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Dennis Hopper

( actor, director, screenwriter)

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Biography Dennis Hopper
Date of Birth: 17/05/1936

Dennis Hopper was born May 17, 1936, Mr.. in Dodge City, Kansas, in a middle class family. Professional education in the actor's studio Fox Strasberg. The first movie roles played in films precursor counterculture 60's. - "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955) Nicholas Ray and "Giant" with a cult of George Stevens, James Dean.

Jimmy Dean has influenced the character of the young Hopper, who wittingly or unwittingly tried to take his niche in film. He quickly gained a reputation as an incompatibility, unbridled actor, which greatly complicate his life. Major directors was not invited, and he played big roles in minor films. In part, helped him marry the daughter of Hollywood producer Brook Hayward: to play in films about the rocker "Seekers of Glory" (1967) and drug "trips" ( "Journey", 1967), it thus came close to starring in his life.

In 1969. Finally his dream came true: he had set for ourselves the film "Easy Rider", playing a major role in it - "a rebel without a cause" of the hippie era, fused with his "Harley-Davidson, little by little drug trades and terribly good inside. After this film, along with Hopper, Peter Fonda became a cult actors, and a cable that is reaching for the glory of them still

. Hopper tried to gain a foothold in this image, . but the repetition is always worse than the original: "Last Cinema" (1971), . he rented in Peru and which played a cowboy in Kansas, . failed with such a bang, . that for a decade knocked out Dennis Hopper's directorial chair,
. By the time he had divorced with a daughter and the producer was known alcoholic and drug addict with whom prestigious directors did not want to communicate. Perhaps, in the 70-ies. was more popular in Europe than at home. In any case, it was his chosen Wim Wenders on the title role in a detective thriller "The American Friend" (1977) based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith "Ripley's Game". He played the enigmatic figure of an American, who employs a terminally ill cabinetmaker, to kill a mafioso.

Unlike many colleagues, over the years happily parting with the radicalism of his youth, he always remained committed to the ideals of freemen hippistskoy. In 1980. Hopper again acted as the director, and again played a major role - a former rocker in the drama "bombshell", but not embellishing his hero, descended alcoholic, who had raped his own daughter. Hopper fits into the Role of "former people". David Lynch gave him the role of scary maniac-addict Frank Booth in his radically postmodern "Blue velvet" (1986), he played a drunken basketball player in "The guys from Indiana" (1986).

At the turn of the 80-90's. Hopper survived the Renaissance. He was cured of alcoholism and drug addiction and went into the respectable scoundrels ( "blood-red", 1989, "Water World", 1995). But when you want to portray a former hippie turned to him ( "Fleshbek). He continues to put movies, but not always play them. He paid tribute to Quentin Tarantino, . scenario was placed Tony Scott action movie "True Romance", . with surprisingly all Hopper played there - in a trendy environment Gary Oldman, . Patricia Arquette, . Brad Pitt and others - the role of the normal character,
. Was married three times. The second time to singer M. Phillips, the third - the actress D. Helprin (in this marriage, two daughters), but long survive his woman can not.

. Official site

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1955 - "Rebel Without a ideal" (Rebel Without a Cause), Gong
. 1956 - "Giant" (Giant), Jordan Benedict 3
. 1965 - "Sons of Katie Elder" (The Sons of Katie Elder), Dave Hastings
. 1966 - "Bloody Queen" (Queen of Blood), Paul Grant
. 1967 - "Hang them higher" (Hang 'em High), The Prophet
. 1967 - "Trip" (The Trip), Max
. 1967 - "Hatch - cool hand" (Cool Hand Luke), Babalugats
. 1969 - "True valor" (True Grit), Moon
. 1969 - "Easy Rider" (Easy Rider), Billy
. 1971 - "Last Film" (The Last Movie), Kenzas

. 1979 - "Apocalypse Now" (Apocalypse now), journalist
. 1980 - "like a bolt from heaven" (Out of the Blue), Don Barnes
. 1983 - "Rumble Fish" (Rumble Fish), father
. 1983 - "Osterman Weekend" (The Osterman Weekend), Richard Trimeyn
. 1985 - "My science project" (My Science Project), Bob Roberts
. 1986 - "Blue Velvet" (Blue Velvet), Frank Booth
. 1987 - "The River" (River's Edge), FHC
. 1989 - back trace "(Backtrack), Milo
. 1990 - "Chattahoochee" (Chattahoochee), Walker Benson
. 1990 - "Flash" (Flashback), Hugh Walker
. 1993 - Pridorozhnoe institution "Ed Rowe West" (Red Rock West), Lil
. 1993 - "Hot Point" (Boiling Point), Red Diamond
. 1993 - Super Mario Bros. "(Super Mario Bros.), King Kupa
. 1993 - "This novel" (True Romance), Clifford Worley
. 1994 - "Speed" (Speed), Howard Payne
. 1994 - "Convoy" (Chasers), Doggy
. 1995 - "Search and destroy" (Search and Destroy), Dr. Vaksling
. 1995 - "Water World" (Waterworld), Deacon
. 1996 - "Gone" (Carried), Joseph Svend
. 1996 - "Basquiat" (Basquiat), Bruno Bishofberger
. 1997 - "Roof of the World" (Top of the World), Charles Atlas
. 1997 - "Space Rangers" (Space Trackers), John Kenyon
. 1997 - "The Last Days of Frankie" (The Last Day of Frankie the Fly), Frankie
. 1997 - "an impasse" (Roar Ends), Dzhilkrist
. 1997 - "Eclipse" (The Blackout), Mickey Wayne
. 1998 - "Together with Diddley" (Meet the Deedles), Frank Slater
. 1999 - "Ed from TV" (EdTV), Hank

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Dennis Hopper, photo, biography
Dennis Hopper, photo, biography Dennis Hopper  actor, director, screenwriter, photo, biography
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