunkard" won in 1988,
. grand prize in Venice International Film Festival. However, the 90-ies. Rutger has not be found in major art projects, his favorite niche steel penny fiction horror or standard thriller, where he gets a role of disillusioned degraded outcasts, or infernal villains.

. In the mid-80's Paul Verhoeven sought the aid Hauer, proceeded to his transatlantic debut sprawling medieval action movie "Flesh + Blood" (1985)
. Paul wrote the script tapes back in the 70-ies., But the narrow confines of European budgets are not allowed to film it before. Plans Verhoeven was the story of the history of mutual love-hate of the two brave warriors, but homosexual tone seemed producers too unpalatable to such a costly project. Yes, and Hauer, have already become commercially thriving international stars, insisted on changes to the original intent. In the end, shooting more than once got stuck because of the noisy scandals, and with their end come to an end and once the ideal creative union Verhoeven and Hauer. Since then, they never even talked on the phone; principle Verhoeven admitted that Rutger could be an ideal leading man in "Robocop", but simply "betrayal" the director could not, taking a new project, Peter Weller. In an interview, Verhoeven said that reviewing the "Queen of the Soldier" along with their children, and admiration Rutegrom, it is almost in tears thinking: "Damn!" This guy is too good for this film! ". Interestingly, it looks besschislennye Verhoeven crafts a series of "B", in which Hauer removed today? Not surprisingly, many articles about the Rutger, appearing in 90-ies. One way or another varied image of the "fallen angel".

. However, the cross on the work of Rutger is too early
. Although today he dwells on the margins of cinema, his natural charisma and unparalleled acting ability not to allow the heart to leave Hauer loyal fans. It is through collaboration with the actor expanded narrow circle of his admirers marginal American master trash-fiction Albert Pyun.

. Outsmart many brutal lovers and not just appearing in the movie "frontally naked, Hauer keeps his personal life with seven seals, avoiding violent amorous adventures
. Than one dozen years, he is happily married to a Dutch artist Lenneke, spending much of his free time from filming in his California estate on the ocean coast

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1968 - "Mr. Haverden" (Mijnheer Hawarden)
. 1973 - Turkish sweets "(Turkish Delight), Erik Vonk
. 1975 - "Kite Tippel" (Keetje Tippel), Hugo
. 1977 - "Soldier Queen" (Soldaat van Oranje), Eric Lanshof
. 1978 - "Woman between dog and wolf" (Een Vrouw Tussen Hond En Wolf), Adrian
. 1979 - "fatal mistake" (Grijpstra en de Gier), Ger de
. 1980 - "cabs" (Spetters), Gerrit Vitkamp
. 1981 - "Nighthawks" (Night Hawks), Vulfgar
. 1982 - "Eureka" (Eureka), Claude Maillot von Horn
. 1982 - "Blade Runner" (Blade Runner), Roy Batty
. 1983 - "Osterman Weekend" (The Osterman Weekend), John Tanner
. 1984 - The Rare Breed "(A Breed Apart), Jim Melden
. 1985 - "Ladyhawke" (Ladyhawke), Etienne Navarre
. 1985 - "Flesh + Blood" (Flesh + Blood), Martin
. 1986 - "The Hitcher" (The Hitcher), John Rydell
. 1987 - "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (Wanted: Dead Or Alive), Nick Randall
. 1988 - The Legend of the holy drunkards "(La Leggenda Del Santo Bevitore), Andreas
. 1988 - "Blood of Heroes" (The Blood of Heroes), Sellou
. 1989 - "clear moonlit night" (In una Notte di Chiaro di Luna), John Knott
. 1990 - "Blind Fury" (Blind Fury), Nick Parker
. 1991 - "The Betrothed fear" (Deadlock), Frank Warren
. 1992 - "After Midnight" (Past Midnight), Ben Jordan
. 1993 - Egyptian beans "(The Beans of Egypt, Maine), Reuben Bean
. 1994 - "The blood of innocents" (Blood of the Innocent), Dr. Lem
. 1994 - "Nostradamus" (Nostradamus), Monk
. 1994 - "Amelia Ierhart: Last Flight" (Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight), Fred Nunen
. 1994 - "Game of Survival" (Surviving The Game), Burns
. 1994 - "Rodina" (Fatherland), Xavier March of
. 1995 - "Mr. Stitch" (Mr
. Stitch), Dr. Ryu Ueykmen
. 1996 - "Explosion" (Blast), Leo
. 1997 - "Knockin 'on Heaven" (Knockin' On Heaven's Door), Curtiz
. 1997 - "neutral waters" (Hostile Waters), Captain Britain
. 1997 - "hemoglobin" (Hemoglobin), Dr. Marlow
. 1997 - "The Line of Death" (Deathline), John Anderson Wade
. 1998 - "Bone Collector" (Bone Daddy), William Palmer
. 1998 - "Merlin" (Merlin), by Lord Vortigern
. 2000 - "cronies" (Partners In Crime), Jean Reardon
. 2000 - "The Savages" (Wilder), Sam Cerny

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