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Unitary Bret (Harte Frarncis Bret)

( American writer.)

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Biography Unitary Bret (Harte Frarncis Bret)
Born August 25, 1836 in Albany (pc. New York). Due to poor health and frequent relocations his formal education ended in 1849, when he began working. In 1847, in 'Sunday Morning' has started his first poem Autumn reflections (Autumn Musings). In February 1854 Garth sister moved to San Francisco to her mother and stepfather.
On the first three years of life in California, Hart is little known. Since the summer of 1858 he lived in Yuniontaune, on the shore of Humboldt Bay, casual work, while in 1869 did not accept as a reporter in the newly founded weekly 'Notern kalifornian' ( 'Northern Californian'). In March 1860 for a bold story about the brutal murder of 60 Indians on r.Mad was forced to leave the city. In San Francisco, worked as a typesetter, published a small note in the 'Golden Era' ( 'Golden Era'). It was at that time under a small article first appeared the caption: Bret Harte. Fame came to Hart after the magazines 'Era' ( 'Era') and 'Kalifornian' ( 'Californian'), began to publish his novels in the summary (Condensed Novels; in 1867 came as a separate book), patriotic poems and essays. Legend of the Mountain Devil (The Legend of Monte del Diablo), he published in October 1863 in the journal 'Atlantic' ( 'Atlantic').

In 1868, the fate of Hart's turning point occurred: he became editor of Overland Monthly '. The success of the first issue (July 1, 1868) allowed him to carry out extensive literary ideas. Publication tale Howling Happiness Stan (The Luck of Roaring Camp) in the August issue of the 'Overland Monthly "has brought fame to the author and journal, . after the publication of the book Happiness Roaring Mill and other stories (The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Stories, . 1870) and publication of comic ballads YAzychnik Wan-Li (The Heathen Chinee) fame Hart consolidated, . He has received several proposals from the East Coast,
. February 8, 1871, he left California for good, going to a triumphant trip to Boston via New York. Following the accepted custom, from 1872 to 1875 Hart lectured on California and local humor in the East, Midwest and South America. In 1875 in the journal Monthly Skribners' ( 'Scribner's Monthly') was published only one novel, Hart, Gabriel Conroy (Gabriel Conroy), who had no success, and the Legend of the Argonauts (Tales of the Argonauts and Other Sketches).

Worried about his declining popularity, in 1878 Hart agreed to take the post of salesman in Krefeld (Germany) and left America forever. In subsequent years, served as consul in Glasgow (1880-1885), then visited London, where he was well received by the public and literary circles. His later works describe mainly Californian distant past: Husbands Mrs. Skeggs (Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands, 1873), Heir to the red-haired dog and other stories (An Heiress of Red Dog, and Other Sketches, 1878), the Client and other Starbottla Colonel (Colonel Starbottle's Client, and Some Other People, 1892). Bret Hart, died in London on March 5, 1902.

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Unitary Bret (Harte Frarncis Bret), photo, biography
Unitary Bret (Harte Frarncis Bret), photo, biography Unitary Bret (Harte Frarncis Bret)  American writer., photo, biography
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