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Hans Kung (Kung Hans)

( Swiss Roman Catholic theologian.)

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Biography Hans Kung (Kung Hans)
(p. 1928)
Born March 19, 1928 in Sursee (Switzerland). He studied theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, in 1954 became the priest of the Roman Catholic Church, and in 1957 obtained a doctorate in theology at the Catholic Institute of Paris. In this dissertation, published under the name of Acquittal. The doctrine of Karl Barth and his attempt to Catholic thinking (Rechtfertigung. Die Lehre Karl Barths und eine katholische Besinnung, 1957), he argued that the position of Bart, a prominent Protestant theologian, does not contradict the Catholic faith.
In 1960 became a professor at Kyung fundamental theology at the Catholic Faculty of Theology University of Tц╪bingen. He participates in the work of Vatican II as peritus'a (theological consultant). By this time, his books include Church (Die Kirche, 1967) and infallible? Looking for clarification (Unfehlbar? Eine Anfrage, 1970).

In 1974, Kц╪ng issued his famous work Being a Christian (Christ sein), which attempts to 'make the traditional veropolozheniya available for understanding the modern man'. The book has created doubt as to whether Kung's position on some key issues of Christology to the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Church for centuries professed Christ as true God, and Kung's statement - 'the words' true God' mean, . that the true man Jesus of Nazareth is the real revelation of the one true God ', . - Made him vulnerable to charges of revision veropolozheniya the divinity of Christ,
. After being a Christian out such important work Kц╪ng, as there a God? (Existiert Gott?, 1978) and Eternal Life (Ewiges Leben, 1982).

When he died in 1978, Pope Paul VI and the papal throne was occupied by John Paul II, Vatican leadership has become more proactive in the fight against dissident theologians. December 15, 1979 the Vatican officially announced that Professor Kyung 'can neither be considered a Catholic theologian, nor teach in this capacity'. The basis for this verdict were cited in the statement of excerpts from the writings of Kung on Christology, the Eucharist and the church teaching.

Kц╪ng remains a Catholic priest, but by the laws of Germany retained the post of professor and. After leaving the Catholic Theological Faculty of Tц╪bingen University, he continued to work at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, who founded and led in 1964.

In the 1980's and 1990's Kyung drawn to the study of world religions and interreligious dialogue problems. This topic has been his work Christianity and world religions (Christentum und Weltreligionen, . 1984); Theology at the new beginning (Theologie im Aufbruch, . 1987); Christianity and Chinese religion (Christentum und Chinesische Religion, . 1988), Judaism (Das Judentum, . 1991), Christianity (Das Christentum, . 1994),

. In 1990, Kyung-published a book project 'World ethos' (Projekt Weltethos), . She served as a starting point on the road, . which led to the adoption of the Declaration of the World ethos Parliament of World Religions (Chicago, . 1993) and the organization of the Fund 'ethos of the World' (1995).,

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  • jane hastings for Hans Kung (Kung Hans)
  • Dear Mr. Kung. You wrote a beautiful little book of letters to a friend or colleague, I'm not sure to whom it was written. There was a brilliant letter to him re your view of astrology. I can not find the book and I have forgotten the name. Would you let me know the title and publisher and I'll try to get a copy. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance. Jane Hastings, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
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    Hans Kung (Kung Hans), photo, biography
    Hans Kung (Kung Hans), photo, biography Hans Kung (Kung Hans)  Swiss Roman Catholic theologian., photo, biography
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