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Anthony Eden (Eden Anthony)

( Prime Minister of Great Britain.)

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Biography Anthony Eden (Eden Anthony)
Born June 12, 1897 in Uindlstone. He was educated at Eton, in 1922 he graduated from Christ Church College, Oxford University. During the First World War he served in France in the Royal Fusiliers. In 1923, Eden was elected to Parliament from the district of Warwick and Leamington from the Conservatives and in 1926 became Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Austen Chamberlain. In 1931, Eden - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 1934 - Lord Privy Seal, in 1935 - Minister of the League of Nations. Working under the authority of John Simon, then of Samuel Hoare, Eden became known for his speeches in defense of peace. Disagreed with the policy of appeasement and opposed the position of Chora on the Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1936. When the chorus resigned in 1935, Eden became Foreign Minister and held this post until 1938. Was compelled to ostavku in protest against the policy of Chamberlain.
When the war started, Eden returned to the government and became Minister of State for Dominions, and in 1940 headed the War Department in the government of Winston Churchill. Also in 1940 was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and remained in that post until 1945. When Labor came to power, he became deputy leader of the conservative faction in parliament. In 1942-1945 Eden was the leader of the House of Commons. When in 1951 the Conservatives returned to power, Eden regained the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister (in the government of Winston Churchill). In 1954, played an important role in the Geneva meeting, which discussed the issue of peaceful settlement in Korea and ending the war in Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), and the London Conference (in September) to security in Europe.

Eden became prime minister following the resignation of Churchill, April 6, 1955. His work in this post began with the support of voters, but in 1956 Prime Minister's popularity has fallen significantly. In March 1956 after the expulsion of Archbishop Makarios III significantly worsened the situation in Cyprus, until the end of the year on the island there were riots, strikes and bloody clashes. In July, Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the operating company of the Suez Canal, thus endangering the vital communications Britain in the East. Attempts by the UN to begin the negotiation process were thwarted by a sudden attack on Egypt, Israel, Britain and France. After taking a few days the area of Port Said, United Kingdom and France by the end of the year had to pass this territory under UN administration. World public opinion, particularly in the United States, was set against the use of force, and seriously damaged the prestige of Eden. Being unable to solve the problem in Cyprus and in Egypt, Eden January 10, 1957 filed in ostavku.

In 1954, Eden was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II to the Knights of the Garter (becoming the seventh person untitled to 1350, awarded the title), and 18 June 1956 was performed the official ceremony of raising it to the Officer of the Order. In July 1961 he was elevated to peers and received the title of Count Evonskogo. Eden is the author of several books - Freedom and order (Freedom and Order, 1947), Days of Decision (Days of Decision, 1949), Full Circle (Full Circle, 1960), Facing the dictators (Facing the Dictators, 1962), Reflections (Reckoning, 1965).

Died in Eden Alvedistone in England January 14, 1977.

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Anthony Eden (Eden Anthony), photo, biography
Anthony Eden (Eden Anthony), photo, biography Anthony Eden (Eden Anthony)  Prime Minister of Great Britain., photo, biography
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