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VERGNE Jules (Verne Jules)

( French writer, one of the pioneers of the genre of science fiction.)

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Born February 8, 1828 in Nantes. For several years he lived in Paris, engaged in literary work, but found it unprofitable occupation, and, intending to get married, became a stockbroker. However, the thought about writing not refuse.

Feeding a deep interest in geographical research and aeronautics, Verne wrote a treatise on the possibility to explore Africa by balloon. Treatise rejected by many, but one of the publishers, P. J. Etzel, proposed to alter it in Verne adventure novel. Thus was the novel Five Weeks in a Balloon (Cinq semaines en ballon, 1863), which brought the author fame.

Most of Verne's works - this is a novel about the adventures in distant lands, the most famous of them - Around the World in Eighty Days (Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours, 1873). Write these novels Verne has helped a broad erudition, and if not literature, he might well have become a famous geographer. Verne wrote a popular history of geographical discoveries from Phoenician times until the middle of the 19. Participated in the creation of the atlas of France.

Less known are his works on historical themes, showing Verne ardent love for freedom. Among them stands an excellent novel unnamed family (A Family Without a Name), tells of an uprising in Quebec, French Canadian.

However, the reader's recognition of Verne earned primarily as the founder of the genre of science fiction. Among his works have become classic novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (Le Voyage au centre de la terre, . 1864), . From the Earth to the Moon (De la terre la lune, . 1865) and its continuation around the Moon (Autour de la lune); 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea (Vingt mille lieues sous le mers, . 1870), Mysterious Island (L 'le mysterieuse, . 1875), . who is also a continuation of the 20 000 leagues,
. Verne had a remarkable gift of providence - he predicted not only to space travel, . Submarines, . helicopter, . and artificial satellites (in the novel 500 million Begum - Les cinq cents millions de la Bgum, . 1879), . guided missiles with a jet engine (in the extraordinary adventures of the expedition Barsac - L'tonnante aventure de la mission Barsac, . 1914); certain passages in alignment with the banner (Face au drapeau) suggest, . What is true inkling of the existence of atomic energy,

In Verne's work has had a strong impact Poe; secret Antarctica he attempted to complete the unfinished on the history of Arthur Gordon Pym. Verne himself influenced by both the literature and adopting science fiction on a solid basis, and on the rise of science, triggering a public interest in the development of aviation, cave exploring and creating submarines.

Prior to 1886, while true not mutilated bullet maniac, he was a passionate yachtsman. After the accident, he settled in Amiens, where he took an active part in the affairs of the municipality. Verne continued writing until shortly before his death in Amiens March 24, 1905.

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    VERGNE Jules (Verne Jules), photo, biography
    VERGNE Jules (Verne Jules), photo, biography VERGNE Jules (Verne Jules)  French writer, one of the pioneers of the genre of science fiction., photo, biography
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